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This is Marianna. Marianna is TranSage. Marianna was born in 1964, but she doesn’t feel 54. She’s always hung out with people younger than herself, using the same slang phrases and jargon as people half her age. Marianna knows all about the latest up-to-date technology and social media. Her clothes are the latest fashions. In fact, Marianna feels uncomfortable and awkward around people who were born around the same time as her. They seem boring, staid and she doesn’t share their interests and goals.

Marianna works out and is careful what she eats. She buys a lot of expensive body lotions and uses hair colourants to cover up her spattering of grey. She has good genes too. Marianna’s skin is great. People often think her 37 year old stalker is her older sister. Marianna can dance half the night without getting tired and run for the bus without getting out of breath. She listens to Radio X. Marianna can drink five bottles of WKD and snort a line of coke and go to work the next day without a hangover. Her doctor says she has the liver of someone half her age.

Marianna wants to get her passport changed to say she was born in 1971. Why shouldn’t she? She identifies and presents as someone much younger than herself. Why should society’s narrow view of what a 47 year old should be restrict her like this? People’s refusal to tell Marianna that she actually really is 47 really upsets her and she has become depressed recently. She knows how she feels. Marianna says that society’s refusal to let her change her age is oppressive and cruel.

Should we all be obliged to tell Marianna she is 47?
If not, why not?



Excerpted from a Greek music documentary on the rebetika legend Markos Vamvakaris:


He wasn’t allowed to sing these lyrics during the dictatorship of Metaxas, but the fact is if someone wrote similar lyrics today they too would be censored.

The reality with free speech in Greece  nowadays is more like this, with the same censorship of bloggers we see everywhere else in Europe:

Blogger, άνεργος και εθελοντής διασώστης, που κατήγγειλε αντεργατική συμπεριφορά εταιρίας security, καταδικάστηκε ερήμην με χρηματική πληρωμή και εάν δεν την πληρώσει η ποινή του θα είναι φυλάκιση 12 μηνών.
Ελληνική Δικαιοσύνη: «Καταγγέλλεις εταιρία security για αντεργατικές μεθόδους; Ή πλήρωσε ή μπες φυλάκιση»

Κυβέρνηση: «Θα τσακίσω τα μικρά blogs, θα δώσω λεφτά στα συστημικά ενημερωτικά portals και θα πω πως είμαι αριστερή»
Κυβέρνηση: «Θα τσακίσω τα μικρά blogs, θα δώσω λεφτά στα συστημικά ενημερωτικά portals και θα πω πως είμαι αριστερή»

France adopts art protection law
– why you will never see this in the Netherlands
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2016 all rights reserved

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and this blog article is not intended as legal advice. If you need a lawyer, please stop reading this blog right now.

Why would a country like France adopt a law specifically protecting art? Not just because of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. First, because there are people like this in the world who physically want to vandalize works of art as a proxy for the artist themselves.  Then there are people who attack artists themselves. As in the case of the Pim Fortuyn assassination, these people are often animal rights zealots. The controversial Belgian body-artist Jeroen Farbe was beaten up in a park by seven animal rights kooks dressed up as furry animals with baseball bats for using live cats at one of his performances. In a move typical of the animal rights movement, false rumours were spread within Belgium and beyond suggesting the artist was hanging live cats from meat-hooks at his show, when nothing of the sort ever happened, and all cats were perfectly alive after the performance. The Dutch artist Katinka Simonse was threatened by the animal rights contingent for creating an artwork for which she euthanized and taxidermied her sick cat, turning it into a bag modelled after a brand of plush toys popular in the 1980s, the Popples. There has to be a law specifically protecting art because the animal rights movement wants to censor art involving animals by any means, including outright violence and physical assaults against artists as in the case of Fabre. But more often, the book-burners and censors of the 21st century come dressed in a lawyer’s gown. I openly venture the opinion that the iconoclasm committed against works of art by lawyers, judges and public prosecutors in the West is far greater and more severe than the one by Islamic State tearing down museum pieces, ruins and ancient sites. You can destroy a piece of art with the hammer of ISIL, or with the hammer of a Western judge who assumes himself an enlightened person in favour of free speech.

As the song says:

The Netherlands could have adopted a special law protecting artistic freedom of speech after the Pim Fortuyn assassination, they didn’t…
The Netherlands could have protected artistic freedom of speech after the Theo van Gogh assassination, who after all was an artist who was targeted for his art, they didn’t…

This new French law intentionally protecting art is literally unthinkable and unimaginable in the fascist censorship and libel-tourism police-state that is the Netherlands, where book after book was banned in civil court last year, an activist was arrested for saying “Fuck the king, fuck the queen, fuck racism” at a protest, and some silly cartoonish white rapper was arrested at a show for asking his audience to shout “raise the middle finger to the police” as is customary at rap shows. Earlier in the year the same rapper was beaten up in Amsterdam after insulting a young girl.  Tellingly, the story about the rapper getting his ass whooped in Amsterdam was broken by a Dutch blog that was also once targeted by the same legal firm that went on to target yours truly. It’s really funny how things go around in circles in a little piece of shit country like The Netherlands where everyone seemingly bumps into eachother after a while for having the same lawyers involved with the same cases. I don’t know why this firm went from SLAPPing free speech and trying to jail people over speech issues to defending a rapper’s speech… maybe these lawyers just happen to enjoy rap music such as this? I am not willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, assume they saw the light and switched sides. I suspect that for such legal firms that specialize in SLAPP-suits the occasional defending of speech is merely a dress-rehearsal or RPG exercize so they can better censor little people like me, people with no resources to defend themselves against these powerful legal firms. The existence of such legal firms targeting artists with no resources to fight a SLAPP-suit or to defend themselves against a wrongful conviction is another reason for having a law intentionally protecting art like France now does.

Quoting from ArtForum in an article about this new French law that is beyond Dutch comprehension, we learn:

The new law states that “artistic creation is free” and that it is the government’s responsibility to protect the freedom of artistic expression and dissemination. Summing up the potentially prickly legal language, Minister of Culture and Communication Fleur Pellerin said, “We must must ensure that art can continue to disturb.”

What can I say, I’m glad a bunch of French law-makers were willing to articulate the bleeding fucking obvious to their lawyers, prosecutors and judges :\ Dutch lawmakers don’t give a rat’s ass about freedom of speech and are perfectly happy to sit back and let speech-hostile judges issue one censorship-friendly verdict after another in various SLAPP-suits. Why? Because Holland is competing with the UK as to which of the two countries will have the most fascist, censorious and speech-hostile laws and jurisprudence and hence the most accomodating libel-tourism regime. I am glad France with their new art law basically went ahead and said the proverbial “fuck you” to both The Netherlands and the UK, “fuck you two and your silly libel tourism pissing match, unlike you two we in France are not going to throw our artists under the bus so that lawyers can make money from SLAPP-suits censoring artists, instead we will change our law to protect them.”.

Sources used:

Activist prosecuted over “fuck the king” statements

Girls storm police station after rapper Lil’Kleine’s arrest

This isn’t the first time Lil Kleine asked is audience to perform what we shall now call the middle-finger salute. This salute had become a recurring onstage gesture preceding the song “Liegen Voor De Rechter” (“Lying before the Judge”, possibly another song the lawyers representing this rapper enjoyed at the office?). During the Lowlands Festival the rapper had asked his audience to do exactly the same thing – but no arrest followed that gig.

The following videos supposedly show child abuse and animal abuse, at least according to American animal rights extremists. The videos below actually show a group of American white children in the rural part of the State of Oklahoma learning from their parents, themselves farmers and homesteaders, how to process a dead pig that they themselves had raised into individuals chunks of meat. Every single one of these videos is hidden behind an agewall as if it were pornography. I can go on Youtube right now and watch pornography with no age-check whatsoever, but no, it’s these videos that Youtube wants to protect children from:

Once upon a time you could freely watch these videos on Youtube, as they were clearly meant to be instructional tutorials and were thus considered uncontroversial. The parents in these videos stated on their channel that they had consciously decided not to show the actual culling of the animal for that very reason, to stress the fact that these videos are meant to be instructional. But the vegan censorship brigade went and falsely flagged these videos as “animal abuse”, so Youtube caved into their censorious demands and decided to put these videos behind a age-wall, which is completely ridiculous because the children shown in these videos are themselves minors. Youtube is basically saying that the rural children who appear in these videos should not be allowed to watch their own videos, at least as far as Youtube’s own idiot brigade of censors is concerned. Censorship always tends to get kinda funny and absurd like that. The fact is that young children can go on Youtube right now and watch vegan gorefest documentaries like Earthlings uncensored, but don’t you dare show children an instructional video of how a dead animal is actually processed by the children who raised that animal themselves.

Actually, every child in the whole wide world needs to know this and needs to be able to do what is shown in these videos in case of an emergency situation, but I’ve seen vegans argue that teaching a child to do this constitutes a form of child abuse, which is ridiculous because these kids are homesteading in the middle of Oklahoma after having homesteaded(? is this a word in English?) in South America. But then again, animal rights extremists aren’t about protecting children, they are about controlfreak censorship and would much rather like to keep everyone ignorant of the survival skills that have kept humanity alive through the aeons in the name of animal rights, doing so in the first world country of America where there are more animal shelters than facilities for homeless children.

21st century book censorship in the Netherlands, part 1:

21st century book censorship in the Netherlands, part 2:

Conclusion: there is no freedom of speech in the Netherlands. None whatsoever. The Dutch are 21st century book burners.



The fascist censorship regime in the Netherlands is just getting worse and worse by the day. Just yesterday I read an article about a censorship incident that happened last summer but which somehow escaped me. A Dutch journalist by the name Olaf Koens who was apparently targeted by the Dutch police last summer with charges of public insult for simply posting the acronym A.C.A.B. on Twitter after he got frisked by zealous undercover cops at a rock music festival! This journalist is of course a Dutch citizen, he is not an American in Holland like “journalist” and University of Eindhoven PhD-student Jacob Appelbaum, who gets to shout “fuck the police” on Twitter with no consequences to himself, because Americans are apparently above the law in the Netherlands and get to freely violate Dutch speech laws that are tripple-enforced with everyone else.

Here is the segment from the article in the NCR Handelsblad about the incident with journalist Olaf Koens and the tweet with the ACAB acronym:

In hetzelfde weekend twitterde correspondent Olaf Koens dat hij tijdens zijn bezoek aan Lowlands gefouilleerd was door undercoveragenten. In een bericht erna schreef hij ‘ACAB’, een Engelse afkorting die vooral gebezigd wordt in subculturen waar ze het niet zo op de politie hebben. Hij staat voor ‘All Cops Are Bastards’, maar om onder rechtsvervolging uit te komen kun je gemakkelijk claimen dat het wat anders betekent. ‘Acht Cola, Acht Bier’ bijvoorbeeld, en dat was dan ook de reactie van de journalist toen hij online overstelpt werd door boze politiemensen. Zij riepen hun collega’s op massaal aangifte te doen van belediging. Ook zijn vaste opdrachtgever RTL Nieuws werd aangespoord afstand te nemen van Koens’ uitspraak.


That very same weekend journalist Olaf Koens tweeted that he was frisked at Lowlands [a big three day Dutch alternative music festival] by undercover agents. Following that message he wrote “ACAB”, an English acronym used by subcultures where people don’t really like cops. This acronym stands for “All Cops Are Bastards” but to avoid being persecuted one could easily claim that it means something else. For example “Eight Colas, Eights Beers” and that was also the response of the journalist when he was being overwhelmed online by responses from angry cops. They encouraged their colleagues in droves to file charges of criminal insult. Also the journalist’s client RTL News was urged to distance themselves from Koen’s statement.

The Dutch hysteria around public insult is of course a Foucauldian system designed and implemented to generate complaints from cops against citizens. These police officers need have to have something to do to justify their paycheck and they have decided that the easiest and most effortless way for them to do that is to enforce subjective and arbitrary speech laws. It doesn’t matter if the overwhelming majority of charges are eventualy dismissed for no reasonable cause. It’s all about psychologically coercing and intimidating citizens into committing acts of self-repression and self-censorship. Because these ridiculously repressive speech laws are enforced so arbitrarily and subjectively, no one really knows which utterance will get them detained, arrested, home-raided or berated, so they eventually fear political speech itself. The intent of this regime of repression and coercive censorship is cause exactly such a chilling effect.

There is a scene in the German film The Lives of Others about communist East Germany under the Soviet sphere of influence, where the Stasi officers joke about a screenwriter who was a Zersetzung target of the Stasi for writing subversive plays. He was so psychologically terrorized by the Stasi that he quit writing screenplays altogether. The Stasi officers joke that they only wanted him to quit writing subversive plays, but that he did them one better and quit writing at all. This Stasi model of psychologically coercing citizens into gagging themselves is the model that the Dutch police are implementing with regards to citizens lashing out against the police in the social media. It’s absolutely outrageous that the journalists of the NRC Handelsblad are encouraging the police to visit citizens and journalists at home, as long as they do so “in civilian clothes” so as to not appear as intimidating as in uniform <– this is the kind of absurdist Kafkaesque apologetics that only a Dutch journalist would have the nerve to print on paper. It goes without saying that a cop with a badge is still a cop with a badge regardless of the clothes he or she is wearing. Citizens are psychologically coerced and intimidated by cops showing up at their house and berating them over their comments in the social media regardless of the cop’s choice of clothes. In a real democracy with real freedom of speech no citizen should have to worry about cops showing up at his house and patronizing him for speaking his mind in the social media. The fact that this is happening in the Netherlands with mainstream journalists ideologically justifying this patronizing infantilization of citizens by authorities means that there is no real freedom of speech and no real democracy in the Netherlands. The communist Zersetzung of citizens by the Stasi was an act or repression and censorship, whether the Stasi agents would show up at people’s houses wearing their uniforms or not. This silly discussion about officers’ manner of dress is a perfect example of why I just can’t talk to Dutch people anymore: instead of discussing censorship and repression of citizens’ speech, the mainstream Dutch journalists are encouraging silly distractionary discussions about whether Dutch cops appear less intimidating without their uniforms or not.

To conclude, the Dutch police apparently doesn’t know that the acronym ACAB is also used in the radical feminist movement of which I am a feminist. In the feminist movement, the ACAB acronym actually means “All Cunts Are Beautiful” and is a slogan that is used by young radical feminists to promote acceptance of women’s natural bodies and to battle the culture of women shaming. So, as feminist I am right now going to post the ACAB acronym on my blog, using it as a feminist slogan as a feminist blogger:

Channels of Rage (Arotzim Shel Za’am) by Anat Halachmi (2003)  is an Israeli documentary about the rap scene in Tel Aviv. This documentary was screened at the 2003 edition of the IDFA when I attended that festival at the time. Basically every rhyme uttered by the rappers in this documentary, whether from a Zionist or an Arab perspective, would get them all home-raided, arrested, detained and criminalized, that is, if they had the misfortune of rapping in the censorious fascist dictatorship of the Netherlands instead of Israel. That’s right folks, an Arab rapper rapping in ISRAEL in 2003 had more freedom of speech to rap about whatever he wanted to than a Dutch rapper like Ismo does in the Netherlands in 2015! This comparison between the two speech regimes separated by a decade is veritable proof that censorious fascism is on the rise in the Netherlands. In one of the scenes the Zionist Israeli rapper Subliminal complains about his Palestinian counterpart Tamer having a rhyme where he compares Jews to Nazis – basically the same kind of rhyme that Ismo was indicted over last year – but never once does the Zionist rapper argue for censorship! If Israeli Jews in Israel do not support the censorship of a Palestinian rapper comparing Jews to Nazis in their own country, who the fuck are the Dutch to tell them otherwise and to indict a Dutch rapper supposedly for “criminally insulting” Jews?
What is the Openbaar Ministerie, which is clearly populated by Public Prosecutors who hate rap music and want to persecute and criminalize rappers with a passion that knows no bounds, going to do about the fact that everyone and their mother can watch this Israeli documentary and listen/read lyrics that are criminal by Dutch legal standards? Is the Openbaar Ministerie going to ban the documentary? Maybe ban access to Youtube altogether like the Turkish government does with Twitter? What if IDFA were to screen this documentary again in what are basically the cultural “Dark Ages” of 2016? Would the Openbaar Ministerie raid the festival and confiscate the DVD to prevent this documentary from being screened? I swear, at some point in the future we will be witnessing scenes like what I’ve just described, when the Openbaar Ministerie takes this censorious hysteria towards rap music to its logical extreme. I predict that in the near future movies like Straight Outta Compton will no longer be screened in the Netherlands because the Openbaar Ministerie will confiscate the digital copies and indict the makers for incitement. Here is a short excerpt from Channels of Rage that you should go and watch before the Openbaar Ministerie decides to put a Chinese-style firewall around the Netherlands to ban access to such documentaries.


Scene from the American movie The Midnight Meat Train (2008), based on the 1984 short horror story of the same name by the British author Clive Barker, wherein the tragic protagonist has his tongue cut out by the subterranean elites he is thus forced to serve.

Mister “Ronald Vincent” or whatever your real name is,

I live in a country where it is illegal to advocate in favour of mass murder. Because of our history we Europeans know all about mass-murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing, especially when these are aided, abetted, perpetrated and promoted by America to serve its geopolitical agenda. If a European vegan had posted something similar to what you have written and posted on your WordPress blog, they would have already been home-raided, detained, indicted and jailed for criminal incitement and criminal threats.

Since you have no problem with advocating in favour of murdering a group of people simply on the basis of their diet, this diet being the diet of choice for the majority of people in Europe who are omnivores, you are banned from commenting on my blog. I am not going to let you post whatever you want just because you think that you as an American should be able to wipe your ass with what is legal and illegal in other countries around the world and assume you can do so simply because you are expressing yourself on the internet under the First Amendment. There is no First Amendment where I live, period. You might imagine yourself are above the law because you have, quote, “no respect for human law”, but you are not above the law on this blog.

Lastly, given the long and documented history of American vegan animal rights activists abusing the courts to intimidate, harass, bankrupt, violate and silence their critics (source and source), going as far as to use a faux SWAT team with fake badges as a coercion tactic against their targets (source), I feel that vegans and animal rights activists should be blanked-banned all over the internet and not be allowed to post anything anywhere. American vegan animal rights activists are the modern day equivalent of book-burners and witch-burners. They should be subjected to the exact same censorship they have forced others to endure. Don’t come around here expecting people with far less speech than you to give you a podium. And don’t fucking tell me how you are willing to die for my right to free speech and other such jingoistic American platitudes. You Americans have waged endless globalist wars and have murdered 20 million people since the 2nd WW to maintain your “freedoms”, such as the very American “freedom” to advocate in favour of mass-murder on the internet. Your American rights are penned in the blood of your victims.

drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou

Hey, wait a minute, wasn’t it against the law to say or even hint at the phrase “fuck the police” in the Netherlands because that would constitute incitement? Wasn’t that why rapper Lil’Kleine got arrested last year? WTF is this then? –>


Apparently saying “fuck the police” in the Netherlands is no longer illegal if your name is Jacob Appelbaum and you are an American fugitive on Dutch soil studying for your PhD at the prestigious Technical University of Eindhoven! In that case, you can even freely express your sincere and heartfelt hope that blackhat hackers (basically hackers who break the law) launch cyber-attacks against the police in your own home state of California in the US, and you still don’t have to worry about being arrested for incitement JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE AN AMERICAN posting the likes of this on Twitter –>



Here we have an American hacker openly saying that he hopes blackhats (criminal hackers) are going to launch cyber-attacks (“owned”) against the San Francisco police. What is the Openbaar Ministerie going to do about this tweet? Isn’t this incitement? If not, then why is this not incitement and is a hip-hopper raising the middle-finger and telling his audience to do the same so at a rap concert actionable? Suffice to say, if I or any Dutch citizen was posting such tweets on the internet, the Openbaar Ministerie or the Dutch Public Prosecution Service would’ve already busted down our front doors with 11 officers and held us in custody for three days in isolation while indicting us and criminalizing us.

Indeed, someone using the handle “Netzblockierer” immediately rushes in to warn Appelbaum about the above tweets appearing to constitute incitement and this being illegal in the Netherlands:

“you know that calling for data manipulation may be outlawed at your current location, too?

Another person called “Peter Davidson” also chimes in with the opinion that the above tweets appear to constitute incitement:

So, here is how the Dutch law apparently works, kids: everyone in the Netherlands who is Dutch is prohibited from uttering the phrase “fuck the police” in a public forum lest they end up arrested and indicted like Dutch rapper Lil’ Kleine, but if you are an American fugitive living in Eindhoven saying “fuck the police” you can do that with no consequences to yourself, because Americans are demigawd overseers and are hence above the law wherever they happen live, work or be in the world. There is no other logical explanation for such blatant opportunism and hypocrisy in the enforcement of the applicable law. Americans are planetarchs and hence don’t have to worry about respecting the laws of their host counries. Only we the slave-citizens living there have to speak and think by the book lest we be arrested and indicted thought-crimes and speech-crimes. Isn’t American exceptionalism just great?

Either the Openbaar Ministerie Parket Eindhoven is now going to arrest and indict this American like they did with rapper Lil’Kleine, or they are going to admit that they selectively and opportunistically enforce Dutch speech-laws to silence and criminalize Dutch citizens while declaring Americans living in the Netherlands above and beyond the law so that Americans can continue to evade Dutch speech-laws with impunity. Either all public instances of “fuck the police” are illegal and actionable under Dutch law or none of them are. Which is it going to be? Are the Dutch authorities openly going to admit we are living under a regime of global American exceptionalism and legal impunity?

drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou, censorship victim of draconian vexatious Dutch speech-laws

The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

Very explicit lyrics, NSFW.

I can’t stop rhyming about Jews and homos (poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2015 all rights reserved

I just can’t rhyme about anything else
I just can’t help myself
I watch American documentaries full of queers
Like Rock Bottom and that new one, Chemsex
All I wanna do afterwards
Is rhyme about Jewish meth dealers
Sending suspicious packages
To methhead homos over FedEx
I see bearded hipsters everywhere
Wondering if they are Orthodox Jews
Or homos hiding their gayness
Behind a long curtain of facial hair
Jews here
Homos there
Jews and homos everywhere
I listen to that song
“Do you want total queer”
And for my tastes it’s not enough severe
By any stretch this long
Like Hillary I too got the schlong
I study the Rothschilds
I wanna know who the chief Jew is
I download the Stryker Foundations’ tax statements
I wanna know who the chief homo is
There isn’t an item about Jews or homos
in the news that I will miss
The public prosecutor who went after that
Drink and see pink kid
Went after my ass as well
Wrote a long ass indictment
Telling me to go to hell
Told the Jewish judge I am an asshole
Because I talk so much about Israel
If all the Jews were homos
And all homos were Jews
It would make the job easier for me
Cos I wouldn’t have to write about each separately
You’d think this is a personal addiction
But everyone on Youtube shares my afflication
I log in to listen to some music for distraction
But it’s always the same topics that gather the most attraction
Instead of hearing music
I see a Jew dressed up like a yellow canary chick
Smiling at the camera shouting: “EAT A DICK!”
Should I eat his or that of another fellow
I can’t tell through all the yellow
And the yelling underneath the video
The comment section is on fire
Everyone expressing their repressed gay desire
His fans eat dicks and say: YOLO!!!
Enemies reject the premise and say: HELL NO!!
Everyone flaming and trolling
Name calling rough tumbling and rolling
Everywhere I look
I see people arguing about Jews and homos
I honestly don’t know where to look
To see something else
So I decide to log out and read a book
To distract myself
I read Portnoy’s Complaint
For my own pleasure I assure you it ain’t
A book about a sex-addict of a Jew
Fucking female gentiles
This Jew fuckfest of a book
Is considered high class literature
For crying out loud
Fuck me, here I go again
Like a junkie needing a fix
I search around my desk for a pen
I write this poem
And send a copy to my bailiff
Minutes later the cop car pulls up
The officer comes in
Together we share a spliff
I ask him
“Do you know that one rap song that goes:
‘I don’t know if they fags or what
Search a nigga down & grabbing his nuts’
Does that offend you, officer?”
He says:
“Americans said that, Americans are overseers
Everyone knows are Americans are above the law
Americans could write a song about fucking my mother
on my front doorstep
And there is nothing I would do to put a stop to it all.”
I frown at him and say: “Are you a Jew too?”
He says: “Shut the fuck up or I will arrest you”
I say: “That’ll be something you already did times two.”
He says: “Look, all we want you to do
Is to stop rhyming about Jews and homos,
Is that so hard to do? Damn!”
I say: “But Americans rap about Jews and homos
All the time no stopping them
Been doing it for 20 plus years
And you never arrested them.
Your concern-trolling isn’t about discrimination or racism
You are selectively enforcing American exceptionalism
Jews are no longer ghetto-dwelling
Living in gentrified North-East Berlin
They are rich American natives with a double nationality
Working for the Military White Complex industriously
They put Portoy’s Complaint to shame when it comes to having shikse sex
Fucking gentiles
On the cold bathroom tiles
“Wanna fuck in the bathroom” says the yellow canary Jew to his wife
Because he’ll never do an interview where he doesn’t mention his sex-life
I am the one who was watching your shiksa shower
I am one who saw her bare ass before she reached for the towel
I know a trannie who wants to fuck your Jewish ass and get off
Sebastian, when you’re done sucking his dick off
Go to that bridge in Philly
And this time don’t be a coward
Make sure you actually jump off
You self-hating misogynist bitch
With no dick no blowjob
You still sit down to piss
A blackbag headcase scumbag
A bodybag and a deathwish
Head first down off the bridge next time
So next time won’t be another near miss.”
He scoffs: “You are just a Greek piece of shit with no rights
You are no American so shut the hell up!”
“Or else, or else what?” I scream
“I will beat your ass up & I’ll fuck you up.”
I say: “Wow, now you really sound like an American cop.
You still haven’t told me
Are you really gay?”