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This is Marianna. Marianna is TranSage. Marianna was born in 1964, but she doesn’t feel 54. She’s always hung out with people younger than herself, using the same slang phrases and jargon as people half her age. Marianna knows all about the latest up-to-date technology and social media. Her clothes are the latest fashions. In fact, Marianna feels uncomfortable and awkward around people who were born around the same time as her. They seem boring, staid and she doesn’t share their interests and goals.

Marianna works out and is careful what she eats. She buys a lot of expensive body lotions and uses hair colourants to cover up her spattering of grey. She has good genes too. Marianna’s skin is great. People often think her 37 year old stalker is her older sister. Marianna can dance half the night without getting tired and run for the bus without getting out of breath. She listens to Radio X. Marianna can drink five bottles of WKD and snort a line of coke and go to work the next day without a hangover. Her doctor says she has the liver of someone half her age.

Marianna wants to get her passport changed to say she was born in 1971. Why shouldn’t she? She identifies and presents as someone much younger than herself. Why should society’s narrow view of what a 47 year old should be restrict her like this? People’s refusal to tell Marianna that she actually really is 47 really upsets her and she has become depressed recently. She knows how she feels. Marianna says that society’s refusal to let her change her age is oppressive and cruel.

Should we all be obliged to tell Marianna she is 47?
If not, why not?



Σε ποιες γραμμές να χωρέσουν οι ιδέες μας
Ποιον θόρυβο νάρκισσο να δεχτεί η σιωπή μας.

το πρόβλημα επίλυσες
με το να χάσουμε και οι δυο τις βασίλισσες
ήμουνα ο Ταίρι σου γλυκιά μου Candy Candy
ή τσάμπα τιμωρούμαι που δεν ήμουνα o Gandhi
δεν έχω και το όμνι να γυρνώ στο χρόνο πίσω
και δεν αλλάζει τίποτα το να με χαστουκίσω
περνάω απ’ το μυαλό σου τη μέρα σαν σφαίρα
μικρή μου χρυσοχέρα
πες μου γι’ αυτή τη σφαίρα
περνάει τόσο γρήγορα
και πας παραπέρα
ή τόσο δυνατά
που σε τινάζει στον αέρα
τα λάθος βήματα
γι’ αυτό τώρα στα πόδια σου ξερνάω συναισθήματα
δεν είμαι ο καθένας
μα αφού δεν είμαι ο ένας
θα είμαι ο κανένας

When you hear that song in the background at the beginning here, and you know you’ve heard it before.


The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

Asking a fascist to stop being a fascist is like… (poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c)2016 all rights reserved

A German fascist censor with a Dutch surname
Reached an agreement with some big American websites today
This German has a Dutch surname so you already know he’s a fascist censor
But what this censor came up will melt your face off
With the stupidity of a fascist trying to censor fascists with the help of fascists
So read this and then please do laugh and scoff
American neonazis will continue to spew hate online under their First Amendment

While German neonazis will get censored
by their own government under this new agreement
So all German neonazis will now flock to American neonazi websites
Neonazi hate will become completely centralized
And this German fascist with the Dutch surname thinks he’s got the neonazi issue settled
Once again Americans are free to spew their hate while everyone else is censored
American exceptionalism on the internet has reached a brand new record
What’s the fucking point in censoring German neonazis
When they can just visit American websites to read the same old nazi shit
What about the global internet is it that you don’t understand mr. German you censorious dipshit
They will read the same old nazi shit they read before on American sites
Only now it will be completely legal and protected, didn’t you realize
Way to outsource your neonazi hate to America
mr. German with the Dutch surname, you dumb fucker
When has the censorship of speech stopped a neonazi from setting fire to an immigrant?
You German censor fascist
Stop telling me speech is your fucking problem
Did you think I’m ignorant
When you Germans are doing nothing to help these refugees & immigrants
Letting them fall overboard, drown and sink to the bottom
Stop blaming everything on speech cos I’m not dumb
Refugees aren’t dying because of speech
Refugees are dying out at sea
Because you fucking Germans won’t let them fly straight into your country
See, I know all about your racist foreign policy on the refugee crisis
But there you are mr. self-righteous censor
Arguing with a bunch of Americans
Over who said what about whom and whether they used enough Hitler references
You fucking censors are making me sick with your sneaky evasive tactics
A German fascist censor with a Dutch surname
Thinks he can stop violence by controlling what you can think or say
Another refugee died out at sea today
But who gives a shit about that
When you can take free speech away
While keeping refugees at bay

This short story is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

Drowned Americans Watching TV at the Bottom of the Aegean
(short story)

by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2016 all rights reserved
referenced works are (c) to their respective creators

The Not-So-Genteel Catlady wearing her mermaid costume dives all the way to the bottom of the Aegean, as deep as she can go. The Catlady Catfishlady feels a strong urge to take a bite from her fishtail.  Instead she flaps her tail harder and harder and away from her to avoid the tempting smell of fish. Reaching the bottom of the sea she finds the bloated sunken  corpses of drowned American refugees and an old TV set, likely a unit that accidentally fell of a Chinese container shipment. She turns on the TV which is fully functional even at the bottom of the Aegean, and watches the following music video –>


All of this is possible because the waters farther than 200 nautical miles from shore are generally outside of national jurisdiction and largely beyond government control. More than 40 percent of the planet’s surface is covered by water that belongs to everyone and no one, and is relatively lawless and unregulated.

Over the next two years, though, the United Nations intends to change this reality. After nearly a decade of discussion, it ratified a resolution in June to begin drafting the first treaty to protect biodiversity on the high seas.

The agreement will create a formal process for setting aside protected marine areas in international waters. Unlike on land, there is no legal framework on the high seas for creating areas that are off-limits to commercial activity. The treaty will also create procedures for environmental impact assessments and establish a method for the public to be informed about large-scale projects in these waters, including fishing, seabed mining, shipping, research and other activities.


“Is that a fish in a plastic bag in the water?” wonders the Catfishlady. “I should inform the animal rights organizations about this.”


“Is that man holding a fish in his mouth?”, wonders the Catfishlady. “Now I am really getting hungry. Delicious fish.”. She puts her tail in her mouth and holds it there, using all her willpower to keep herself from biting through. “I should inform the animal rights organizations about this.”, she says robotically.

“That bandaged figure…” she says, pointing at the character identified as The Mummy in the credits, “Someone must’ve been watched Goodnight Mommy at the last edition of the Thessaloniki Film Festival. Either that or they must’ve bought the Almodovar loss-leader DVD with that newspaper.”


“Yeah, yeah, I know every film nerd on the planet is obsessed with Tetsuo, whatever.”, says the Catfishlady rolling her eyes to the back of her eyesockets, showing only the white of a fish eye getting popped in the process of being cooked.

This is the music I was listening to when I began writing the “When Josh Raped Shelley” script. This song is basically Josh’s theme, the song that’s playing when we first get to know Josh in all his rapist psychopathic glory, looking exactly like the artistocratic pedophile-punk who rapes the underaged girl in I’m Not A Fucking Princess. Josh is a criminal who has infiltrated the animal rights movement to hide amongst the vegans and pray on gullible young women. He is hiding his violent, criminal past behind the thin veneer of animal rights activism and compassion. He lives with a bunch of black cats he only semi-takes care of. He calls them the n-word and thinks it’s funny. We get flash backs from Josh’s youth, when he and his mother and siblings belonged to a dangerous cult. Josh is a cult survivor, and uses that fact as an excuse to brainwash and manipulate others into doing his bidding. He is a control-freak cult-leader without a cult in desperate need of a cult, demanding absolute obedience from Shelley, the woman he is praying on over the internet. After seeing a video of her in distress, he reaches out to her seemingly to help, but in reality he wants to lure her into the lion’s den where he can have his way with her. I imagined a shot where we get to see Josh meditating to the chants of buddhist monks. After he gets up, he puts his sunglasses on, smirks and then we hear this song –>

Turn that bitch up
I’m just trying to shoot my raps
And get my dick sucked
When I came to LA
Trying to get fucked

“I need my shit loud” is a key-phrase of Josh’s, Shelley thinks he’s referring to his music but it’s actually indicative of what’s going to happen during the scene when he locks her up in the Latina’s house and holds her hostage there while he rapes her. “I’m so turned up can’t turn me down”. But Shelley escapes her torturer, and then the story goes Hard Candy with a surreal fairy-tale twist. Shelley receives help from those you’d never suspect would turn on Josh…

Channels of Rage (Arotzim Shel Za’am) by Anat Halachmi (2003)  is an Israeli documentary about the rap scene in Tel Aviv. This documentary was screened at the 2003 edition of the IDFA when I attended that festival at the time. Basically every rhyme uttered by the rappers in this documentary, whether from a Zionist or an Arab perspective, would get them all home-raided, arrested, detained and criminalized, that is, if they had the misfortune of rapping in the censorious fascist dictatorship of the Netherlands instead of Israel. That’s right folks, an Arab rapper rapping in ISRAEL in 2003 had more freedom of speech to rap about whatever he wanted to than a Dutch rapper like Ismo does in the Netherlands in 2015! This comparison between the two speech regimes separated by a decade is veritable proof that censorious fascism is on the rise in the Netherlands. In one of the scenes the Zionist Israeli rapper Subliminal complains about his Palestinian counterpart Tamer having a rhyme where he compares Jews to Nazis – basically the same kind of rhyme that Ismo was indicted over last year – but never once does the Zionist rapper argue for censorship! If Israeli Jews in Israel do not support the censorship of a Palestinian rapper comparing Jews to Nazis in their own country, who the fuck are the Dutch to tell them otherwise and to indict a Dutch rapper supposedly for “criminally insulting” Jews?
What is the Openbaar Ministerie, which is clearly populated by Public Prosecutors who hate rap music and want to persecute and criminalize rappers with a passion that knows no bounds, going to do about the fact that everyone and their mother can watch this Israeli documentary and listen/read lyrics that are criminal by Dutch legal standards? Is the Openbaar Ministerie going to ban the documentary? Maybe ban access to Youtube altogether like the Turkish government does with Twitter? What if IDFA were to screen this documentary again in what are basically the cultural “Dark Ages” of 2016? Would the Openbaar Ministerie raid the festival and confiscate the DVD to prevent this documentary from being screened? I swear, at some point in the future we will be witnessing scenes like what I’ve just described, when the Openbaar Ministerie takes this censorious hysteria towards rap music to its logical extreme. I predict that in the near future movies like Straight Outta Compton will no longer be screened in the Netherlands because the Openbaar Ministerie will confiscate the digital copies and indict the makers for incitement. Here is a short excerpt from Channels of Rage that you should go and watch before the Openbaar Ministerie decides to put a Chinese-style firewall around the Netherlands to ban access to such documentaries.