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Panting Neon Princess Tastes The Candy Content With Contents

Aropax is Paxil, a drug for depression, anxiety and panic disorders. I think the line is ‘bow and aropax’, like bow and arrow. This song is beautiful and sad. ‘But it’s all the same to me’ describes the feeling of being on the meds, how it controls your feelings and there is no happiness or deep depression, it just makes you dull and dispassionate.


That is the difference.
No matter how sad or angry or hopeless I felt, I would rather kill myself than allow an expert to take away my ability to feel sadness or happiness in the name of normalcy.
The difference is that it never even crossed my mind that there was a way for me to escape from myself and become someone else. Or that attempting this would solve a damn thing. I could spend a lifetime panting trying to outrun myself. 
And if that exit into another life or self existed by virtue of being sanctioned by medicine or society, and being appreciatively written about in every medical journal and mainstream medium, it was obviously nothing I wanted.
That is the difference.  



Exactly what I have been arguing. People with a mental disorder go vegan or vegetarian because it gives them an excuse to cover up and present their mental disorder in a way that makes it acceptable for society (“Oh, I am not germophobic, I just don’t like to eat dead things.”, etc).

“The analysis of the respective ages at adoption of a vegetarian diet and onset of a mental disorder showed that the adoption of the vegetarian diet tends to follow the onset of mental disorders. (…)
[O]ur results strongly corroborate the past findings in smaller samples of adolescents and young adults, which have demonstrated that in contrast to physical health, a vegetarian diet is not associated with better mental health.
 [O]ur results are more consistent with the view that the experience of a mental disorder increases the probability of choosing a vegetarian diet”

This one is also telling:

“Vegetarians displayed elevated prevalence rates for depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and somatoform disorders.”

Huh, so much for veganism supposedly making vegans feel better :\

The 12-month and lifetime prevalence rates of depressive disorders were elevated in the completely vegetarian group. Prevalence rates of the complete vegetarians are nearly 15% higher than of the non-vegetarians. Moreover, vegetarians consistently showed higher rates of anxiety disorders.

Importantly, we found no evidence for a causal role of vegetarian diet in the etiology of mental disorders. Rather, our results are more consistent with the view that the experience of a mental disorder increases the probability of choosing a vegetarian diet, or that psychological factors influence both the probability of choosing a vegetarian diet and the probability of developing a mental disorder.