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Candybarwriter (Superstarfighter) – poem

“We have art in order not to die of the truth.”, I explained as I saw Narcissus kiss his own self-reflection in the waters of the fountain of eternal youth.

Keep staring I said and you looked this way
Keep staring I said and asked you to look the other way

You think this story is about you
but it’s really not
what the fuck do you think you are looking at
when you come over here
to have a look and grab at everything I got

You think my stories are delusional
I don’t give a shit
It was never for you
or about you
or anything you see around you kid

I only live inside my head
and I am happy to keep it that way
I never asked you to come over here
and look at a single word
from my own demented play

Jacking lyrics
Have field day
I’d give it all away
Nothing is mine
or yours
And nothing is here to stay

I once saw a rapist who said
The world ends for someone somewhere everyday
Do you remember his name?

Als der Strom weg war
Bliebst du bei mir
Und sagtest nichts mehr
Als wärst du in mir
Vom Angelpunkt verschlungen
Als hätt’ ich mir die Haut vom Körper abgezogen
Nichts außer mir

Und in Gedanken ging ich zu dir
Und ich sagte: “Bitte hilf mir
Vergiß die Lieder die ich spiel
Die hatten nie etwas zu tun mit dir
Die sind so hohl wie ich und darauf du:
“Und davon handeln wir.”


We exist within a state of astronomic silence
Thinking we can escape pain and defeat
We cannot see eye to eye with the ones we love

​Ζούμε μέσα σε μια σιωπή διαστημική.
Νομίζουμε ότι θα ξεφύγουμε από τον πόνο και την ήττα.
Δεν κοιταζόμαστε στα μάτια μ’ αυτούς που αγαπάμε.


In the name of the culture of hate
ideas that slowly perish in the dark

Για την κουλτούρα του μίσους
τις ιδέες που αργοπεθαίνουν στα σκοτάδια


An autumn, a winter, a spring and a summer have passed
Without us perceiving the end of hope
Let it sink in, we say
As a society we could not withstand this historic turn

Και περάσαμε
ένα φθινόπωρο,
ένα χειμώνα,
μια άνοιξη
κι ένα καλοκαίρι
χωρίς να καταλαβαίνουμε τις παύσεις ελπίδας
Ας το πάρουμε χαμπάρι, λέμε
δεν αντέξαμε σαν κοινωνία αυτή τη στροφή της ιστορίας.


Some stay, some leave
These constant small funerals
Loved ones depart
Without wanting to bid us goodbye

Άλλοι μένουν κι άλλοι φεύγουν.
Όλο μικρές κηδείες.
Αγαπημένοι αποχωρούν
χωρίς να θέλουν να μας αποχαιρετήσουν.


We did not pull ourselves up again

Δεν ξανασηκωθήκαμε.


We break apart
We break again and again into many pieces
We talk to each other inside our heads

σπάμε ξανά και ξανά σε πολλά κομμάτια
Μιλάμε ο ένας στον άλλο από μέσα μας


We are not imaginary friends
We are real friends
Who live inside our heads
In the only homeland we have
Who has the courage for making phonecalls?

Δεν είμαστε φανταστικοί φίλοι
Είμαστε πραγματικοί φίλοι
που ζούμε στο μυαλό μας
στη μόνη πατρίδα που έχουμε
Πού κουράγιο για τηλεφωνήματα;


We only exchange post cards
We gift each other books, candies and lyrics
Anything that might replace
caresses and comfort
Anything that might whisper dreams
sweetness and words

Μόνο ανταλλάσσουμε καρτ-ποστάλ
Βάζουμε μέσα βιβλία, γλυκά και στίχους
Ό,τι μπορεί να υποκαταστήσει
τα χάδια και το κουράγιο
να ψιθυρίσει όνειρα
Ζάχαρη και λέξεις


We gather our strength and drink
To an imaginary world

Μαζεύουμε δυνάμεις και πίνουμε.
Σε ένα φανταστικό κόσμο


The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

Black Dude With The Animal Rights Ex-Wife (poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2016 all rights reserved

Hey You
Black Dude
With the animal rights ex-wife
In your previous marital life
This poem is a disgrace
Everyone in this room is still staring at me
Got a monkey face
Saving gorillas in Africa
With land mines exploding all over the place
Everything gone below the waist
American sitcom TV programs
She was a coke addict
Who snorted coke daily
Up to 3 grams
Got myself a tribal tattoo
To look less like a hoe
And more like hoodoo
Everyone sees it and goes: whoo-hoo
But they don’t see her go boo-hoo
When she’s with you at home at night
And you are cutting her down to size
Black dude
With the animal rights ex-wife
Cut through the martial bond with a big bush knife
I cut through the bullshit of your marital life wild growth with a tiny pocket knife
Let’s call her Vanessa
Your one wife lesser
I don’t get this marriage fetishization
People desperate to be in a couple
Getting married again and again
Seek to be with someone for the rest of their life
I said I’d never be anyone’s wife
But you still believe it’s supposed to be your life
A king ruling over your household
Another loser with an ex-wife
Trying to save animals
Trying to save your black ass
from the Nazis and the paparazzis
Trying to save your black monkey face
Kop dicht nou
Anders moet ik schreeuwen en dan word ik hees
Break everything if you must
And throw it all asunder
I know which white hick from Alabama
Your ex-wife’s faux leather boots were laid under
Πες μου αν νιώθεις τώρα τσατισμένος
Που είσαι ένας κερατωμένος καημένος
Μάρτυρας δυστυχισμένος
Άλλος ένας γάμος τελειωμένος
Άλλος ένας ουρακοτάγκος
Πέφτει από τον φινικά στο Μπόρνεο
Και πάει χαμένος
Don’t you remember who the fuck I am
I am the stalker outside your bedroom window
Who saw you waking up by yourself again
All alone at 3 A.M.

The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

Lying Mary and the fucktoy rapeboy (poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2016 all rights reserved

The Beatles did it
Jimi Hendrix took L.S.D
Me I took A.L.E.X.D.
And look what that shit did to me
Acid for Athenian airheads
A Peter Green wannabe
Gatekeeping & controlling the scene
“Play with my small dick” he commanded
“Or things will get really freaky”
His 5000 Facebook followers in X.T.C.
Now everyone in Athens thinks
Child rape is just a sick joke and
Pedophilia must be really funny
I had a nightmare of a dream two years ago
I saw a huge mansion
The walls covered with wood and a staircase inside
Inside that house lives The Boy all the way up in the attic
I wake up today and can’t believe my own eyes:

I guess I should be feeling proud
Hollywood went and made my nightmare into a movie
For the pleasure of the film viewing crowd
Mary Mary
Lying your way
Through the indie film indstry
Lying all the way
From Wisconsin to Italy
Bitchtooth in cahoots
With Rachels and Kinklaters
Only being a social slut
Climbing up the ladder
And running up that Hollywood Hill matters
Women are sluts you say
When things aren’t going your way
Bullshit awards
Are for attention whores
Who never got more
Than they really deserve
For making a self-indulgent film
That’s nothing more than
A hack-job and a bore
You like slam poetry
Let’s see how much you like the poem
When the social slut shaming and slamming
is done by me
Fuck your occupied mike check
Here comes the fact-check
Watch me do my thing
I am the Jeanne d’Arc
Of ethics in film advertising
I can deal with what you don’t like
Me enforcing film advertising ethics
If you can deal with this truth-bomb
Exploding in your faces
Mary and the rapeboy
A serial rapist
Pretending to be a gothic fucktoy
Straight out of “I’m Not A Fucking Princess”
The She-rapist never comes
Unless he’s carried in
By a feminist liar
So confident and comfortable
In her entitlement
She has to aggregate lies
To distract from how
Barren and empty
Greedy and starving
She really feels inside
Aber nein NEIN NEIN
Was ist das fur Unsinn
Es gibt kein Verein
Allein gibt es Luge
verdammte amerikanische Lügner
Lieber alleine allein
Als zu zweit betrogen sein


The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

Asking a fascist to stop being a fascist is like… (poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c)2016 all rights reserved

A German fascist censor with a Dutch surname
Reached an agreement with some big American websites today
This German has a Dutch surname so you already know he’s a fascist censor
But what this censor came up will melt your face off
With the stupidity of a fascist trying to censor fascists with the help of fascists
So read this and then please do laugh and scoff
American neonazis will continue to spew hate online under their First Amendment

While German neonazis will get censored
by their own government under this new agreement
So all German neonazis will now flock to American neonazi websites
Neonazi hate will become completely centralized
And this German fascist with the Dutch surname thinks he’s got the neonazi issue settled
Once again Americans are free to spew their hate while everyone else is censored
American exceptionalism on the internet has reached a brand new record
What’s the fucking point in censoring German neonazis
When they can just visit American websites to read the same old nazi shit
What about the global internet is it that you don’t understand mr. German you censorious dipshit
They will read the same old nazi shit they read before on American sites
Only now it will be completely legal and protected, didn’t you realize
Way to outsource your neonazi hate to America
mr. German with the Dutch surname, you dumb fucker
When has the censorship of speech stopped a neonazi from setting fire to an immigrant?
You German censor fascist
Stop telling me speech is your fucking problem
Did you think I’m ignorant
When you Germans are doing nothing to help these refugees & immigrants
Letting them fall overboard, drown and sink to the bottom
Stop blaming everything on speech cos I’m not dumb
Refugees aren’t dying because of speech
Refugees are dying out at sea
Because you fucking Germans won’t let them fly straight into your country
See, I know all about your racist foreign policy on the refugee crisis
But there you are mr. self-righteous censor
Arguing with a bunch of Americans
Over who said what about whom and whether they used enough Hitler references
You fucking censors are making me sick with your sneaky evasive tactics
A German fascist censor with a Dutch surname
Thinks he can stop violence by controlling what you can think or say
Another refugee died out at sea today
But who gives a shit about that
When you can take free speech away
While keeping refugees at bay

The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

I shot a grizzly bear in the woods (poem)
drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c)2016 all rights reserved

I shot a grizzly bear in the woods (like I was Leo in The Revenant)
or was it your hood
A white woman’s cultural safari in the world’s elitest ghetto
Lo behold, the glitterati
start to run away from me
“Who’s the ho now?” I shout spray the shiny crowd
Grizzlies fall to the ground
Thud sound
“Hahaha!” I cackle like an evil witch
To each his own
and “Who are you now calling a bitch?”
Bagging women by the handfuls & trashing them
But some women will skin sharks and wear them like high fashion
Playing dirty
Acting faul
Feminist hitwoman on the prowl
CIA feminist taking names
Making gains
I am the fear inside of you
Pumping paranoia through your veins
I disappear right behind you in an instance
Maximum retribution is patient and persistent
You wouldbe Italian mafiosi
Show me your mafia money
Show it to me
Send an American SWAT team to my house instead
Cos the Dutch one didn’t kill me
No ill feelings
Just admit you fuckers want to see me dead
2 million dead in Iraq
A quarter million and counting in Syria
Still not enough to satisfy American necrophilia
And don’t get me started again on American pedophilia
Nothing more fascist than watching Americans grandstand
Their boots are faux leather with their government’s terror war blood cacking between the nails of their hands
Say a prayer tonight America just for your yourself
Because you surely don’t give a fuck about anybody else
Wave more dollars at us, America
I just might drop on my knees and beg for mercy
You wishing you had a pair of eyes behind your head
So you could see what they’ve got in store for he and she
The Democratic Party
Whoring poverty for her personal benefit
In the Industrial Non-Profit
Take Another Bonghit
Hippie Revival Complex
Sure it’s complicated when you have to tell
1000 lies to cover up 1 000 000 deaths in Iraq
And let everyone know my real name isn’t mtex
The Republican Party
Another all-American psychoflipshit
Together running the world into the ground
They always made a perfect fit
Shannon and Brandon
Getting it on
Sucking the milgov’s dick
Exhibitionism before everyone in public
I wait and I wait
All I do is I sit and wait
I have been waiting forever
And still I’ll sit here I wait
I’m here
No here
Guess again
Here here
No, here
all you need to know is that I persevere
America blames, hates and kills those nowhere near
It’s hard to shake the habit
when you’re so fucking completely addicted to fear
But Americans will cap their own asses by themselves
just fine
Before anyone else manages
To make Americans face themselves
Without the help of selfies
Will you shoot your own face off with your own guns on a rainy day
Or lie again blame everyone else again start another war again build another Gitmo Bay
Repeat history again and put us all away

The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

I Found Pieces of Jennifer’s Body of Lies (poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2016 all rights reserved

The daughter of a Jewish Bolshevik communist
A prostitution and pornography apologist
Lying in the media about being a feminist
Here we go again with the same old shit
Another pretender from the Bronx
Who dyed her hair black and started sporting a fake name
I eat these liars like vegan cereals with coconut milk for breakfast
Because I refuse to go along with this silly game
Such Lauries and Jennies are a penny a dozen
You your auntie your sister and your cousin
Don’t get impressed by the journalistic credentials that I got
I’m still I’m still Jennie from the block
She says women are punished for wanting muchness
When women are punished for wanting anything at all
American woman you stand so tall
And you have the gall
To think yourself a badass
Having been to every American blacksite and Alcatraz
Tell us again, how did you even gain access?
When muchness is what used to be called greed
An American creed
Going well beyond need
No woman has ever been freed
When an American took the lead
I got my tentacles all over your fucking backstory
You know I do
And I know it’s something that really makes you worry
Gloria In Excelsis Diss Your Dea
I know something that could destroy-ya
You came to my home-country Greece
And drew my country ugly just like you drew
Those ugly American hookers
You used to draw at mister sharpies
That’s right harpy
You think I forgot?
How are you telling the media
You wasn’t making money
Eating hard boiled eggs
When I know you made a lot
And it wasn’t at any cardboard box
Drawing American hookers
Sucking bankster cocks
You you the tourist gazer
You the objectifier
You the money-maker
And arts franchinser
Charging other artists to draw strippers
Not consensual dolphin fucking with Flipper
You the feminization of the Male Gaze
Drawing no blood other than
What little drips out of you every 28 days
So you made a book about Greek austerity
Hip hop hurrah
Made a shitload of money
Never sent none this way
“I love muslim culture”
“I’m treated like a third gender”
Says the American gazer
When she wouldn’t last a day
In Syria or anywhere else
Islamists get to have their way
I recall an image of a young girl
Licking an ice-cream cone in the shape of a dick
Pedophilia-apologetics always gets you awarded by the system
And how wonderful you’re now learning Arabic
Now you’ll really pass
The CIA test because establishment artists
Are never suspected of working for the man
And get to tresspass
Into what was and will never be again
Splitting glass
Cracking open walls
And breaking through cement
I swear no American artist in the middle-east
Was ever there on behalf of their government
Always with the best of intentions
Art in the hands of Americans
Is just another form of spying and data retention
In countries where everything is banned from being said or drawn
An American drawing a pen
A Conquistadora drawing her sword
Every history you are hiding
And lying to hide and be able to lie about
A noose around your neck
With me holding the cord
Every woman is on a leash
No woman is ever free
Certainly not a fucking American liar like you
Drawing up a fake version of history
For the world to see
So they won’t listen to me
I found pieces of Jennifer’s body of lies
Serving Americanized versions of geopolitics and history
You know this hardluck story enough to believe it
Press the button drop another bomb again and hit it


The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

Very explicit lyrics, NSFW.

I can’t stop rhyming about Jews and homos (poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2015 all rights reserved

I just can’t rhyme about anything else
I just can’t help myself
I watch American documentaries full of queers
Like Rock Bottom and that new one, Chemsex
All I wanna do afterwards
Is rhyme about Jewish meth dealers
Sending suspicious packages
To methhead homos over FedEx
I see bearded hipsters everywhere
Wondering if they are Orthodox Jews
Or homos hiding their gayness
Behind a long curtain of facial hair
Jews here
Homos there
Jews and homos everywhere
I listen to that song
“Do you want total queer”
And for my tastes it’s not enough severe
By any stretch this long
Like Hillary I too got the schlong
I study the Rothschilds
I wanna know who the chief Jew is
I download the Stryker Foundations’ tax statements
I wanna know who the chief homo is
There isn’t an item about Jews or homos
in the news that I will miss
The public prosecutor who went after that
Drink and see pink kid
Went after my ass as well
Wrote a long ass indictment
Telling me to go to hell
Told the Jewish judge I am an asshole
Because I talk so much about Israel
If all the Jews were homos
And all homos were Jews
It would make the job easier for me
Cos I wouldn’t have to write about each separately
You’d think this is a personal addiction
But everyone on Youtube shares my afflication
I log in to listen to some music for distraction
But it’s always the same topics that gather the most attraction
Instead of hearing music
I see a Jew dressed up like a yellow canary chick
Smiling at the camera shouting: “EAT A DICK!”
Should I eat his or that of another fellow
I can’t tell through all the yellow
And the yelling underneath the video
The comment section is on fire
Everyone expressing their repressed gay desire
His fans eat dicks and say: YOLO!!!
Enemies reject the premise and say: HELL NO!!
Everyone flaming and trolling
Name calling rough tumbling and rolling
Everywhere I look
I see people arguing about Jews and homos
I honestly don’t know where to look
To see something else
So I decide to log out and read a book
To distract myself
I read Portnoy’s Complaint
For my own pleasure I assure you it ain’t
A book about a sex-addict of a Jew
Fucking female gentiles
This Jew fuckfest of a book
Is considered high class literature
For crying out loud
Fuck me, here I go again
Like a junkie needing a fix
I search around my desk for a pen
I write this poem
And send a copy to my bailiff
Minutes later the cop car pulls up
The officer comes in
Together we share a spliff
I ask him
“Do you know that one rap song that goes:
‘I don’t know if they fags or what
Search a nigga down & grabbing his nuts’
Does that offend you, officer?”
He says:
“Americans said that, Americans are overseers
Everyone knows are Americans are above the law
Americans could write a song about fucking my mother
on my front doorstep
And there is nothing I would do to put a stop to it all.”
I frown at him and say: “Are you a Jew too?”
He says: “Shut the fuck up or I will arrest you”
I say: “That’ll be something you already did times two.”
He says: “Look, all we want you to do
Is to stop rhyming about Jews and homos,
Is that so hard to do? Damn!”
I say: “But Americans rap about Jews and homos
All the time no stopping them
Been doing it for 20 plus years
And you never arrested them.
Your concern-trolling isn’t about discrimination or racism
You are selectively enforcing American exceptionalism
Jews are no longer ghetto-dwelling
Living in gentrified North-East Berlin
They are rich American natives with a double nationality
Working for the Military White Complex industriously
They put Portoy’s Complaint to shame when it comes to having shikse sex
Fucking gentiles
On the cold bathroom tiles
“Wanna fuck in the bathroom” says the yellow canary Jew to his wife
Because he’ll never do an interview where he doesn’t mention his sex-life
I am the one who was watching your shiksa shower
I am one who saw her bare ass before she reached for the towel
I know a trannie who wants to fuck your Jewish ass and get off
Sebastian, when you’re done sucking his dick off
Go to that bridge in Philly
And this time don’t be a coward
Make sure you actually jump off
You self-hating misogynist bitch
With no dick no blowjob
You still sit down to piss
A blackbag headcase scumbag
A bodybag and a deathwish
Head first down off the bridge next time
So next time won’t be another near miss.”
He scoffs: “You are just a Greek piece of shit with no rights
You are no American so shut the hell up!”
“Or else, or else what?” I scream
“I will beat your ass up & I’ll fuck you up.”
I say: “Wow, now you really sound like an American cop.
You still haven’t told me
Are you really gay?”

The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2015 all rights reserved

Feminism is onto the James Bitch shit part two
Here’s some more shit I dug up about you
I just couldn’t keep to myself
Hey you know me
I own nothing
Always sharing everything generously
Everything banned under the sun by our glorious fascist king
Sharing everything you don’t want me to share is my thing
I’d even share a bite straight out of my mouth before swallowing after I was done chewing
Why are you so embarrassed
Don’t want the world to see your real Jay Ass Ass
This is not a diss
Of my Australian feminist sis
I completely understand
You got swayed by what this man was doing
Fucking you up mentally
I just gotta say
Fuck your Jay Ass Ass rapist fuck
The only Tantric Buddhist
Who didn’t mean a damn thing of it
Don’t Google him
He hates that
Who’s raping vegan women
Who slanders whistleblowers
I don’t wonna see you suffer
Like your Australian girl did
When I come over
And get down to hunting
It’s gonna be some carnivore shit
And if I was a vegan
I’d still be eating bacon
Chicken periods, rape juice, cadavers
Mercury crazed fishes, your scrawny legs
No slaughter video is gonna stop me hon
Watch him hit on all the vegans
Watch his veg groupies get mad
But James Bitch is a serial rapist
He don’t give a fuck about that
Watch James Bitch take over these girls
Watch his rape victims get mad
Thought it would be rad
With an egoterrorist in the sack
Now James Bitch made some shit movie
Thinking he’s some Hollywood swag
I saw the film trailer on Youtube
Damn that film of his was so wack
Call yourself a veganist
Call yourself an artivist
Then you rape Shelley W.
and I’ll show up and call you a rapist
Are you mad I call you a rapist
Are you getting mad
Quick call Gregory again
You know where to find me fag
Rapist asshole I will anull
Fucking American lying scumbag
Next time you file a false deposition against a woman
I’ll track you down and make you eat it as you bow down before me
You think you’ve seen a femdom
You say they are more hardcore than men
Wait til you’ve seen me
Your art school art sluts will adore me
You will have a hard time ignoring me
Cos you thought you made them go away
But they just came to me
And told me all about you
Every judge is a rapist like you
raped women were never as credible
as your lying American Jay Ass Ass was
Every cop is a rapist like you
raped women were never as credible
as your lying American Jay Ass Ass was
Every lawyer is rapist like you
raped women were never as credible
as your lying American Jay Ass Ass was
Your fellow rapists got your back
You know they do
Everybody down like brothers
White rapist motherfuckers
Tell the Greek-hating cops in Shitholeland
How this Greek female scares you
I’m Greek
I’m bankrupt
I’m poor
I’m hungry
When I’m done eating the bacon
I’ll take a bite out of you
No meat on the bone you skinny fucker
Like chewing on a leather shoe
Go lie to the fucking racist cops again
And tell them how much you tremble
thinking of me and how much you fear me
I know exactly the spot in your house
You keep the gunpowder, the bullets, the arsenal
that I know you won’t hesitate for minute to use to kill me
Loaded and locked up
You lying American fuck up
Hiding behind your big dick guns
And ever more guns to add to more guns
Dreaming of killing me and having fun
I know you jack off dreaming about firing that shot
Watch me fall to the ground and die before you
You whoremongering motherfuck
I call you a motherfucking American
Cos you’re literally fucking a mother these days
You motherfucking American disgrace
Tell those fucking cocked and chambered cops
How much your locked and loaded ass
Has to fear from a completely disarmed female
Like, what the hell
Bend over like an acrobat
Skullfuck yourself in your own lying claptrap
Take your Yankee rapist Jay Ass Ass and
Get yanked straight into the pits of hell
“You fucking rapist, I’m still coming after you!”
You heard me yell
Bedroom racist
Bedroom rapist
Tell me how many black pussies did you fuck this week
How many trophy girlfriends to add to your collection
How many black women did you rape today at gunpoint
Your weapon of preference and choice always being your erection
You faker faking it so
Fake it harder to avoid detection
Go and change your tacky name again
Into something more wacky than James Bitch
I don’t give a fuck you’re a vegan raw foodist
How dare you call your rapist ass a feminist
You raped Shelley
You raped Tania
You raped Vanessa
Want me go down the rest of this list?
Fist in air
Yeah, hold up a fist
Full of dollars for your lawyers
To hide your ugly babyface behind
You lying James Bitch
Eat your lettuce veggie boy
But not like you down dollar bills
James Bitch rapes women
And if you let him out of your sight
There will be a kill
Rapekilling Pornokillah on the case
And it’s gonna be a chase
Who are you calling a bitch
You fucking serial womanizer
I’ll shit on your babyface
Shove that face into a mudpool
And make me some fertilizer
Shit groupierapist
Look behind you
This is the day you get hit
Shit veganrapist
Look behind you
This is the day you get hit
Shit Shelleyrapist
Look behind you
This is the day you get hit
This is it
This is it
This is the hit
This is all she does is kill shit –>

The following poem is a work of fiction and political satire and bears no relationship to existing people or events.

Very explicit lyrics, NSFW.

Feminism is onto that James Bitch shit
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2015 all rights reserved

Goedemorgen fascist
I see you’re back at your usual spot again
Here’s another poem for you to indict my ass
Make sure you put this one on the front page of your fucking indictment
Cos I’m especially proud of this one
I definitely wanna stress
That all the Dutch teenagers who got online
And saw “him” fuck asses & punch women
Are now wannabe James Bitches
The fascist Dutch government that allows Americans to pump this trash
When will they protect our kids from these parasites and leeches
Hey Sevilla
Son of no self-respecting bitch
Step up to the plate and meet the feminist pornokillah
You call me a killjoy?
Hell yeah, Imma joy killah
I kill any pleasure you get
Out of your scopophilia
Cos there’s a proven relation
Between porn and pedophilia
I’m an old school feminist
From the Andrea Dworkin school
I’m no fool
I’m from the old school of no means no
I am feminist bombshell
Exploding all over your porno-porno-oh no
Serial rapist raping one woman after another for years with even more to go
Don’t you fucking call me a bitch
I’m not your bitch
I’m no one’s ho
The STINK.BUMFUCK imbroglio
Where are the self-declared “feminists”
(In reality all feminism-haters)
Who put this asshole on a pedestal?
James Bitch said he hates feminism
So who the fuck crowned him a feminist?
James Bitch made rape jokes on Twitter
Who the hell said this asshole’s a feminist?
Feminism is onto that James Bitch shit
Pornokillah all over that James Bitch shit
BDSM = shit
Consent was always bullshit
If I see another woman tasered & punched
I swear the fuck I’ll throw a fit
A list of no/yes/maybe
Didn’t mean a fucking thing baby
James Bitch here took your list and wiped your bloody ass with it
And now you’re all crying on Buzzfeed about serial rape innit
When we old school feminists warned you about it and expected it
You laughed it off back then
Now y’all cry to The Guardian about the James Bitch shit
I have domineering fantasies too
I would’ve shared them all with you
But it’s illegal in my fascist home-country
To fantasize about mowing down sexists with an Uzi
Quentin Tarantino got nothing on me
He stole the trick from Oliver Stone
And didn’t even acknowledge the sensai
In my fantasies I’m
Uma Thurman
Gouging out whichever eye you’ve still got left
After downloading and watching porn all day
ADIDAS or so you say
So, sorry guys
Can’t tell about my dreams
So hot and steamy
About causing a fucking bloodbath
Inside a porn sauna or jacuzzi
Since I’m Dutch and only have a right to choke
On so-called justice being served cold snot like a sick joke
And swallow back the tongue they’ve cut off
And stuffed back into my mouth for good measure
It could’ve been a scene straight out of STINK.BUMFUCK
And selling that I could’ve paid off all my debt
Can’t get more crazier
There is no difference between a porn actress at STINK.BUMFUCK & me
The Netherlands is a pimp and I get SLAPPed here by lawyers across the face
And raped right up the proverbial ass abusively
I know all about being raped and being forced to live your life in denial
I wonder whether the lawyers & prosecutors who want to put my ass in jail so bad
Get together & watch STINK.BUMFUCK the night before the trial
For not sucking off the judges, the prosecutors and police hard enough
They come down hard on me and threat me just as rough
Living in the Netherlands is 24/7 Bukkake
No freedom of speech with defamation laws gagging me
Do a DNA test
Swiping the back of my throat
You’ll find every branch of government represented there
Unless you’re a racist cracking jokes about a muslim and a goat
Sexualizing groups and making rape-jokes is protected
In the Netherlands where real freedom of speech has been rejected and subjected
To a government vendetta against the voice of the people
Whether it’s rappers, or bloggers, or anyone mowing down that BIG GOVERNMENT DICK steeple
But hey, you’ve still got your STINK.BUMFUCK and get to watch James Bitch rip all
Females’ assholes for your entertainment
So get on your knees now and say: “Thank you Dutch government.”
I have to take down my fucking website and self-censor
But you can jack off to Americans doing women with a cattle-prod all day
Because Yanks brutalizing women with a cattle-prod is called freedom of expression
And you really need to be protected from a Greek woman with something real to say
Americans broadcasting their STINK.BUMFUCK shit right into these shores
Are above the law when it comes to cattle-proding homosexuals and whores
The acts performed in STINK.BUMFUCK videos are beyond any human comprehension
Designed to shock you to the core
Shock Doctrine was always their intention
Like a Daesh execution video
Does Daesh watch STINK.BUMFUCK by the way?
They might now that Buzzfeed brought it to their attention
And then Daesh too will be into that James Bitch shit
Feminism is onto that James Bitch shit
“Sex positive” you call it and believe that shit
United States are cuming to that James Bitch shit
“Sex positive” is another word for rape apologist
And don’t deny it you feminism hating feminist-haters
I am supposed to kiss your butts
Like the butts of American veterans
How many have a STINK.BUMFUCK account
So they can login & watch Abu Ghraib re-enactments
James Bitch psychofucker all the way
Now that you’ve ended your career in porn
Put your dick at rest
Put that monster between your legs away
And get a job working for the CIA
You won’t have $toyPolloi any more nibbling on your earlobe
But you’ll get to rape & torture with legal impunity all around the globe
Rape and torture in the name of Uncle Sam
Like Lynndie England
You could even shoot it with your webcam
STINK.BUMFUCK grooming and habitualizing
The next generation of American killers to brutalizing
“She didn’t use the safe word” says the STINK.BUMFUCK lawyer what a smarty
Hiding behind such a smartass lawyer like every fucking guilty party
Take off the mouth gag
And let me tell you about fags, sluts, cunts, raped children all gamed in one and the same bag
by the Porn Industrial Complex
And the Militrary Industrial Complex are one and the same
Profiteering over the backs of the poorest of poor who are mostly female&children has always been the name of this game
James Bitch is a cultural imperialist
Imperialism is all about domination
America’s represented by this sadist
Exporting the real face of America
Download it to your playstation
And all you fucking hipsters in Athens wanna do
Is write songs about fucking a Greek girl on the subway while dreaming of $toyah-ah-ah
You wanna be right up that American rectum
When all they wanna do is bomb everything out of
existence in an instant
Stockholm Syndrome all around the world
America put your mind in a blender and made it swirl
“I’ve got a dick for a brain” you say
And never stop to wonder how you ended up that way
I said it back in 1998:
“The worst fuck is a mindfuck
which has nothing whatsoever to do with sex.”
When your mind is that of an American rapist asshole
Guess who’s got their dick right up that ass.