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Every time there’s an asshole in my life I end up having nightmares about them. I had several nightmares about Alex too, besides the one I already wrote about here on the blog. I had another nightmare where Alex had quit music and film to become a gynecologist in a gentrified Exarchia. After showing me around the hood – which now had coloured houses and tall trees with ample shade – he took me to his practice which was black instead of hospital white, black tiles, black walls, even Alex himself was wearing a black gown instead of a white one, everything very shiny and OCD clean. In the middle of the room was a stainless steel operating table where a smiling girl had already taken place. The women in his practice were all smiling and looking forward to being examined by dr. Alex, who himself was beaming proudly. (No, I did not see the examination itself and he certainly didn’t get to examine yours truly). Afterward I needed a place to stay, so Alex took me to a friend’s floating house in the middle of a small pond who was apparently living with 3 king kong sized gorilla-robots with glowing eyes. I was too scared to spend the night sleeping with three gigantic gorillas and wanted to move elsewhere. But I digress. In my most recent nightmare I was at home watching a horror movie, only to discover to my great shock that none other than Donald Trump was an actor in the American horror movie The Human Centipede 3, the one that takes place at the prison (BTW I must stress that this is a film I haven’t seen myself and have only watched a Youtube review about). In my dream, the investigator from Nikos Nikolaidis’ Greek pornsploitation film Singapore Sling showed up at the prison and began interrogating two wardens about a crazy Nazi scientist sewing their prisoners ass-to-mouth. The wardens were  stereotypically American, very stupid and very arrogant at the same time, laughing at the investigator and mocking him for his questions. One of the wardens was a chubby white guy with a shock of red hair at the top of his head. I thought he looked somewhat familiar and upon seeing him again I realize who I was looking at: a younger Donald Trump! “Donald Trump was in The Human Centipede Number Three?!”, I could hear myself thinking. “Why didn’t anyone tell me Donald Trump was a b-movie actor like Ronald Reagan?”. My shock at this discovery was enough to instantly awaken me from this dreadful nightmare. I wondered whether other people are having nightmares about Donald Trump and blogging about it but I haven’t been able to find any blogs yet. I believe my nightmare was me synthesizing within my unconscious brain the idea of The Human Centipede being the perfect visual metaphor and representation of American fascism.

What a strange person, that woman (parody)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
cc – creative commons












It has come to my attention today that a London-based artistic organization which “ironically” calls itself the “Embassy for the Displaced” has descended upon the Greek Island of Mytilini (Lesvos to the rest of the world who can’t spell Greek names with more than 6 letters) with the worst of artistic intentions to carry out the most ill-conceived art project over the backs of the refugees.

This fake “Embassy” organization has apparenty manufactured these fake-looking “passports”, images of which they posted to Facebook, presumably with the intent to hand them out to refugees arriving on the island. A completely wrongheaded idea carried out in the name of art and freedom of artistic expression!

I urge volunteer groups that work to help refugees to contact this “Embassy of the Displaced” on their Facebook page and please politely plead with them not to carry out their ill-conceived artistic project! Many of these refugees don’t know any English, don’t really understand who they are interacting with on the island, are desperate for an official confirmation of their refugee status and might end up mistaking these fake “passports” issued by this organization claiming to be an “Embassy” for an official travel or asylum document. Refugees might even attempt to use these fake passports as an actual travel document, thus possibly risking arrest for attempting to use false or misleading documents.

For the sake of addressing the larger artistic context in which such fake or ironic passports are issued, I will point out that artstic collectives creating fake passports has been a thing for a while now. For example here is fugitive Wikileaks hacker and DoJ Grand Jury criminal suspect Jacob Appelbaum showing off his own “fake/ artistic passport” which was given to him by an individual calling himself ExiledSurfer.

Jacob Appelbaum posing with fake/artistic “SOS passport”

Jacob Appelbaum signing his fake/artistic “SOS passport”

As you can see, the fake/artistic “SOS passport” that Jacob Appelbaum was given looks virtually indistinguishable from a real passport.

Read more about this “SOS passport” for Jacob Appelbaum here:

The difference between a white rich American with a six figure salary being handed a fake/artistic passport as an artistic prank with the full knowledge of it being fake, and these poor refugees who don’t speak English being handed one in the midst of utter despair shouldn’t have to be explained to the intelligent reader. The former is an acceptable if somewhat stupid attempt at an artistic prank, the latter is sheer recklessness. The fact is that Jacob Appelbaum already has a passport of his own to use. The refugees on the other hand have nothing. No one should be waving fake passports or fake documents of any kind before their faces under such desperate circumstances, including artistic ones. It’s not funny, it’s not art and it is very irresponsible.

Artists will defend such works of art claiming that such post-conceptual art is merely a form of post-modern irony. Well, try explaining that to police officers who are clueless about contemporary art. I support artists reporting on, covering or merely being inspired by the Greek refugee crisis for the purpose of informing the general public, but carrying out such an ill-conceived post-conceptual art project in the name of art and creativity is reckless. It’s all fun and art and irony, until one of someone gets arrested for using a fake “passport” assuming it to be a real document, and the document is then traced back to a fake “Embassy” in London, and they end up being arrested themselves and having to explain to InterPol that issuing fake “passports” and claiming to be an fake “embassy” is part of some kind of an ironic post-modern art project… like, hahaha, mr InterPol officer, can’t you see it’s all just funny and irony and post-conceptual extrainstitutional critique and stuff? What can I say, the road to hell (jail?) is paved with the dumbest and stupidest and most ill-thought and ill-conceived of artistic intentions! I sincerely hope none of these poor refugee people are penalized because of this ill-conceived idea of “art”.

If you are an artist who wants to engage in post-conceptual art anywhere in Greece, please refrain from handing out fake travel documents or misleadingly using names suggesting officialdom such as “embassy” or “agency” to refer to your artistic project. These refugees are desperate for an official recognition of their refugee status and you should be using such legally vulnerable and defenseless people  as guinea pigs in some artistic experiment. Unlike you, the Western artist, they have no direct access to a lawyer to defend their rights for them. If one of them gets arrested for attempting to use your fake artistic passport as a real document, you are ultimately to blame for that arrest.

The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

Very explicit lyrics, NSFW.

I can’t stop rhyming about Jews and homos (poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2015 all rights reserved

I just can’t rhyme about anything else
I just can’t help myself
I watch American documentaries full of queers
Like Rock Bottom and that new one, Chemsex
All I wanna do afterwards
Is rhyme about Jewish meth dealers
Sending suspicious packages
To methhead homos over FedEx
I see bearded hipsters everywhere
Wondering if they are Orthodox Jews
Or homos hiding their gayness
Behind a long curtain of facial hair
Jews here
Homos there
Jews and homos everywhere
I listen to that song
“Do you want total queer”
And for my tastes it’s not enough severe
By any stretch this long
Like Hillary I too got the schlong
I study the Rothschilds
I wanna know who the chief Jew is
I download the Stryker Foundations’ tax statements
I wanna know who the chief homo is
There isn’t an item about Jews or homos
in the news that I will miss
The public prosecutor who went after that
Drink and see pink kid
Went after my ass as well
Wrote a long ass indictment
Telling me to go to hell
Told the Jewish judge I am an asshole
Because I talk so much about Israel
If all the Jews were homos
And all homos were Jews
It would make the job easier for me
Cos I wouldn’t have to write about each separately
You’d think this is a personal addiction
But everyone on Youtube shares my afflication
I log in to listen to some music for distraction
But it’s always the same topics that gather the most attraction
Instead of hearing music
I see a Jew dressed up like a yellow canary chick
Smiling at the camera shouting: “EAT A DICK!”
Should I eat his or that of another fellow
I can’t tell through all the yellow
And the yelling underneath the video
The comment section is on fire
Everyone expressing their repressed gay desire
His fans eat dicks and say: YOLO!!!
Enemies reject the premise and say: HELL NO!!
Everyone flaming and trolling
Name calling rough tumbling and rolling
Everywhere I look
I see people arguing about Jews and homos
I honestly don’t know where to look
To see something else
So I decide to log out and read a book
To distract myself
I read Portnoy’s Complaint
For my own pleasure I assure you it ain’t
A book about a sex-addict of a Jew
Fucking female gentiles
This Jew fuckfest of a book
Is considered high class literature
For crying out loud
Fuck me, here I go again
Like a junkie needing a fix
I search around my desk for a pen
I write this poem
And send a copy to my bailiff
Minutes later the cop car pulls up
The officer comes in
Together we share a spliff
I ask him
“Do you know that one rap song that goes:
‘I don’t know if they fags or what
Search a nigga down & grabbing his nuts’
Does that offend you, officer?”
He says:
“Americans said that, Americans are overseers
Everyone knows are Americans are above the law
Americans could write a song about fucking my mother
on my front doorstep
And there is nothing I would do to put a stop to it all.”
I frown at him and say: “Are you a Jew too?”
He says: “Shut the fuck up or I will arrest you”
I say: “That’ll be something you already did times two.”
He says: “Look, all we want you to do
Is to stop rhyming about Jews and homos,
Is that so hard to do? Damn!”
I say: “But Americans rap about Jews and homos
All the time no stopping them
Been doing it for 20 plus years
And you never arrested them.
Your concern-trolling isn’t about discrimination or racism
You are selectively enforcing American exceptionalism
Jews are no longer ghetto-dwelling
Living in gentrified North-East Berlin
They are rich American natives with a double nationality
Working for the Military White Complex industriously
They put Portoy’s Complaint to shame when it comes to having shikse sex
Fucking gentiles
On the cold bathroom tiles
“Wanna fuck in the bathroom” says the yellow canary Jew to his wife
Because he’ll never do an interview where he doesn’t mention his sex-life
I am the one who was watching your shiksa shower
I am one who saw her bare ass before she reached for the towel
I know a trannie who wants to fuck your Jewish ass and get off
Sebastian, when you’re done sucking his dick off
Go to that bridge in Philly
And this time don’t be a coward
Make sure you actually jump off
You self-hating misogynist bitch
With no dick no blowjob
You still sit down to piss
A blackbag headcase scumbag
A bodybag and a deathwish
Head first down off the bridge next time
So next time won’t be another near miss.”
He scoffs: “You are just a Greek piece of shit with no rights
You are no American so shut the hell up!”
“Or else, or else what?” I scream
“I will beat your ass up & I’ll fuck you up.”
I say: “Wow, now you really sound like an American cop.
You still haven’t told me
Are you really gay?”

The following poem is a work of fiction and political satire and bears no relationship to existing people or events.

Very explicit lyrics, NSFW.

Feminism is onto that James Bitch shit
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2015 all rights reserved

Goedemorgen fascist
I see you’re back at your usual spot again
Here’s another poem for you to indict my ass
Make sure you put this one on the front page of your fucking indictment
Cos I’m especially proud of this one
I definitely wanna stress
That all the Dutch teenagers who got online
And saw “him” fuck asses & punch women
Are now wannabe James Bitches
The fascist Dutch government that allows Americans to pump this trash
When will they protect our kids from these parasites and leeches
Hey Sevilla
Son of no self-respecting bitch
Step up to the plate and meet the feminist pornokillah
You call me a killjoy?
Hell yeah, Imma joy killah
I kill any pleasure you get
Out of your scopophilia
Cos there’s a proven relation
Between porn and pedophilia
I’m an old school feminist
From the Andrea Dworkin school
I’m no fool
I’m from the old school of no means no
I am feminist bombshell
Exploding all over your porno-porno-oh no
Serial rapist raping one woman after another for years with even more to go
Don’t you fucking call me a bitch
I’m not your bitch
I’m no one’s ho
The STINK.BUMFUCK imbroglio
Where are the self-declared “feminists”
(In reality all feminism-haters)
Who put this asshole on a pedestal?
James Bitch said he hates feminism
So who the fuck crowned him a feminist?
James Bitch made rape jokes on Twitter
Who the hell said this asshole’s a feminist?
Feminism is onto that James Bitch shit
Pornokillah all over that James Bitch shit
BDSM = shit
Consent was always bullshit
If I see another woman tasered & punched
I swear the fuck I’ll throw a fit
A list of no/yes/maybe
Didn’t mean a fucking thing baby
James Bitch here took your list and wiped your bloody ass with it
And now you’re all crying on Buzzfeed about serial rape innit
When we old school feminists warned you about it and expected it
You laughed it off back then
Now y’all cry to The Guardian about the James Bitch shit
I have domineering fantasies too
I would’ve shared them all with you
But it’s illegal in my fascist home-country
To fantasize about mowing down sexists with an Uzi
Quentin Tarantino got nothing on me
He stole the trick from Oliver Stone
And didn’t even acknowledge the sensai
In my fantasies I’m
Uma Thurman
Gouging out whichever eye you’ve still got left
After downloading and watching porn all day
ADIDAS or so you say
So, sorry guys
Can’t tell about my dreams
So hot and steamy
About causing a fucking bloodbath
Inside a porn sauna or jacuzzi
Since I’m Dutch and only have a right to choke
On so-called justice being served cold snot like a sick joke
And swallow back the tongue they’ve cut off
And stuffed back into my mouth for good measure
It could’ve been a scene straight out of STINK.BUMFUCK
And selling that I could’ve paid off all my debt
Can’t get more crazier
There is no difference between a porn actress at STINK.BUMFUCK & me
The Netherlands is a pimp and I get SLAPPed here by lawyers across the face
And raped right up the proverbial ass abusively
I know all about being raped and being forced to live your life in denial
I wonder whether the lawyers & prosecutors who want to put my ass in jail so bad
Get together & watch STINK.BUMFUCK the night before the trial
For not sucking off the judges, the prosecutors and police hard enough
They come down hard on me and threat me just as rough
Living in the Netherlands is 24/7 Bukkake
No freedom of speech with defamation laws gagging me
Do a DNA test
Swiping the back of my throat
You’ll find every branch of government represented there
Unless you’re a racist cracking jokes about a muslim and a goat
Sexualizing groups and making rape-jokes is protected
In the Netherlands where real freedom of speech has been rejected and subjected
To a government vendetta against the voice of the people
Whether it’s rappers, or bloggers, or anyone mowing down that BIG GOVERNMENT DICK steeple
But hey, you’ve still got your STINK.BUMFUCK and get to watch James Bitch rip all
Females’ assholes for your entertainment
So get on your knees now and say: “Thank you Dutch government.”
I have to take down my fucking website and self-censor
But you can jack off to Americans doing women with a cattle-prod all day
Because Yanks brutalizing women with a cattle-prod is called freedom of expression
And you really need to be protected from a Greek woman with something real to say
Americans broadcasting their STINK.BUMFUCK shit right into these shores
Are above the law when it comes to cattle-proding homosexuals and whores
The acts performed in STINK.BUMFUCK videos are beyond any human comprehension
Designed to shock you to the core
Shock Doctrine was always their intention
Like a Daesh execution video
Does Daesh watch STINK.BUMFUCK by the way?
They might now that Buzzfeed brought it to their attention
And then Daesh too will be into that James Bitch shit
Feminism is onto that James Bitch shit
“Sex positive” you call it and believe that shit
United States are cuming to that James Bitch shit
“Sex positive” is another word for rape apologist
And don’t deny it you feminism hating feminist-haters
I am supposed to kiss your butts
Like the butts of American veterans
How many have a STINK.BUMFUCK account
So they can login & watch Abu Ghraib re-enactments
James Bitch psychofucker all the way
Now that you’ve ended your career in porn
Put your dick at rest
Put that monster between your legs away
And get a job working for the CIA
You won’t have $toyPolloi any more nibbling on your earlobe
But you’ll get to rape & torture with legal impunity all around the globe
Rape and torture in the name of Uncle Sam
Like Lynndie England
You could even shoot it with your webcam
STINK.BUMFUCK grooming and habitualizing
The next generation of American killers to brutalizing
“She didn’t use the safe word” says the STINK.BUMFUCK lawyer what a smarty
Hiding behind such a smartass lawyer like every fucking guilty party
Take off the mouth gag
And let me tell you about fags, sluts, cunts, raped children all gamed in one and the same bag
by the Porn Industrial Complex
And the Militrary Industrial Complex are one and the same
Profiteering over the backs of the poorest of poor who are mostly female&children has always been the name of this game
James Bitch is a cultural imperialist
Imperialism is all about domination
America’s represented by this sadist
Exporting the real face of America
Download it to your playstation
And all you fucking hipsters in Athens wanna do
Is write songs about fucking a Greek girl on the subway while dreaming of $toyah-ah-ah
You wanna be right up that American rectum
When all they wanna do is bomb everything out of
existence in an instant
Stockholm Syndrome all around the world
America put your mind in a blender and made it swirl
“I’ve got a dick for a brain” you say
And never stop to wonder how you ended up that way
I said it back in 1998:
“The worst fuck is a mindfuck
which has nothing whatsoever to do with sex.”
When your mind is that of an American rapist asshole
Guess who’s got their dick right up that ass.

The following poem is a work of fiction and political satire and bears no relationship to existing people or events.

I don’t shake hands with fascists (poem for Ismo)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2015 all rights reserved

Imagine: you’re a Dutch rapper
Who won’t shake hands with queers
Queer in this context doesn’t mean faggot
But rather a person who’s insincere
Everyone’s a queer at the Public Prosecution Service
They might make you shake hands with faggots
Stick the same hand you just shook into a queer
And say:
“Gee, I never knew gay fisting was such fun.
Nu wil ik meer.
Thank you judge.
Thank you mister prosecutor.
And thank you cops for making that clear.”

If you wanna say “fuck the queen”
I won’t let you win
It’s so obscene
Your freedom of speaking
Cos we’ve got cops and dogs
We’ve got cops and dogs

If you wanna say “fuck the king”
I’ll drop by, dingaling
Raid your home indict your ass
Now you need some lawyering
Cos we’ve got cops and dogs
We’ve got cops and dogs

See a rich pedophile raping kids in style
Shut your mouth
Don’t say nothing
Or we’ll put you away a while
Defamation laws got the backs of all these bitches
The long arm of the law doesn’t reach where their dick reaches
All the Dutch kids say yeah
#fuck_the_cops #fuckyeah
Fuck a princess fuck a prince
Fuck me here no fuck me there
Middlefingers in the air
Lying in court without a care
Wanna say what’s on your mind
This is Holland don’t you dare

Imagine: you’re an Arab rapper
Who’s read Norman Finkelstein
And thinks Jews are worse than Nazis
But then you met the Dutch themselves
And had to change your mind on this
Oh no fuck no bro no
Why put a Jew in this rhyme yo
Go find an eraser
Before the cops read this
And burst in with a taser
With everything that’s already been said about Jews
Over the past two decades by every gawddamn American rapper in the States
Does a Jew really give a rat’s ass
Whether I call them worse than Nazis
Or instead write a poem
About how I’d love to line them up to suck their dicks
Hey, as a woman I know it’s a given
That I have to suck yours and many others for a living
Or would that too get me apprehended
For public insult
Public indecency
Fucking the republic publicly
Don’t claim you wouldn’t be offended
If I bended over
Told you I rented
Space in my ass
A hefty discount just for you
So all your money wouldn’t be spended
No one fucks ass like you do
Just ask the Jewish lawyer from Tarzana, California
Who served me in that earlier poem I wrote
He will confirm it’s absolutely true
With all these snowflakes mistaking insult for assault
What should we call it when the Public Prosecution Service
At the request of 4 assholes out of millions of viewers
Criminalizes you
Indicts you
Wasting tax payer money to do so
Sees all the charges dropped in court
And says: Aaa well (AAA SHIT)
Looks like you’re free to go kiddo
I know you’ve watched The Lives of Others
The brain-washing mechanism
Is psychological terrorism
Through frivolous malicious persecution
Inducing self-censorship
When inside your head
You’ve built your own prison
I don’t shake hands with fascists
I see no difference between prosecutors and the Stasis
But we’re supposed to write happy songs
And act like living amongst fascist censors is a trip
To the land of hashpipes and hippies
All of whom already died of cancer
Now my hood is gentrified by yuppies
I don’t do drugs but
I might have to get a bong too and hit it
Next time a rapper gets indicted again for saying bullshit with precious snowflakes claiming they’re offended
Do you think we’re here
Because we acknowledge your fascist authority?
Look up poverty
Would my Greek ass be here
If I wasn’t up to my nose in debt
With Dijsselbloem breathing in my ear
Telling me I gotta pay him before I pay the rent
I know you hate my criminal immigrant ass
Wished I’d never met you either
But, believe me, I too
I would rather be a crazy ass punk back home
Then come here and annoy you with merely breathing
I know you want to be left alone
How the fuck can you expect me to say this the nice way
When I was here 25 years and all you could think of doing with me was putting me away
I am no different from you
And you are no better than me
All we wanna do is make a shitload of money
(“Doekoe, doekoe, dat is wat ik zie”)
And never again will you ever be hearing from me
Why would you try to stop a kid
From using music to make some money
Making him get lawyers
And feed his money back
Into the legal SLAPP-suit industry
I am a feminist woman
When Americans came over here rapping about raping bitches & hoes
All you Dutch fuckers were cool with that
And didn’t give a shit
Tell me
How many rappers did you indict back then
For insulting and threatening women
That’s right
Not a single one
I say doubledutchfuck your sexist shit man
Since when is a Jew or a homo more important than a woman
Think I can’t see right through your self-righteous bullshit
Can’t see you’re making up excuses to harass this kid
I could write another 1000 poems
About fucking Jews hard and fisting homos
None of which would be a true account of what I really do
I just wanna speak my mind like this kid does
So what the fuck am I supposed to do
With government fascists like you
Lurking at my blog 24/7
Fuck you and your cyberwatch crew
Do I have to quote NIN again
Saying I know you’re reading this right now
Thinking it’s about you
How I’d starfuck and incorporate my hand inside you
Is it because this kid
Gave you a piece of his mind
And you have nothing to throw back at him
That you hide your stupidity behind an indictment
Expecting me to only write poems about Jewish ass-rimming
Will you indict me again
For telling you to your faces
That drives you to hate raps like this —>

The following blog entry is a work of political satire and collage and bears no relation to existing people or events.

Blowback Blowjoback: Because Americans love children so much
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
no copyrights claimed


HPD: Man prostitutes 4-year-old on ‘daddy’s little girl’ Craigslist ad

Utah judge orders baby taken away from married lesbian foster parents – Welfare official confirms there were no issues with April Hoagland and Beckie Peirce’s care but judge ordered child be placed with a heterosexual couple


Alabama 8-Year-Old Charged With Murder in 1-Year-Old’s Beating Death


Judge Cites Mom’s Breast Cancer in Denying Custody of Children


Marco Rubio Thinks Rape Victims Who Become Pregnant Should Be Forced To Give Birth


Hagerstown resident sentenced to prison for sexual solicitation of minor


Georgia GOP Will Pass Religious Exemption For Wife And Child Abusers


Children seeking gender identity advice sees 100% increase, says NHS – One three-year-old and 12 four-year-olds are among those referred to the Tavistock gender support service, which is under pressure to meet demand


Houston-Area Detective: 12-Year-old Raped By Stranger in Public Bathroom ‘Wasn’t All That Unwilling’


Mass Killings in the US: Masculinity, Masculinity, Masculinity


Former Cop Headed to Trial for Raping a Child While Other Officers Watched


FBI Knew Jared Fogle Was a Pedophile, Let Him Continue Molesting Children for Years



The following poem is a work of fiction. No relation to existing people or events is implied.

Antisemitic pornography (antifa freestyle poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2015 all rights reserved

a mohawk & cats
and a piece of Jewish ass
lower lower please says the mass
civilizations collide and clash
Expedition in the Jewish bush
“Humans are stupid” says a cat named toosh
“FUK U” writes another on a note
Abraham in the Torah slays another goat
Everything covered in blood and hair
Blue kitty nibbling on your ear
The Jewish pubic hair fascination
Mother, is just a temporal obsession
Lower still they all want to go
Cos you can never sink too low
They all ignore wide open eyes
Scared, and fluffy tails aside
What else is here, mantits with nipples
“He eats my tail” says purple and she dribbles
More cat-drool over keys and buttons
Startled she looks up when a sudden
Scream within a skull escapes
tilim and rapes and rapes and fades

I walk up to him and say
Hey, you’re a broke Jew with no assets
Thousands of dollars in debt paid off in facets
How does that work slaving for a fascist
Play klezmer with breakbeats for us
Jewboy acting funny
Instead I say:
“Good evening Sir, you don’t know me but I owe you money”

You’ve got your missiles
Got bunker-busters
I’ve been waiting for a devil in white
Between the Nakba and Intifada
CB-250-Ks, Tomahawks
Falcons and eagles
Stallions and apaches
Gonna get you one of these nights
Gonna find out what turns off your lights

I know all about being fucked by fucking fucks (political satire monologue)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2015 all rights reserved

I know all about being fucked by fucking fucks using fucks to get the fucks to really fuck shit up, as in this fucking video:

BTW, I myself once fucked hard a particular fuck by exposing the real fucking name of that fuck, a male fuck, if you must know, because afterall I am a fucking manhating castrating feminist feminazi, a male fuck who nevertheless distinctly resembles the female fuck on the right in this fucking comic, who also went to the same international fucks mentioned in this fucking video and told them that everything on the planet was fucked because the fucking animals were fucked by fuckers or something like that, or maybe he said something about fucking Tibet being fucked by China, don’t remember exactly which of the two fucks, maybe both fucks or either or some other fucking thing, fuck it, I can’t remember. The fuck was a Tourettic fuck so me calling them a fuck doesn’t matter, because they themselves get through an average fucking day going like fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck nonstop. Where the fuck was I again? Oh, right, this fuck went on to unconsensually fuck his Australian fuck-buddy, a fucking assault commonly known as “rape” so as to not be confused it with a regular fuck. The fuck hired a fuck to contact the other fucks mentioned in the video to turn the fucking tables and make his ex-fuck seem like the fucker when the fuck has the one who really fucked her up. The fact that fucks like this rapist fuck are invited to speak to the international fucks in the video at the same time as we fucking feminists are invited there to speak doesn’t mean fuck all, because the international fucks regularly invite complete and utter fucks to write fucking reports for them, like the fucked-up one with the fucked-up footnotes that prompted this fucking video, or to speak to them about many different fucking things they have no fucking clue about. So I wouldn’t give too much of a fuck about this. Fuck does as fuck is. Fucks of a tail-feather stick together and fuck. You know the fucking score.