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The Americanization of Natalie

“Just perfume and liquor, perhaps so, but we haven’t managed a Hitler or Mussolini yet.”

Πως ξορκίζουμε το φασιστοποίημενο Γρύλισμα


“Sometimes people claim that they hear Lieberman speaking from within me, but I think they exaggerate. The fact that I was raised to love and adopt these views doesn’t mean that he is literally within me. Νο. I do not feel that Lieberman inhabits my body.”

“As preparation for the exorcism I’ve researched Lieberman thoroughly because you cannot approach an exorcism with negative feelings only. You have to be able to identify with the demon, to find empathy towards him so that you’ll detect the tricks he is employing and seduce him to leave the body. This cannot work through power alone. Affection and empathy to the demon must also be at work. It’s very easy to use him and present him as the fascist, as this destructive drive, so that the rest of us will be presented as sane. As if life in Israel is normal except for those few Liebermans. My main problem as an exorcist is that Lieberman is a very evasive demon. He goes out of one body and enters another. He resides, in fact, at the heart of our collective body. That’s why each time he can be found inside a different surrogate. I hope that armed with this insight that Lieberman is not the demon, but only one of its incarnations and that the real demon belongs to us all, perhaps I’ll succeed in fighting it where others have failed.”

“How do I feel about the possibility that Lieberman will be expelled from within me? I am against it. I feel he is part of me. His opinions ripened inside me, like a baby growing in its mother’s belly. In this sense ripping Lieberman from me is a little like performing an abortion with a hanger. It’s scraping parts of me so that he will come out.”


The best essay ever written about the European Union:


Every time there’s an asshole in my life I end up having nightmares about them. I had several nightmares about Alex too, besides the one I already wrote about here on the blog. I had another nightmare where Alex had quit music and film to become a gynecologist in a gentrified Exarchia. After showing me around the hood – which now had coloured houses and tall trees with ample shade – he took me to his practice which was black instead of hospital white, black tiles, black walls, even Alex himself was wearing a black gown instead of a white one, everything very shiny and OCD clean. In the middle of the room was a stainless steel operating table where a smiling girl had already taken place. The women in his practice were all smiling and looking forward to being examined by dr. Alex, who himself was beaming proudly. (No, I did not see the examination itself and he certainly didn’t get to examine yours truly). Afterward I needed a place to stay, so Alex took me to a friend’s floating house in the middle of a small pond who was apparently living with 3 king kong sized gorilla-robots with glowing eyes. I was too scared to spend the night sleeping with three gigantic gorillas and wanted to move elsewhere. But I digress. In my most recent nightmare I was at home watching a horror movie, only to discover to my great shock that none other than Donald Trump was an actor in the American horror movie The Human Centipede 3, the one that takes place at the prison (BTW I must stress that this is a film I haven’t seen myself and have only watched a Youtube review about). In my dream, the investigator from Nikos Nikolaidis’ Greek pornsploitation film Singapore Sling showed up at the prison and began interrogating two wardens about a crazy Nazi scientist sewing their prisoners ass-to-mouth. The wardens were  stereotypically American, very stupid and very arrogant at the same time, laughing at the investigator and mocking him for his questions. One of the wardens was a chubby white guy with a shock of red hair at the top of his head. I thought he looked somewhat familiar and upon seeing him again I realize who I was looking at: a younger Donald Trump! “Donald Trump was in The Human Centipede Number Three?!”, I could hear myself thinking. “Why didn’t anyone tell me Donald Trump was a b-movie actor like Ronald Reagan?”. My shock at this discovery was enough to instantly awaken me from this dreadful nightmare. I wondered whether other people are having nightmares about Donald Trump and blogging about it but I haven’t been able to find any blogs yet. I believe my nightmare was me synthesizing within my unconscious brain the idea of The Human Centipede being the perfect visual metaphor and representation of American fascism.

The psycho-social connection between narcissism and self-esteem; why poseurs in the American indie film industry feel the need to lie about awards they’ve never received to inflate their films:

“De gekwetste ego’s waren beduidend agressiever: veel gretiger grepen ze de kans anderen te kwellen.”

“Freud dacht dat je een zekere hoeveelheid geweld op de een of andere manier kwijt moest. De aandrang te vernietigen kwam in je op, net als honger. Niets in het onderzoek bevestigd dat. Mensen kunnen prima leven zonder iets kapot te slaan. En dat betekent niet dat ze het naar binnen keren. Agressie lijkt een neiging die opkomt in bepaalde situaties van conflict en frustratie.”

“Afwijzing schept juist een tijdelijke afstomping voor pijn en emotie, vond Baumeister. Afgewezen mensen zeggen veel later stop als met een pijnmachine de druk op hun vinger wordt opgevoerd. Bij die verdoving hoort ook dat ze minder empathie voelen voor andere mensen.”

“Lange tijd dachten velen, en ik hoorde daarbij, dat iemands prestaties zouden toenemen als we zijn zelfvertrouwen konden verhogen. Maar als iedereen een trofee krijgt, draagt dat niet bij aan een gevoel voor kwaliteit of aan de noodzaak je best te doen. Zelfvertrouwen heeft verschillende gedaanten. Mensen prijzen voor alles wat ze doen leidt tot de meer narcistische vorm. Collega’s van mij hebben net een boek gepubliceerd met als titel _De narcisme-epidemie_. Zij hebben heel sterke aanwijzingen dat narcisme, de slechte vorm van zelfvertrouwen, aan een opmars bezig is.”

See: The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement
by Jean M. Twenge and W. Keith Campbell

In The Cultural Animal betoogt hij dat een hoge zelfwaardering weinig heilzaams met zich meebrengt. (…) “Toen ik in de jaren negentienzeventig begon zelfvertrouwen te bestuderen dacht ik dat het een soort magic bullet was. Dat het de mensen tot betere mensen zou maken, tot minder misdaad en verslaving zou leiden, ze harder zou doen studeren en meer doen leren. Dat bleek allemaal niet waar.”

“Feitelijke aantrekkingskracht voor anderen is wel een factor in zelfvertrouwen, maar er zit veel onnauwkeurigheid in. Mensen houden zichzelf voor de gek, beschouwen zichzelf als charmanter dan ze zijn. Ze pompen hun zelfvertrouwen op zoals iemand die probeert af te vallen stiekem een voetje op de grond zet als hij op de weegschaal staat.”

– Psycholoog Roy Baumeister, “De Gekrenkte ziel”, interview door Tomas Vanheste in Vrij Nederland.

21st century book censorship in the Netherlands, part 1:

21st century book censorship in the Netherlands, part 2:

Conclusion: there is no freedom of speech in the Netherlands. None whatsoever. The Dutch are 21st century book burners.



Channels of Rage (Arotzim Shel Za’am) by Anat Halachmi (2003)  is an Israeli documentary about the rap scene in Tel Aviv. This documentary was screened at the 2003 edition of the IDFA when I attended that festival at the time. Basically every rhyme uttered by the rappers in this documentary, whether from a Zionist or an Arab perspective, would get them all home-raided, arrested, detained and criminalized, that is, if they had the misfortune of rapping in the censorious fascist dictatorship of the Netherlands instead of Israel. That’s right folks, an Arab rapper rapping in ISRAEL in 2003 had more freedom of speech to rap about whatever he wanted to than a Dutch rapper like Ismo does in the Netherlands in 2015! This comparison between the two speech regimes separated by a decade is veritable proof that censorious fascism is on the rise in the Netherlands. In one of the scenes the Zionist Israeli rapper Subliminal complains about his Palestinian counterpart Tamer having a rhyme where he compares Jews to Nazis – basically the same kind of rhyme that Ismo was indicted over last year – but never once does the Zionist rapper argue for censorship! If Israeli Jews in Israel do not support the censorship of a Palestinian rapper comparing Jews to Nazis in their own country, who the fuck are the Dutch to tell them otherwise and to indict a Dutch rapper supposedly for “criminally insulting” Jews?
What is the Openbaar Ministerie, which is clearly populated by Public Prosecutors who hate rap music and want to persecute and criminalize rappers with a passion that knows no bounds, going to do about the fact that everyone and their mother can watch this Israeli documentary and listen/read lyrics that are criminal by Dutch legal standards? Is the Openbaar Ministerie going to ban the documentary? Maybe ban access to Youtube altogether like the Turkish government does with Twitter? What if IDFA were to screen this documentary again in what are basically the cultural “Dark Ages” of 2016? Would the Openbaar Ministerie raid the festival and confiscate the DVD to prevent this documentary from being screened? I swear, at some point in the future we will be witnessing scenes like what I’ve just described, when the Openbaar Ministerie takes this censorious hysteria towards rap music to its logical extreme. I predict that in the near future movies like Straight Outta Compton will no longer be screened in the Netherlands because the Openbaar Ministerie will confiscate the digital copies and indict the makers for incitement. Here is a short excerpt from Channels of Rage that you should go and watch before the Openbaar Ministerie decides to put a Chinese-style firewall around the Netherlands to ban access to such documentaries.


Scene from the American movie The Midnight Meat Train (2008), based on the 1984 short horror story of the same name by the British author Clive Barker, wherein the tragic protagonist has his tongue cut out by the subterranean elites he is thus forced to serve.

Mister “Ronald Vincent” or whatever your real name is,

I live in a country where it is illegal to advocate in favour of mass murder. Because of our history we Europeans know all about mass-murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing, especially when these are aided, abetted, perpetrated and promoted by America to serve its geopolitical agenda. If a European vegan had posted something similar to what you have written and posted on your WordPress blog, they would have already been home-raided, detained, indicted and jailed for criminal incitement and criminal threats.

Since you have no problem with advocating in favour of murdering a group of people simply on the basis of their diet, this diet being the diet of choice for the majority of people in Europe who are omnivores, you are banned from commenting on my blog. I am not going to let you post whatever you want just because you think that you as an American should be able to wipe your ass with what is legal and illegal in other countries around the world and assume you can do so simply because you are expressing yourself on the internet under the First Amendment. There is no First Amendment where I live, period. You might imagine yourself are above the law because you have, quote, “no respect for human law”, but you are not above the law on this blog.

Lastly, given the long and documented history of American vegan animal rights activists abusing the courts to intimidate, harass, bankrupt, violate and silence their critics (source and source), going as far as to use a faux SWAT team with fake badges as a coercion tactic against their targets (source), I feel that vegans and animal rights activists should be blanked-banned all over the internet and not be allowed to post anything anywhere. American vegan animal rights activists are the modern day equivalent of book-burners and witch-burners. They should be subjected to the exact same censorship they have forced others to endure. Don’t come around here expecting people with far less speech than you to give you a podium. And don’t fucking tell me how you are willing to die for my right to free speech and other such jingoistic American platitudes. You Americans have waged endless globalist wars and have murdered 20 million people since the 2nd WW to maintain your “freedoms”, such as the very American “freedom” to advocate in favour of mass-murder on the internet. Your American rights are penned in the blood of your victims.

drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou

American vegans on WordPress: “Let’s start shooting those who murder animals” –>

An American vegan animal rights activist who goes by the name of “Ronald Vincent” (is this a real or a fake name?) who is apparently associated with an organization that calls itself the Animal Rights Leadership Council and is using a Los Angeles PO Box address posted the following article on recently:

“Let’s start shooting those who murder animals”

Sooo, when is the Openbaar Ministerie going to indict the author of this blog and throw him in jail for openly advocating for the murder of omnis?

Oh, that’s right, he’s American and he gets to openly advocate in favour of mass-murder all day long with no consequences. As an American vegan, he can advocate the mass-murder of omnis on his American blog and broadcast that content to countries where such statements are against the law. The Openbaar Ministerie, which jails its own citizens for saying “fuck the king” at a political rally and also jailed a rapper for saying “fuck the police” at a rap concert, is perfectly fine with Americans broadcasting such content into the Netherlands. As if an American advocating mass-murder were any different from a Dutch person advocating mass-murder. I have repeatedly explained on my blog that if the Openbaar Ministerie were really concerned about incitement it should go ahead and jail anyone and everyone who advocates mass-murder, regardless of who or where they are… but apparently Americans get a blank check from the Openbaar Ministerie to advocate mass-murder.

American vegans can advocate in favour of mass-murder on WordPress, as long as they are Americans… but don’t you dare call them “eco-terrorists” for doing so, because that’s “criminal defamation”. Anyway, it should be abundantly clear that the Openbaar Ministerie doesn’t give a flying fuck about putting a stop to incitement. The mere fact that the above WordPress article is allowed to exist plainly demonstrates how Americans in Los Angeles are allowed to post their mass-murder advocacy on the internet all day long targeting everyone around the world who eats animal products *simply because they are Americans*. The opportunistic and hypocritical manner that the Dutch authorities claim jurisdiction over Dutch speech posted on American sites while simultaneously denying jurisdiction when it is Americans themselves who are advocating mass-murder, all this plainly shows that the purpose of international criminal law is to re-enforce American exceptionalism and American white supremacy through selective censorious fascism.

Either all incitements are illegal speech, or none of them are. There can be no legal exceptionalism or favouritism towards Americans in this matter.

But then again, these American vegans literally consider themselves above and beyond the law and plainly state so on their blogs. From the same blog as the above article: –>

“I Am A Lawyer. But I Have No Respect For Human Law.”

So there you have: vegans opportunistically abuse the courts to silence their critics, but they will openly declare themselves above the law because they “have no respect for human law”. If a Dutch lawyer ever posted a blog article saying “Ik ben een advocaat maar ik heb geen respect voor de door mensen bedachte wetten” he would be disbarred overnight and banned from ever practicing law again. Why is an American lawyer allowed to post this and to broadcast it into countries where such statements are illegal? Because Americans are above the law, and international globalist law was put in place to reinforce the white supremacy of Americans.

So, here we have an American animal rights activist who claims he “doesn’t respect human law” but is all too happy to exploit the fact that the very human law called the First Amendment gives his Yankee ass the right to openly advocate for the mass-murder of omnis on his blog and to broadcast these views even into countries where expressing such views is illegal and criminal. If “Ronald Vincent” were posting such articles in Europe he would’ve already been arrested for incitement. Instead he wallows in his American exceptionalism to post such things on his American blog all day and broadcast them all around the world with no legal consequences. Afterall, who cares about Americans advocating mass-murder on their blogs when Americans are free to mass-murder around the globe under the guise of fighting terrorism?