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This is an example how zealous vegans and animal rights extremists talk amongst themselves on YT when they think no one else is paying attention and they can let their hair down:

know what if your familly is starving why dont they shoot a nail gun through your head to knock you unconcious then hang you up by your legs and slit your throught till you bleed out assshole….

i dnt give a shit if the people die from eating the horses because of wheat? they are given they diserve to die…i hope the poison kills the people slowly and painfully…anyone who would even think of eating a horse before or after this is sick….horses arnt food they are friends…transportation..fami­ly…i would die of starvation before i ate a horse

The people behind the YT channel where these two comments were posted apparently consider these acceptable comments and have failed to delete them. I am not posting a direct link to the channel itself because I don’t want to drive any traffick to the channel that allows such comments to be posted, but think about the fact that there are channels on Youtube where such comments are considered acceptable amongst animal rights activists.

As for the pompous “i would die of starvation before i ate a horse”, obviously he has never experienced real starvation. People like him should have sent to Africa to perform a year of compulsory famine relief so they learn what real starvation is like.


“I Ate Your Horse” by the noise group Anal Cunt:

Is that horse rights activists or rather horse SHIT activists?

This article, written by someone who clearly cares deeply about animals and has seen how they are really treated by the extremist American animal rights movement, details exactly the horse shit I would have expected from the American AR movement who claim to love horses and elephants and orcas so much:

It is ethical to know fate of the animals we “save” from abuse when we take their work and security away from them. Too often, we simply pat ourselves on the back for being virtuous while the animals we supposedly have  helped go off to slaughter. We need to require the advocates of horse and animal and pony and other bans to know – and document –  precisely where banished animals like horses and elephants and ponies will go, who will care for them and how their care will be funded.

__ An ethical animal welfare movement must understand that there is no nature, no wild, for animals to return to any longer. There is no greater abuse of animals than the destruction of animal habitats all over the world, and we are all responsible for it. We need to acknowledge our own individual role in destroying the natural world rather than simply hating and harassing the people we blame for it, the people who work with animals, live with them, and  yes, are the ones who kill them and take them to slaughter.

There is no place for domesticated animals to go when we drive them away and claim work with humans is cruel and abusive. Climate change challenges us to re-think our animals about where and how animals can remain in our world, there is mythical space out there for the carriage horses, the ponies, or the elephants to go when they are driven from their work,  increasingly condemned as “abuse” or “stupid tricks.” Such tricks have uplifted and entertained human beings for thousands of years, a debt that can never be repaid.

We are condemning these animals – the ponies, the carriage horses, the elephants –  to a death much like Arthur’s. That is not an ethical solution to their dilemma.

“Our system of animal rescue, shelter and adoption routinely separate the poor the elderly and working people from animals, even though millions desperately need homes.” <– I have always maintained that animal rights is just another manifestation of the class-war of the elites against the poor. You see, for poor people with no resources their animals are often the only thing they have. Even homeless people will say that about their dogs: their dogs are their bodyguards, they keep them warm at night, etc. By taking away the animals from the poor, the righteous bourgies are waging a class-war against whatever few resources poor people have left.

_The goal of any animal rights movement ought to be the promotion of health and safety for animals in our every day world, not their removal from society. It is unethical to make it ever more difficult for ordinary people – the poor, the working, the elderly – to adopt, purchase, or keep animals. It is unethical to seek to remove animals that are healthy and well cared for.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions once again.


Support Sea Shepherd? Or do you support one of the other left-wing environmental groups engaged in vigilanteism out at sea? In that case you’re  also indirectly and very much ideologically responsible for what is shown in this video below, because if left-wing groups are allowed to patrol the seas and engage in whatever vigilanteism they feel like, then the same courtesy should extend to reich-wingers who are now patroling the seas to harass refugees.

I am sure that the people appearing in this video will say that they have nothing to do with the likes of Sea Shepherd (and I’m sure Sea Shepherd will share that sentiment and insist they too have nothing to do with these people either), and that whatever they are doing is completely lawful in their country, that they are only trying to help law enforcement do their jobs better and that they are only being good patriots or whatever, but hey, isn’t that exactly what Sea Shepherd always tells the courts in the States, and yet they were found guilty of breaking the law anyway? Go ahead read the comments underneath the above video: reich-winger after reich-winger is applauding this form of  vigilanteism and advocating the outright mass-murder of refugees at sea, with comments such as, “These people should sink those parasite muslims”, “Make them ‘disappear’. The countries they’re coming from, don’t care about them at all. Most of them don’t have any papers.?”, “worst case scenario they ram the refugee raft or cut it up to sink the ppl on it?”, “They dont have even a rifle. What they want to do, ram them??”. Now, where have we read such racist comments before?

Oh, and speaking of incitement, whatever happened to the people who posted the above comments? I guess reich-wingers openly advocating mass-murder on Youtube is now legal under Europe’s absurd, hypocritical and opportunistic incitement laws.

Because what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If left-wingers are allowed to break the law and raise mayhem out at sea in the name of their environmental ideologies, so are these reich-wing vigilantes hunting refugees in the name of their white supremacist  ideology. I bet many of these Swedish minutemen have been watching the Whale Wars TV show religiously taking notes in order to learn how to set up and excecute their own reich-wing operations at sea using the Sea Shepherd/Greenpeace  model as a source of inspiration. Sea Shepherd might not like reich-wingers following their steps but they certainly seemed to have inspired them to do so. It reminds me of that article that was published in The Guardian about two years ago, titled “Can Sea Shepherd survive its own success?”. The question rather should be: will Sea Shepherd survive its right-wing copycats? For right-wingers following the Whale Wars show on TV the focus isn’t environmentalism, it’s the fact that the show presents  an activist methodology that the far-right can appropriate and deploy for themselves. An activist methodology doesn’t care whether the activist implementing it is left-wing or right-wing. An activist method is just a method regardless of who is using it to what end. No single political group has an intellectual property monopoly on an activist method. Sea Shepherd, Greenpeace and others made it fashionable and glamorous (thanks to their mass media exposure) amongst activists to carry out vigilanteism at sea, and lo behold, these reich-wingerers took note and are now doing the same thing. This is why ALL vigilanteism at sea, whether it’s Sea Shepherd or these far-right groups, is inherently wrong. No government has an obligation to tolerate this vigilanteism.

The following blog entry is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.


Cold as Efthimia Sitting On An Iceberg
vegan glutten-free Greek ice cream recipe
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou


– Δύο Αμερικανοί φασίστες αλεσμένοι, άσπροι
– Τέσσερις Αμερικανοί φασίστες δικηγόροι λιωμενοι, λευκοί
– Τρεις Ολλανδοί φασίστες δικηγόροι θρυμματισμένοι, χλωμοί
– Δέκα Ολλανδοί και Αμερικανοί φασίστες δικαστές μαλακισμένοι, βιασμένοι, τεμαχισμενοι, εξαφανισμενοι και μη, γαλανοαιμοι
– Ενας Ελληνας παιδεραστης ολόκληρος, μόνο ΠΟΠ (Προστατευόμενη Οικογενειοκρατία Προέλευσης)
– Ανταρκτικός πάγος, 2-3 παγόβουνα μπλε
– τρεις κουταλιές ζάχαρη
– απόσταγμα απόστημα βανίλιας
– blue food colouring


Η εκτέλεση των υλικών είναι η ίδια η εκτέλεση. Chill well before serving into a hot oven. Whipped scream and crazy nuts optional. Anything less than the best is a felony.

How vegans really talk about “non-vegans”, ie. 98% of the general public who are omnis,  on the social media website Tumblr: “give them an ultimatum”… remember that other vegan on WordPress who was advocating in favour of mass murdering omnis? But but but, they love cuddly animals, they wouldn’t hurt a human being now would they? –>

I’m kinda giving away the end of When Josh Raped Shelley by posting this, but what the hell, everyone is free to steal everything and make it for me 😉 –>

The following videos supposedly show child abuse and animal abuse, at least according to American animal rights extremists. The videos below actually show a group of American white children in the rural part of the State of Oklahoma learning from their parents, themselves farmers and homesteaders, how to process a dead pig that they themselves had raised into individuals chunks of meat. Every single one of these videos is hidden behind an agewall as if it were pornography. I can go on Youtube right now and watch pornography with no age-check whatsoever, but no, it’s these videos that Youtube wants to protect children from:

Once upon a time you could freely watch these videos on Youtube, as they were clearly meant to be instructional tutorials and were thus considered uncontroversial. The parents in these videos stated on their channel that they had consciously decided not to show the actual culling of the animal for that very reason, to stress the fact that these videos are meant to be instructional. But the vegan censorship brigade went and falsely flagged these videos as “animal abuse”, so Youtube caved into their censorious demands and decided to put these videos behind a age-wall, which is completely ridiculous because the children shown in these videos are themselves minors. Youtube is basically saying that the rural children who appear in these videos should not be allowed to watch their own videos, at least as far as Youtube’s own idiot brigade of censors is concerned. Censorship always tends to get kinda funny and absurd like that. The fact is that young children can go on Youtube right now and watch vegan gorefest documentaries like Earthlings uncensored, but don’t you dare show children an instructional video of how a dead animal is actually processed by the children who raised that animal themselves.

Actually, every child in the whole wide world needs to know this and needs to be able to do what is shown in these videos in case of an emergency situation, but I’ve seen vegans argue that teaching a child to do this constitutes a form of child abuse, which is ridiculous because these kids are homesteading in the middle of Oklahoma after having homesteaded(? is this a word in English?) in South America. But then again, animal rights extremists aren’t about protecting children, they are about controlfreak censorship and would much rather like to keep everyone ignorant of the survival skills that have kept humanity alive through the aeons in the name of animal rights, doing so in the first world country of America where there are more animal shelters than facilities for homeless children.

No comment :\

And then a documentary maker went and made this, almost as if to make up for the horror movie:

This is the music I was listening to when I began writing the “When Josh Raped Shelley” script. This song is basically Josh’s theme, the song that’s playing when we first get to know Josh in all his rapist psychopathic glory, looking exactly like the artistocratic pedophile-punk who rapes the underaged girl in I’m Not A Fucking Princess. Josh is a criminal who has infiltrated the animal rights movement to hide amongst the vegans and pray on gullible young women. He is hiding his violent, criminal past behind the thin veneer of animal rights activism and compassion. He lives with a bunch of black cats he only semi-takes care of. He calls them the n-word and thinks it’s funny. We get flash backs from Josh’s youth, when he and his mother and siblings belonged to a dangerous cult. Josh is a cult survivor, and uses that fact as an excuse to brainwash and manipulate others into doing his bidding. He is a control-freak cult-leader without a cult in desperate need of a cult, demanding absolute obedience from Shelley, the woman he is praying on over the internet. After seeing a video of her in distress, he reaches out to her seemingly to help, but in reality he wants to lure her into the lion’s den where he can have his way with her. I imagined a shot where we get to see Josh meditating to the chants of buddhist monks. After he gets up, he puts his sunglasses on, smirks and then we hear this song –>

Turn that bitch up
I’m just trying to shoot my raps
And get my dick sucked
When I came to LA
Trying to get fucked

“I need my shit loud” is a key-phrase of Josh’s, Shelley thinks he’s referring to his music but it’s actually indicative of what’s going to happen during the scene when he locks her up in the Latina’s house and holds her hostage there while he rapes her. “I’m so turned up can’t turn me down”. But Shelley escapes her torturer, and then the story goes Hard Candy with a surreal fairy-tale twist. Shelley receives help from those you’d never suspect would turn on Josh…

“When someone tells you they’re speaking for the voiceless, don’t forget to ask who they’re talking over.”

Preservation Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Horror Movie HD

About the white vegan savior industrial complex….

I could write an article like the following one myself, but instead of it being about the “white savior industrial complex” and “voluntourism”, it would be about vegan animal rights zealots’ voluntourism at animal sanctuaries in third world countries like Cambodia and Thailand. There is really no difference between the “white savior industrial complex” and the “white vegan savior industrial complex”, the only difference being that animals replace the poor in the latter industrial complex. The context of “voluntourism” and selfishly wanting to collect experiences under the guise of “making a difference” is very much the same.

“If Americans want to care about Africa,” Cole wrote, “maybe they should consider evaluating American foreign policy, which they already play a direct role in through elections, before they impose themselves on Africa itself.”