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The Americanization of Natalie

“Just perfume and liquor, perhaps so, but we haven’t managed a Hitler or Mussolini yet.”

Πως ξορκίζουμε το φασιστοποίημενο Γρύλισμα


“Sometimes people claim that they hear Lieberman speaking from within me, but I think they exaggerate. The fact that I was raised to love and adopt these views doesn’t mean that he is literally within me. Νο. I do not feel that Lieberman inhabits my body.”

“As preparation for the exorcism I’ve researched Lieberman thoroughly because you cannot approach an exorcism with negative feelings only. You have to be able to identify with the demon, to find empathy towards him so that you’ll detect the tricks he is employing and seduce him to leave the body. This cannot work through power alone. Affection and empathy to the demon must also be at work. It’s very easy to use him and present him as the fascist, as this destructive drive, so that the rest of us will be presented as sane. As if life in Israel is normal except for those few Liebermans. My main problem as an exorcist is that Lieberman is a very evasive demon. He goes out of one body and enters another. He resides, in fact, at the heart of our collective body. That’s why each time he can be found inside a different surrogate. I hope that armed with this insight that Lieberman is not the demon, but only one of its incarnations and that the real demon belongs to us all, perhaps I’ll succeed in fighting it where others have failed.”

“How do I feel about the possibility that Lieberman will be expelled from within me? I am against it. I feel he is part of me. His opinions ripened inside me, like a baby growing in its mother’s belly. In this sense ripping Lieberman from me is a little like performing an abortion with a hanger. It’s scraping parts of me so that he will come out.”

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Quoting from the comments:

And of course this will spark the inevitable debate of just what rights our clothes have. Is it ethical to harvest our clothes? What sort of checks will be put in place to prevent cruelty in the euthanizing of your next pair of loafers?

Will our bio-garb be issued social security numbers? If so, will they be allowed to vote?

Good gravy, people, we need to start campaigning brainstorming right away! How will we campaign to a pair of pants to get it to vote for us in the upcoming elections?!


This Kickstarter project concerning a short film project about a vegan who falls in love with a fur coat suddenly gains a whole new meaning…


On a more serious note, there was a Canadian podcast interview back in 2005 with an American animal rights attorney who argued that the emerging legal field of animal rights (institutionalized and vested within major American universities by means of generous multimillion dollar donations from American TV celebrity Bob Barker) creates a whole new set of legal problems with regards to bio-art. Indeed, the issue that was brought up by this attorney during the podcast was the idea of intellectual property rights attached to hybrid animals or stem cell growths created by artists, which applied to this particular case would bar a third party such as a curator from single-handedly terminating an out-of-control growth due to property rights, the same way your neighbor is not allowed to terminate your cat just because it’s “out of control”, ie crapping all over his backyard:

Bob Barker & Taimie Bryant: Animal Rights in the Classroom and the Courtroom, Part 1
Bob Barker & Taimie Bryant: Animal Rights in the Classroom and the Courtroom, Part 1


Do you hate your asshole ex boyfriend? I have just the film for you!
This animation is for all the ladies out there with asshole exes. ROTFL guaranteed!

Why isn’t this video given Vimeo Staff Pick yet? Because Vimeo is run by male dicks, that’s why. Only a man would refuse to see the humour in this kickass animation and refuse to give it Staff Pick status for punishment, lest more women see it and laugh at/with it.

Continuing my list of my favourite shorts at the 2014 edition of the Drama Short Film Festival. Trailers provided where availble. Some film-makers were kind and generous enough to make their shorts available for free viewing online, so check them out!

Short Film Festival of Drama 2014 – Friday highlights

List assembled by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou

Ramona, Giovanna Rodríguez Zacarías, no trailer

The final scene, Mijael Bustos, trailer

Through the looking glass, Ivan Mena Tinoco, trailer

Grandfather, Kathrin Hurlimann, trailer

No one pukes in heaven, Katja Benrath, trailer

Thursday, Milcho Manchevski

Grounded, Alexis Michalik, trailer

Yes, yes, I know, it’s advertisement for Air France who sponsored the film, still, don’t you wish there were flight attendants IRL such as thisone?!

Democracia, Borja Cobeaga, trailer

For eternity, Maria Lafi, trailer

Dinner for few, Nassos Vakalis, trailer

This unabashedly politicized, jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring animation was rightly awarded at the festival. Everyone from Aesop to George Orwell was looking over the shoulder of the animator blessing him and his team with talent and insight. A must-see experience!

Each other, Alexandra-Michailidou-Tzaridou, trailer

Jennings Lodge, Aliki Souma, trailer

Oh suuure, no WTF graduate works at the Short Film Festival of Drama at all, too conservative for WTF student shorts, Alex told you so, but gee, how did thisone then manage to sneak onto the bill and even win an award despite being so WTF?! :\

A portrait, Aristotelis Maragos, no trailer

Continuing my list of my favourite shorts at the 2014 edition of the Drama Short Film Festival. Trailers provided where availble. Some film-makers were kind and generous enough to make their shorts available for free viewing online, so check them out!

Short Film Festival of Drama 2014 – Thursday highlights

list assembled by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou

Black & white, Jalal Saedpanah, no trailer

Drone strike, Chris Richmond, trailer

Millhaven, Bartek Kulas
This animator was generous and kind enough to make this short animation available for free viewing on Vimeo. Those of you who have the Murder Ballads album by Nick Cave will surely recognize this song:

Shoot for the moon, Zara Zerny, trailer

Is this a documentary? A pseudomentary? A WTFUmentary? It had me at the edge of my seat!

Darling, Izabella Plucinska, trailer

It’s not all sand, Frédérick Letendre-Cyr, no trailer

Stairs, Anastasia Baliou, trailer

Number 26, Meltini Baltatzi & Sevastianos Ntzokas, no trailer

Walk, Stella Kyriakopoulou, trailer

5 Ways 2 Die, Daina Papadaki, trailer

Continuing my list of my favourite shorts at the 2014 edition of the Drama Short Film Festival. Trailers provided where availble. Some film-makers were kind and generous enough to make their shorts available for free viewing online, so check them out!

Short Film Festival of Drama 2014 – Wednesday highlights
List assembled by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou

When I was a child, Maryam Kashkoolinia, no trailer

Julia, Jaime Avendano, trailer

Fallin’ Floyd, Albert ‘t Hooft & Paco Vink, trailer

Detour, Michael Leong-Huat Kam, trailer

Hairs, Eleonora Veninova, trailer

Hear me out, Andronikos-Konstantinos Dimopoulos, trailer
Unfortunately I have to link-up to for the trailer because they seem to be the only ones who have a trailer up:
Scroll all the way to the bottom for the trailer.
However, have a look at the picture posted at the very top of this article, which is a still from the movie. Doesn’t the guy on the right remind you of one the American fascists endless lurking at my blog? Yet even despite featuring a lookalike of my American fascist lurker, this movie is great, so check it out. And if you’re the film-maker reading this: please post a trailer on Youtube or Vimeo so I don’t have to link up to!

Eviva, Dimitris Nakos and Amerissa Basta, no trailer

Labyrinth, Dimitris Papathanasis, no trailer

Cycle, Milla Moilanen, no trailer
IMO, after Dinner For Few, the best animation at this years edition. Surreal, abstract, humane, gorgeous. Please, post a trailer I can link up to!

After all, Bogna Kowalczyk, trailer

Still got lives, Jan-Gerrit Seyler, trailer

Two guys sitting behind me said about this short film: “What, do these Germans seriously pretend to care about a little girl dying from cancer, when they are destroying and driving to suicide and sickness a whole country like Greece?”. When you say things like that you are allowing “these Germans” to take away our humanity and to make us as insensitive and inhumane as they, or at least their political leaders, appear to be.

The noir project, Grigoris Vardarinos, trailer

Drag me; an urban music tale, Nikos Kellis

Home, Mandy Sotiriou, no trailer

The guilable kiss of mr. patokos, Evaggelos Alexandros Apostolakis, no trailer

Above and beyond, Anita Chamilou, no trailer
(Yes, there is a trailer on, no, I am not linking. There.)

Highlights of the Short Film Festival of Drama, 2014 – Tuesday
List assembled by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou

The following is a list of my personal favourites screened this year at the Short Film Festival of Drama. Of the Tuesday screenings, that is. There were so many good shorts at the festival this year that I cannot possibly fit them all into one single blog entry. I will thus dedicate several blog entries to my personal faves, one per day of the festival.

Pumanawa: The Gift by Poata Eruera, no trailer

Siren by Johan Bleicher, trailer

The Being from Elsewhere by Renaud De Putter and Guy Bourdin, no trailer

Left Side of the Face (2013 Documentary) by Mateusz Glowacki, trailer

3 – 1 = 0 by Juan Galiñanes, trailer

97% by Ben Brand, trailer

Shades of Gray by Alexandra Averyanova, no trailer

Dinner by Anna Lyubinetska, trailer, no trailer

Lighthouse Woman, Ana Kitanova, no trailer

La Maison de poussière (the house of dust) by Jean-Claude Rozec, trailer

Greek School Prayer by Thanasis Neofotistos, trailer

The Immortalizer – Μάριος Πιπερίδης, trailer


Past highlights of the Short Film Festival of Drama

List compiled by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou

1,2 Million Children are bought and sold across international borders each year. Script, Direction, Animation, Design: Effie Pappa

‘Yellow Moon’ by Zvonimir Jurić

Duck Crossing by Koldo Almandoz

Esterhazy by Izabela Plucinska

Poste Restante by Marcel Łoziński

“Tile M for Murder (excerpt)” by Magnus Holmgren

Sinner by Meni Philip

Peter’s Room by Nicolas Kolovos

Reverse by Georgis Grigorakis

Château Belvedere by Patryk Dawid Chlastawa

Casus Belli by Yorgos Zois

The Last Page by Director/Writer: Kevin Acevedo

Cats keep falling on my head by Δήμητρα Νικολοπούλου

Diploma by Yaelle Kayam

Kavi by Gregg Helvey

Βγήκαμε Από Τα Ρούχα Μας / 1st Naked Bike Ride Greece
by Elli Zerbini

Without Glasses by Konstantinos Antonopoulos

Liminal by Stephen Keep Mills

Roentgen by Michael Venus

Hot Dog by Bill Plympton

Lullaby by Yianna Amerikanou

A Love Story by Bujar Alimani

Monsters and Rabbits by Nicky Lianos

making of:

Wings and Oars by Vladimir Leschiov

The House by Angelos Spartalis

on self seduction by Nick Katikaridis

Wrinkles and Dreams by the “Fysalida” Dance Group

and of course Mesecina by Σοφία Εξάρχου

Note: I assembled this list to counter claims – such as those by Alexander Voulgaris- that the movies screened at the Short Film Festival of Drama are nothing but backass backwards conservative uncreative graduation shorts by students who are feeling the hot breath of their film school teachers breathing down their necks and are hence given to self-censorship, the result being what Alexander Voulgaris had referred to (before he locked up his Facebook account to hide his comments) as an εμετοφεστιβαλ (literally, “a puke-inducing festival”) with lackluster and uninteresting movies. This list is only a sample of the wide array of films being screened at the festival. many of my personal favourite shorts aren’t online or are no longer online. To my great frustration I couldn’t even find a trailer for some of the shorts I really wanted to include in my list, shorts which have clearly disappeared into obscurity. Maybe if self-declared cinephiles had spent more time getting the shorts more exposure rather than bashing the festivals screening them, maybe these short movies wouldn’t have disappeared without leaving as much as a trailer behind.