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It’s that moment you realize you are looking at another Alexander


“My favourite novel is Lolita.”, said the self-declared feminist. Calling yourself a feminist while being a pedophilia apologist is the ultimate slap in the face betrayal. The ultimake swindle, the ultimate irreconcilable unforgivable battleship sinking hypocrisy. You cannot be a feminist and a pedophilia apologist. Either you are crazy or malicious or both that you think you can be.



I swear, I don’t know what I have to do stop myself from going absolutely ballistic over this pedophilia apologist pretending to be a feminist right now. I could write another essay this long about my sense of betrayal and rage, but to what end? I cannot believe these feelings of rage and betrayal inside myself. How can I not write about what I am discovering? How can I be asked to keep all these things to myself? How can I not show people what is plainly there before my eyes? Faux feminist pedophilia apologist, you’ve just made an enemy. Yes, when I first encountered you I was impressed and I admired you, just like I once admired Alexander. I cried and fell into a dark hole when I discovered that Alex is a pedophilia apologist, and I cried again today as I discovered that you are one too. Andrea Dworkin once worshipped Allen Ginsberg.

And so by this time, Andrea herself was a very famous published writer and a very famous feminist, and of course she wrote, as in Woman Hating, as Sheila shared with us today, about violence towards women, about sexual abuse of women and children. And Ginsberg had a problem with this. Now why did he have a problem with this? Because he was a child sexual abuser. Because he was a member, I think it was of the North American Man-Boy Love Association, which is what is known as a pedophile organization, and his particular liking was for 12-year-old boys.

Now this was a bar mitzvah. Now who are at bar mitzvahs? 12- and 13-year-old boys and girls. And so this particular day that Andrea got up and decided she would behave herself, was their godson’s bar mitzvah, and she knew Ginsberg was going to be there, and that very day legislation had just been clarified about child pornography being illegal. Now she was delighted. She knew Ginsberg wouldn’t be, so she tried to avoid him. And there’s a photograph, isn’t there John, of her standing with his arm around her–you know those awful photos at weddings and things, where you’re going [laughter]–and he’s there, and he kept following her around saying what’s your problem, what’s your problem, is it because of the legislation, this is why you won’t talk to me, you’re a nazi, you’re an idiot, etc. And she said, yes, of course, I have a problem with it, because I’m a feminist, and I don’t think that children should be abused and raped, which you obviously do. And he said, “Well, I’ve never met anyone with your views who’s intelligent,” and she said, “Well, you havent been out much, have you?” [laughter]

And I was recounting this to her on the phone, and she said, [husky American accent] “Oh Julie, you’ve gotta put that in the piece.” And I said, “I promise you I’ll put it in the piece.” And we then remembered in 1997 or something, when somebody from one of the British broadsheets had interviewed her, and she had told the Ginsberg story, but he was tragically still alive, so the lawyers run scared and took the piece out about Ginsberg being a child abuser. So I said, “It’s okay, he is dead, isn’t he?” [husky American accent] “Yes, he’s very dead.” So I put this in my interview with her. And then when it came out, guess what? They had taken it out. And they had something really weird in there, like, so Andrea went up to Ginsberg and she said, “I think you’re horrible,” and he said, “Well why, is it because of the legislation?” And I then said, “Well, yes, because you’re foul.” [laughter] And he said, “Listen to me, the Right want to put me in prison,” and she said, “Well, actually I’ve got a bit more imagination than that, I want you dead.”

The true story is that Ginsberg was a child abuser, a child rapist, and Andrea has so eloquently written about it in Heartbreak, and it really would I’m sure, wherever Andrea is, thrill her if you could buy it and enjoy all of it, not just that section.

I know now how she must’ve felt learning about Ginsberg’s pedophilia. I already went through this years ago with Alex but I will never get used to the feeling of betrayal, or the sense that betrayal is lurking everywhere and that I cannot even trust the art I look to for inspiration or consolation. That the male artists I admire will all turn out to be Roman Polanski childfuckers in the end. That they are so evil and Machiavellian and compartmentalized that they can rationalize the raping of children on the one hand and still think of themselves as Social Justice Warriors and feminists on the other. That they will lie to everyone straight faced about being feminists while secretly wanting to rape little girls, using feminism as a cover to do so. That I will begin to see all men like this. I thought you were only joking when you remarked on one of your Livestreams that you were eyeing the two Japanese girls across the street from your house. I see now you weren’t joking at all. I thought you told your Livestream followers to go and see the Louis Theroux documentary about the pedophiles because you thought it was just an interesting documentary. Now I see there’s something else behind it, there is a pattern of gradually revealing more and more what you are. You might as well be asking your followers to download Maladolescenza like Alexander did. I caught him doing that on Facebook and that’s when I realized what he was. And you, you too are an apologist of predators and monsters which makes you too a monster in my eyes.


I know that no one is reading these blog entries right now, but maybe one day, maybe when it’s already too late and you’ve already caused harm to many, someone trying to make sense of what happened will see this and they will realize whom they’ve let into the hen house. I know you will get more and more famous like Milo Yiannopoulos, and once you’re at the peak of your performance, maybe someone will come over here, see how I posted about your pedophilia apologetics when no one was watching and proceed to expose you like Kevin Logan did with Milo. Kevin’s video about Milo was ignored at first but it was picked up eventually and it was that little video everyone had overlooked and almost no one had bothered to watch that was finally seen by millions and thus became Milo’s downfall. All I can do right is document what I have found: the face of male feminism in the 21st century is a bedroom racist pedophilia apologist MDMA punk of a drunk in a dress.

So wie damals, als er mit einem Tor-Entwickler darüber scherzte, welche Sexspielzeuge Appelbaum dessen Tochter empfehlen würde.

Did you think I was exaggerating when I wrote that I saw another Jacob Appelbaum in the making in you? You are all the same. Monsters in my eyes.

I hated Alexander over this song once I realized what it was about, I literally couldn’t listen to it anymore, but this disgusting sickening song of his is the only thing that calms me down somewhat lest I become completely consumed by my sense of betrayal and rage.

Wounds upon her unfathomable left hand
Wounds upon your stupid face

More tender
Your children feed her on a daily basis
She keeps a hero within her heart
An iron trap at the edge of her penis
She grinds up fresh meat on the Sunday
Sunday is the day of the black blood
Say a prayer for the Silent one
And she will say a prayer for you in return

Upon encountering you it turns horrific
Incensed at the crosses with the four fleshy entrances
Incensed at the cunning swastikas that whip it up mercilessly
Froth from her mouth falls upon your chest
And upon your ass
Do you like to get assfucked
Or are you trying to get punished
Or are you trying to demand the attention of Gawd
Her hands were choking you by the neck
And your mouth
She covered your mouth
She whispered
Are you trying to escape
Or were you trying to demand the attention of Gawd



2:16:02 Do you like pegging? Do you wanna peg me? I liked being pegged! Because it’s the most unnatural of all sexual act. Especially if it’s a cis woman pegging a cis man. Because you have a perfectly good vagina, and a perfectly good penis in a room, but instead of using those things for their Gawd-intended purpose, you’re like “Naaw, I don’t wannaw”. Instead I want the person with a vagina to put on a fake penis and fuck the person with a penis in the asshole, and that’s amazing to me. Because it’s like a big “Fuck you Gawd! I don’t play by your Gawddamn rules. I’ll make my own Gawddamn rules, Gawddamnit!”. This is way too much talking, I’m gonna stop talking, I’m just gonna talk a little less. Gawd is dead and we have pegged him, agreed, agreed.” 




Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and I am not your attorney. This blog entry not intended as legal advice. If you need legal help, only consult with a barred attorney. This blog entry is an opinion piece based on my personal experiences as a citizen and is only provided for informational and entertainment purposes. The information below could be wrong or outdated so you must always check with a legal professional who can provide you with the most up-to-date legal information.

It has been brought to my attention that the J. A. ordeal is quickly spinning out of control in a really ugly way. Someone has apparently gone and tagged his house in Berlin. Or so it has been claimed on Twitter. This is escalation plain and simple and must be stopped in its tracks.

Τhe only thing I support and encourage right now is that all of the alleged victims contact the rightful authorities in the Netherlands at Openbaar Ministerie Parket Oost Brabant (Leeghwaterlaan 8, 5223 BA ‘s-Hertogenbosch Phone: 0031 88 699 1800) and Politie Brabant Zuid-Oost (Ruysdaelbaan 35, 5613 DX Eindhoven, Phone: 0031 343 578 844) for the sake of due process in a court of law. J. A.’s PhD supervisor at the University of Eindhoven, dr. prof. Daniel J Bernstein, wrote an article on his cryptology blog lamenting the fact that due process is dead on the internet and vigilantism is king. I disagree, and I believe we should restore due process right now.

In your interactions/correspondence with the above authorities, make sure to mention:
– Wetboek van Strafrecht Artikel 246 (Dutch Criminal Code article 246, sexual intimidation and molestation; involuntary kissing falls under this category)
– Wetboek van Strafrecht Artikel 242 (Dutch Criminal Code article 242, rape; includes all forms of involuntary foreplay, involuntary oral sex, involuntary manual manipulation of the genitals)
– Wetboek van Strafrecht Artikel 300 (Dutch Criminal Code article 300, maltreatment; includes making people use drugs against their will or unbeknown to them)
– Wetboek van Strafrecht Artikel 285 (Dutch Criminal Code article 285, threats; leaving a message on a person’s pillow with a text such as “Don’t make us use extreme measures. Hand it all over.” falls under this category)
– Wetboek van Strafrecht Artikel 141 (Dutch Criminal Code 141, violent assault committed by a group, ie “gangbanging”)
– Wetboek van Strafrecht Artikel 285b 1 (Dutch Criminal Code 285b1, stalking; includes  retaliatory harassment against a woman who has turned down sexual advances, or the cornering of women at a party)
– Wetboek van Strafrecht Artikel 266 (Dutch Criminal Code 266, public insult; making disparaging sexual jokes at work about colleagues falls under this category)
– Wetboek van Strafrecht Artikel 262 (Dutch Criminal Code 262, defamation; making false statements in public about having had sex with someone when you haven’t had sex in order to humiliate them in the presence of others falls under this category)

J. A. is a German resident, but he is also a PhD student in the city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands and hence the Netherlands has jurisdiction in this matter regardless of where in the world the alleged actionable conduct occured. Contrary to what you’ve read on the internet, Dutch law enforcement and prosecutorial authorities are actually extremely accomodating of charges filed by Americans against Dutch citizens over conduct that has occured in another jurisdiction than the Netherlands. Dutch authorities will happily and readily investigate such reports and will spend many years doing so if need be, over the most minor of misdemeanours. They love nothing more than to process charges filed by Americans and are extremely thorough in doing so, to the point of performing 9:00 AM home raids on suspects with 11 officers present to arrest the suspect. The suspect will be detained for at least 3 but up to a maximum of 18 days in isolation during which they will be subjected to daily interrogations until they cave in and cooperate. Repeatedly asking to have one’s attorney present during those interrogations is of no use, unless one agrees to answer the questions asked in the presence of an attorney. During those 3 to 18 days of detention, the suspect is held completely incommunicado, they have no access to media such as internet, TV or newspapers and are only allowed to call the outside world to talk to their attorney and no one else. The detention cells that suspects are held within are sexagonal units that have been designed to make it seem as if the walls are caving in on the suspect to increase their sense of guilt. There are no windows with bars as per the cliche. There are no windows at all and there is no natural sunlight, no ability to see what is going on outside. A thin bar at the top of the back of the cell made of opaque yellow plastic gives a hint of dusk and dawn outside, but this could easily be faked with lamps and one loses one’s sense of time after two days. There is no ability to hear what is happening in nearby cells or to overhear discussions in the hall. One becomes quickly aware of the fact that one is  completely isolated. One can only imagine a space station or submarine being a similarly isolating experience. One is not given or allowed a pen and paper to record anything. Not even during the interrogations. One only has ones own memory one’s disposal to record and remember what is happening, what was asked and what answer was given during interrogations. Food is served twice a day. Everything prepackaged and nothing fresh. Detention in the Netherlands is a very interesting and unforgetable experience for suspects in and of itself.

You on the other hand, as the American accuser reporting someone in the Netherlands, you will be addressed in your own American-English language by Dutch law enforcement who are all too happy to get to practice their English on you and gain valuable experience working on a transnational case such as yours. You can submit your exhibits as-is and  won’t have to pay a dime to translate anything from American English to Dutch (the public prosecutor will do it for you for free) and you will merely be interrogated about your report once by means of teleconference. Discovery in the Netherlands is extremely limited compared to the US and is not intrusive at all, because the suspect is only allowed to ask you 15 questions at the most during an interrogation, whereas the suspect will be asked up to 150 questions or more over many subsequent interrogations. Furthermore, your name as an accuser will never be published anywhere due to Dutch privacy laws, and the accused and his lawyers are obliged by bar rules to keep your identity private. They are not allowed to leak anything to the press or the internet (if they do, there will be additional prosecutions to have the information removed from the internet). That’s it. Contrary to the myths doing the rounds online, there is absolutely nothing intrusive or traumatizing about filing charges in the Netherlands as an American abroad.  In fact, if you as an American have trouble filing a report against someone yourself, there at least one or two legal firms in Amsterdam who have experience filing charges on behalf of Americans against Dutch residents who will gladly assist you with your report. Do not worry about the court being inherently biased against you as a woman or man who engages in kink. American courts might be concervative and biased against kinky lifestyles but Dutch courts aren’t like that at all. In fact, many Dutch judges are themselves BDSM practitioners and experienced sadists in their private lives (I really don’t know about their professional lives and hence can’t speak to that), and will not bat an eye or mind at all that you are too. These judges understand what the refusal to stop when someone uses their safeword means. 😉

So, let’s stop the internet vigilantism spiraling out of control, and let’s bring in the lawyers, the police, the judges and the prosecutors to do what they do best. Let’s prove dr. prof. Daniel J Bernstein wrong and let’s restore due process.