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Once the Member State makes the decision to withdraw and gives the European Council notice of its intention to leave, the clock begins running and — subject to two exceptions — the treaties cease to apply to the departing Member State after two years. The first exception is that the two-year rule does not apply if the departing State reaches agreement on the terms of departure before the expiry of the two-year period. The second exception is that the European Council — with the agreement of the departing State — can agree to extend the negotiation period beyond two years.

[T]he question arises whether the UK Government — whether in its present or some revised configuration — might be so impatient about Brexit as to seek to hasten its practical consequences by amending or repealing the European Communities Act 1972. The Act might, for instance, be amended so as unilaterally to qualify or remove the principle that EU law takes priority over UK law, to block new EU laws from taking effect in the UK, or to adjust or displace the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union in respect of the UK. Such steps would, however, be highly inadvisable, not least because they would risk legal chaos by placing the British and EU legal regimes on a collision course with one another prior to the UK’s having extricated itself, as a matter of international law, from the EU legal order. It is in no-one’s interests — including Britain’s — that the UK should play fast and loose with its international obligations; at a time of immeasurable instability, an orderly departure is imperative.

Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that the process of disentangling EU and domestic law will be a Herculean effort that will occupy law-makers for a considerable amount of time to come, and will have to be undertaken carefully and thoughtfully.

Source: Brexit | Legally and constitutionally, what now?

Translation: No, your European Arrest Warrant is NOT “scrapped” simply because of a Brexit vote. It’s possible to be outside of the EU but to remain obliged under European law to other European countries. Stop peddling nonsense across Twitter.

Excerpted from a Greek music documentary on the rebetika legend Markos Vamvakaris:


He wasn’t allowed to sing these lyrics during the dictatorship of Metaxas, but the fact is if someone wrote similar lyrics today they too would be censored.

The reality with free speech in Greece  nowadays is more like this, with the same censorship of bloggers we see everywhere else in Europe:

Blogger, άνεργος και εθελοντής διασώστης, που κατήγγειλε αντεργατική συμπεριφορά εταιρίας security, καταδικάστηκε ερήμην με χρηματική πληρωμή και εάν δεν την πληρώσει η ποινή του θα είναι φυλάκιση 12 μηνών.
Ελληνική Δικαιοσύνη: «Καταγγέλλεις εταιρία security για αντεργατικές μεθόδους; Ή πλήρωσε ή μπες φυλάκιση»

Κυβέρνηση: «Θα τσακίσω τα μικρά blogs, θα δώσω λεφτά στα συστημικά ενημερωτικά portals και θα πω πως είμαι αριστερή»
Κυβέρνηση: «Θα τσακίσω τα μικρά blogs, θα δώσω λεφτά στα συστημικά ενημερωτικά portals και θα πω πως είμαι αριστερή»

The best essay ever written about the European Union:


I came across these images:

This 2008 artwork by the female artist Jane Frere, consisting of 3000 hung figures made of cloth and hung using fishline, is meant to represent Palestinians that have been driven from their homes under Israeli occupation, but for me this image instantly reminded me a series of short horror stories I had written a few years ago, one of which was titled Skeleton Key: Hidden Place, part 1 where my character recurring character of the blogger, the anti-heroine of my short stories, manages to sneak into the castle of her enemy, the professional S&M pornographer, and once there she notices that there’s blood dripping onto her from above. She looks up and is horrified as she witnesses that the professional S&M pornographer has hung every girl he has ever used up and gutted from the ceiling to dry like saucages in the wind.

I described the image like this in the story:

I once wrote a series of short horror stories one of which featured an image similar to this art work. In my story I described it as:

The blogger notices something dripping from above and looks up. Hanging from the ceiling, which is nearly invisible in the far distance, are countless of human forms. Is it a Japanese Butoh performance she walked into? No, it’s the gutted corpses of naked pre-pubescent girls hung out to dry in the upper currents. Imagine, “Περιμένω να δω σε κάποιο νεαρό κορίτσι το πρόσωπο της φίλης μου που κρεμάστηκε στα 17 της”. Imagine that, times innumerable, everywhere you look, again and again. The blogger remembers the words well: “αν δεν το ταϊζω γυμνά κορίτσια τρεις φορές τη μέρα θα με ρίξει σε κατατονία”. She might end up catatonic herself if she keeps looking up at all the dead girls. Κοίτα ψηλά μοιραίε αντίκρισε την όψη της ιστορίας, all of us girls have been dead for so long.

This was inspired by/an amalgamation of the following things:

1) Alex saying he had a friend who killed herself at the age of 17. He wrote the song “I Used To Call Her Kurt Cobain” about it.
2) The same essay where Alex had first mentioned το Γρύλισμα to describe his personal compulsions.
3) Alex’s song Frozen/Παγωμένο
3) A feminist performance piece by Nancy Mauro-Flude I wanted to see, but didn’t get around to seeing in Amsterdam over a decade ago titled “All of us girls have been dead for so long” which was based on excerpts from the novel ‘Pussy King of the Pirates’ by Kathy Acker. Despite not having seen the performance I kept a few of the flyers because that flyer was so simple and beautiful. I use them as a bookmarkers to this day.

But it’s another thing to see one’s mental image realized in the art work of another artist. I just love looking at these pictures and thinking that another female artist had the same image in her mind that I had, in response to something else altogether.

This quote hits the nail on the head when it comes to contemporary cults, especially of the hacking/techno-anarchism/LiberationTech/Information Freedom variety:

Nobody ever joins a cult.

One joins ‘a nonprofit group that promotes green technology, animal rights, or transcentendal meditation’.

One ‘joins a yoga class’ or ‘an entrepreneurial workshop’.

One ‘begins practicing an Eastern religion that preaches peace and forbearance’.

The first rule of recruitment, writes Margaret Singer, the doyenne of cult scholarship, is that a recruit must never suspect he or she is being recruited.

The second rule is that the cult must monopolize the recruit’s time. Therefore, in order to have any chance of rescuing a new acolye, it is critical to act quickly. The problem is that family and friends, much like the new cult member, are often slow to admit the severity of the situation. ‘Clients usually don’t come to me until their daughter is already to-the-tits brainwashed,’ says David Sullivan, a private investigator in San Francisco who specializes in cults. ‘By that point the success rate is very low.’

And thus we get the kind of bullshit in the hacking movement where a de facto posthumanist cult is described as “a media organization that oh just so happens to organize/participate in conventions”, and the gullible are sucking it all up like the desperate idiots that they are.


A nice article on the cult of BIG HEROIC DICK whorship. –>

Heather Marsh

Part of a series, Autonomy, Diversity, Society. Posts about our roles, relationships and governance. No article in this section is meant to stand alone, there will be a lot more coming soon that will clarify the current posts.


According to Thomas Carlyle, “The History of the world is but the Biography of great men.” and the accepted histories certainly agree with him.

Since change does not and cannot come from the masses who conform and those who may initiate radical change are shunned by society, leadership of change is taken over by Great Men, demagogues who interpret the thoughts of radicals for their own benefit and steer society in the directions most suitable to them. Great Men are accepted by the majority as they are not actually radical or unusual. They are instead a glossy version of the average, just attractive and superior enough that they can lead…

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Support Sea Shepherd? Or do you support one of the other left-wing environmental groups engaged in vigilanteism out at sea? In that case you’re  also indirectly and very much ideologically responsible for what is shown in this video below, because if left-wing groups are allowed to patrol the seas and engage in whatever vigilanteism they feel like, then the same courtesy should extend to reich-wingers who are now patroling the seas to harass refugees.

I am sure that the people appearing in this video will say that they have nothing to do with the likes of Sea Shepherd (and I’m sure Sea Shepherd will share that sentiment and insist they too have nothing to do with these people either), and that whatever they are doing is completely lawful in their country, that they are only trying to help law enforcement do their jobs better and that they are only being good patriots or whatever, but hey, isn’t that exactly what Sea Shepherd always tells the courts in the States, and yet they were found guilty of breaking the law anyway? Go ahead read the comments underneath the above video: reich-winger after reich-winger is applauding this form of  vigilanteism and advocating the outright mass-murder of refugees at sea, with comments such as, “These people should sink those parasite muslims”, “Make them ‘disappear’. The countries they’re coming from, don’t care about them at all. Most of them don’t have any papers.?”, “worst case scenario they ram the refugee raft or cut it up to sink the ppl on it?”, “They dont have even a rifle. What they want to do, ram them??”. Now, where have we read such racist comments before?

Oh, and speaking of incitement, whatever happened to the people who posted the above comments? I guess reich-wingers openly advocating mass-murder on Youtube is now legal under Europe’s absurd, hypocritical and opportunistic incitement laws.

Because what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If left-wingers are allowed to break the law and raise mayhem out at sea in the name of their environmental ideologies, so are these reich-wing vigilantes hunting refugees in the name of their white supremacist  ideology. I bet many of these Swedish minutemen have been watching the Whale Wars TV show religiously taking notes in order to learn how to set up and excecute their own reich-wing operations at sea using the Sea Shepherd/Greenpeace  model as a source of inspiration. Sea Shepherd might not like reich-wingers following their steps but they certainly seemed to have inspired them to do so. It reminds me of that article that was published in The Guardian about two years ago, titled “Can Sea Shepherd survive its own success?”. The question rather should be: will Sea Shepherd survive its right-wing copycats? For right-wingers following the Whale Wars show on TV the focus isn’t environmentalism, it’s the fact that the show presents  an activist methodology that the far-right can appropriate and deploy for themselves. An activist methodology doesn’t care whether the activist implementing it is left-wing or right-wing. An activist method is just a method regardless of who is using it to what end. No single political group has an intellectual property monopoly on an activist method. Sea Shepherd, Greenpeace and others made it fashionable and glamorous (thanks to their mass media exposure) amongst activists to carry out vigilanteism at sea, and lo behold, these reich-wingerers took note and are now doing the same thing. This is why ALL vigilanteism at sea, whether it’s Sea Shepherd or these far-right groups, is inherently wrong. No government has an obligation to tolerate this vigilanteism.

Asshole Woody Allen remains unrepentant following the revelations by his son Ronan Farrow who recently confirmed in the Hollywood Reporter that his sister had been sexually abused by Woody Allen:

At last night’s 69th annual Cannes opening night premiere of Allen’s comedy “Café Society,” master of ceremonies Laurent Lafitte shocked the audience when he said: “It’s very nice that you’ve been shooting so many movies in Europe, even if you are not being convicted for rape in the U.S.” The joke, which drew gasps from the Palais audience, was taken as a knock on Allen and possibly on director Roman Polanski as well.

Vanity Fair’s Julie Miller then asked about the Ronan Farrow guest column published in The Hollywood Reporter yesterday, about how the media didn’t take seriously the rape allegations made by his sister Dylan Farrow against their father. Allen said he hadn’t read the piece.

“I never read anything about me, these interviews I do, anything,” Allen said. “I said everything I had to say about that whole issue in The New York Times. I have moved so far past it. I never think about it. I work. I said I was never going to comment on it again. I said everything I have to say about it.”

“But this isn’t a critic,” a Variety reporter followed up. “It’s your son.”

Allen said he still won’t read the piece. “I’ve said all I have to say about it,” he said.


I always had a bad feeling about Woody Allen. His movies creeped me out and I never found them very funny to begin with. The first Woody Allen movie I watched was the one with Christina Ricci, Anything Else (2003) where she was a New York boho slutty type sleeping around with everyone at the drop of a hat. Her character was so immature and cartoonish that I wondered whether Woody Allen was simply making a movie about his much younger wife Soon-Yi Previn and basically making fun of being married with a younger woman. Then the fact that he would cast himself in his own movies (the second movie of his I saw was 2002 Hollywood Ending) but always put himself next to these beautiful female actresses, it all just screamed: “HEY GUYS, I AM REALLY HETERO AND I LIKE GOOD LOOKING OLDER CHICKS TOO! I AM NOT A PEDO, I SWEAR I LIKE OLDER GOOD LOOKING WOMEN! LOOK AT ME NEXT TO THIS OLDER BABE!”. I never understood why people referred to his movies as romantic comedies. I think I chuckled once at single one joke during Anything Else, the rest of the movie was just to weird, sexist and off-tone. And Hollywood Ending, which admittedly was kinda funny mainly because of the charicatural portrayal of the American film industry, was really just a movie about a whiny film maker being a liar and an asshole towards everyone, but being forgiven and getting away with it all at the end. Where the hell is the romance in that? Nowadays I really do feel like he was using his movies to distract people and to cover up his child-raping, and that this is the reason I always intuitively felt there was something wrong with his films. I guess he thought that if only he made enough movies casting himself next to beautiful mature women, people would start to blur the line between the film-Woody and the IRL-Woody and basically forget that they are looking at a pedophile. Of course his pederasty eventually got the better of him and he married Soon-Yi Previn. In America you can basically rape children with impunity as long as you are rich and famous and can hire an army of lawyers to cover your ass in court. Here’s another example –>

“And since these allegations have risen, he has not served a day in prison, he has not been apologetic, and he has not publicly stated that he was getting help. Rather, he has been flippant and dismissive of those who attempt to hold him accountable. And frankly, after watching Kelly lie to Touré in that infamous BET interview (“When we say ‘teenagers,’ how old we talking?”), I think we can accept that our cultural permissiveness and his own demons have found this person in a place where he won’t be held accountable.”



Originally posted on Transgender Reality: On reddit, a website where kids as young as 13 are allowed, and many are even younger, anonymous people, often adults, give minors tips on how to obtain prescription-only medication illegally, and hide it from their parents. In this post, a 15 year old asks for advice, saying that “I…

via “I hide my meds in my saxophone case” – self medding advice to minors — stop trans chauvinism

A few days ago Konstantina Voulgaris re-published the following 2015 article by her brother The Boy on her anarchist news blog Hit & Run:

This reblogging of the 2015 article just-oh-so-happened to coincide with Ronan Farrow’s public statements in The Hollywood Reporter wherein he confirmed that Woody Allen molested his sister Dylan Farrow and subsequently ran a cover-up of the scandal with the help of Hollywood, the American mainstream media and an army of lawyers, psychologists and publicists:

Quoting from The Hollywood Reporter, these are the heartfelt comments from a brother unapologetically standing up for his sister in a public forum and finally speaking truth to Hollywood’s power to cover up child abuse and to allow pedophiles to thrive in an atmosphere of virtual impunity:

I believe my sister. This was always true as a brother who trusted her, and, even at 5 years old, was troubled by our father’s strange behavior around her: climbing into her bed in the middle of the night, forcing her to suck his thumb – behavior that had prompted him to enter into therapy focused on his inappropriate conduct with children prior to the allegations.

But more importantly, I’ve approached the case as an attorney and a reporter, and found her allegations to be credible. The facts are persuasive and well documented. I won’t list them again here, but most have been meticulously reported by journalist Maureen Orth in Vanity Fair. The only final legal disposition is a custody ruling that found Woody Allen’s behavior “grossly inappropriate” and stressed that “measures must be taken to protect [Dylan].”

Here is exactly what charges not being pursued looked like in my sister’s case in 1993: The prosecutor met with my mother and sister. Dylan already was deeply traumatized – by the assault and the subsequent legal battle that forced her to repeat the story over and over again. (And she did tell her story repeatedly, without inconsistency, despite the emotional toll it took on her.) The longer that battle, the more grotesque the media circus surrounding my family grew. My mother and the prosecutor decided not to subject my sister to more years of mayhem. In a rare step, the prosecutor announced publicly that he had “probable cause” to prosecute Allen, and attributed the decision not to do so to “the fragility of the child victim.”

My mother still feels it was the only choice she could make to protect her daughter. But it is ironic: My mother’s decision to place Dylan’s well-being above all else became a means for Woody Allen to smear them both.”

Ronan Farrow: My Father, Woody Allen, and the Danger of Questions Unasked

Additionally, read here what Ronan Farrow says about the role of the new media in exposing Hollywood pedophiles while the old media were busy running their cover-ups for them. What is particularly disturbing is that in Greece it’s actually the new media – websites like,, etc – that are basically running the Woody Allen celebratory distraction like a chorus of cheerleaders, because these Athenian cinephile film-nerds have made it acceptable for Greek hipsters in general to openly flirt with pedophilia (the evidence of this is all over the Greek part of Facebook, with casual pedophilia being posted all over the place and Alexander posting incest child rape-jokes on his timeline such as: “O Woody Allen γαμάει,  ρώτα την κόρη του.”, which is really sickening to behold), and consider Woody Allen a hero exactly because he gets to molest his own daughter with virtual impunity, making him the ultimate badass in the eyes of these Athenian pedophilia-apologists:

But the old-school media’s slow evolution has helped to create a culture of impunity and silence. Amazon paid millions to work with Woody Allen, bankrolling a new series and film. Actors, including some I admire greatly, continue to line up to star in his movies. “It’s not personal,” one once told me. But it hurts my sister every time one of her heroes like Louis C.K., or a star her age, like Miley Cyrus, works with Woody Allen. Personal is exactly what it is – for my sister, and for women everywhere with allegations of sexual assault that have never been vindicated by a conviction.

Tonight, the Cannes Film Festival kicks off with a new Woody Allen film. There will be press conferences and a red-carpet walk by my father and his wife (my sister). He’ll have his stars at his side – Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, Steve Carell, Jesse Eisenberg. They can trust that the press won’t ask them the tough questions. It’s not the time, it’s not the place, it’s just not done.

That kind of silence isn’t just wrong. It’s dangerous. It sends a message to victims that it’s not worth the anguish of coming forward. It sends a message about who we are as a society, what we’ll overlook, who we’ll ignore, who matters and who doesn’t.


FB meme example of Americans making fun of child rape. #peak_American

Greek cinephiles and film-industry people are obsessed with this sack of filth because the Greek Minister of Culture appeared on TV a few years ago claiming that Woody Allen had supposedly expressed an interest in shooting his next movie in Greece. There is no actual public evidence of this whatsoever, but ever since that interview Greek cinephiles been doing one tribute to Woody Allen after another in the hopes that Woody Allen will see these tributes (yeah right) and will notice how much he is worshipped in Greece (like he gives a shit) and will basically hire these Athenian hipsters to be on the Greek film-crew of his next film (keep dreaming, he will probably just bring in his own crew from the States). In other words, these Greek cinephile hipsters are willing to associate themselves with someone who used his power to cover up his incest and pedophilia just for the sake of being able to list having worked on a Woody Allen movie on their IMDB profiles. This is the face of moral bankruptcy in Greece, which extends beyond the film-scene and into all avenues of society where corruption reigns supreme.

I still have somewhere in my archive a printscreen image of the TV interview that the then Greek minister of culture gave with one of the commercial TV channels during which she spoken favourably about Woody Allen coming to Greece for a filmshoot. I can’t find that still right now, but if I do locate it I will upload it here later, because everyone needs to see how a minister got on television and told the people of a country that she was looking forward to bringing in a child abuser to shoot a film, all in the name of kickstarting the Greek economy and profiling Greece abroad. This continuous stream of pedophilia-apologetics is completely unacceptable and must be condemned.