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This is Marianna. Marianna is TranSage. Marianna was born in 1964, but she doesn’t feel 54. She’s always hung out with people younger than herself, using the same slang phrases and jargon as people half her age. Marianna knows all about the latest up-to-date technology and social media. Her clothes are the latest fashions. In fact, Marianna feels uncomfortable and awkward around people who were born around the same time as her. They seem boring, staid and she doesn’t share their interests and goals.

Marianna works out and is careful what she eats. She buys a lot of expensive body lotions and uses hair colourants to cover up her spattering of grey. She has good genes too. Marianna’s skin is great. People often think her 37 year old stalker is her older sister. Marianna can dance half the night without getting tired and run for the bus without getting out of breath. She listens to Radio X. Marianna can drink five bottles of WKD and snort a line of coke and go to work the next day without a hangover. Her doctor says she has the liver of someone half her age.

Marianna wants to get her passport changed to say she was born in 1971. Why shouldn’t she? She identifies and presents as someone much younger than herself. Why should society’s narrow view of what a 47 year old should be restrict her like this? People’s refusal to tell Marianna that she actually really is 47 really upsets her and she has become depressed recently. She knows how she feels. Marianna says that society’s refusal to let her change her age is oppressive and cruel.

Should we all be obliged to tell Marianna she is 47?
If not, why not?


There is no need for you to go to bed every night with the barrel of a gun in your mouth (short story)

The following story is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

Το πιο όμορφο κορίτσι που έχω δει δεν το βλέπει κανένας πια εκτός από τους ντελιβεράδες. Δυστυχώς δεν της πηγαίνουν τίποτα από αυτά που εγώ θα ήθελα να της πηγεναν.

Το πιο όμορφο κορίτσι είναι κλεισμένο στο σπίτι της γιατί φοβάται τους φασίστες που σφάζουν τα όμορφα κορίτσια από την κακια τους και την ζηλια τους. Εγώ όμως στην τρέλα μου πιστεύω πως εάν την αντίκριζαν οι φασίστες μπροστά τους θα έπαυαν πια να είναι φασίστες.

Όλος ο κόσμος θέλει να την λούσει με δώρα για να την ευχαριστήσει για τις αλήθειες που λέει αλλά αυτή φοβάται μην της στείλουνε οι φασίστες βόμβες και παράξενες πούδρες. “white powder! yellow powder is usually pretty good too. black powder is probably ground up coffee beans. you’ve been warned.”. Δεν έχει ταχυδρομικό κιβώτιο για αυτόν τον λόγο. Γελάει με αυτά γιατί είναι και ευκαιρία να δείξει το χαμόγελο της. Και να είχε ταχυδρομικό κιβώτιο δεν θα την ενοχλούσα στέλνοντας της κάτι για να μην την φοβήσω περισσοτερο από ότι είναι φοβισμένη. Έτσι κι αλλιώς κι εγώ φοβάμαι. Την είπα ψευτρα άδικα. Το ξέρει πολύ πολύ καλά πως και να ήθελα δεν μπορώ να ανταποκριθώ στις αλήθειες που απλόχερα μου χάρισε. Τα δώρα που θέλω να της στείλω δεν τα παραδίνει ούτε ο ταχυδρόμος, ούτε ο ντελιβεράς. Υπάρχουν μόνο εδώ, και έτσι είναι σαν να μην υπάρχουν καθόλου.

Θα κάτσω λοιπόν εδώ, και θα της γράψω άλλη μια επιστολή που ποτέ δεν θα λάβει. Αν και πάντα φαντάζομαι τα μάτια της πάνω από αυτά τα γράμματα που δεν καταλαβαίνει. Πάντα την φαντάζομαι να καρτερεί και να γελάει. Ακούω το γέλιο της στο μυαλό μου και γελάω μαζί της. Παίρνει αυτά που φοβάμαι περισσότερο και με κάνει να γελάω με τους φόβους μου. Έστω για λίγο δεν φοβάμαι πια.

Λέει πως κάθε βράδυ που τα ζευγάρια αγαπιούνται αυτή πάει για ύπνο μόνη με το όπλο στο στόμα.

Ναταλίτσα, δεν χρειάζεται να κοιμάσαι με το όπλο στο στόμα.

The Americanization of Natalie

“Just perfume and liquor, perhaps so, but we haven’t managed a Hitler or Mussolini yet.”

Πως ξορκίζουμε το φασιστοποίημενο Γρύλισμα


“Sometimes people claim that they hear Lieberman speaking from within me, but I think they exaggerate. The fact that I was raised to love and adopt these views doesn’t mean that he is literally within me. Νο. I do not feel that Lieberman inhabits my body.”

“As preparation for the exorcism I’ve researched Lieberman thoroughly because you cannot approach an exorcism with negative feelings only. You have to be able to identify with the demon, to find empathy towards him so that you’ll detect the tricks he is employing and seduce him to leave the body. This cannot work through power alone. Affection and empathy to the demon must also be at work. It’s very easy to use him and present him as the fascist, as this destructive drive, so that the rest of us will be presented as sane. As if life in Israel is normal except for those few Liebermans. My main problem as an exorcist is that Lieberman is a very evasive demon. He goes out of one body and enters another. He resides, in fact, at the heart of our collective body. That’s why each time he can be found inside a different surrogate. I hope that armed with this insight that Lieberman is not the demon, but only one of its incarnations and that the real demon belongs to us all, perhaps I’ll succeed in fighting it where others have failed.”

“How do I feel about the possibility that Lieberman will be expelled from within me? I am against it. I feel he is part of me. His opinions ripened inside me, like a baby growing in its mother’s belly. In this sense ripping Lieberman from me is a little like performing an abortion with a hanger. It’s scraping parts of me so that he will come out.”

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Excerpted from a Greek music documentary on the rebetika legend Markos Vamvakaris:


He wasn’t allowed to sing these lyrics during the dictatorship of Metaxas, but the fact is if someone wrote similar lyrics today they too would be censored.

The reality with free speech in Greece  nowadays is more like this, with the same censorship of bloggers we see everywhere else in Europe:

Blogger, άνεργος και εθελοντής διασώστης, που κατήγγειλε αντεργατική συμπεριφορά εταιρίας security, καταδικάστηκε ερήμην με χρηματική πληρωμή και εάν δεν την πληρώσει η ποινή του θα είναι φυλάκιση 12 μηνών.
Ελληνική Δικαιοσύνη: «Καταγγέλλεις εταιρία security για αντεργατικές μεθόδους; Ή πλήρωσε ή μπες φυλάκιση»

Κυβέρνηση: «Θα τσακίσω τα μικρά blogs, θα δώσω λεφτά στα συστημικά ενημερωτικά portals και θα πω πως είμαι αριστερή»
Κυβέρνηση: «Θα τσακίσω τα μικρά blogs, θα δώσω λεφτά στα συστημικά ενημερωτικά portals και θα πω πως είμαι αριστερή»

The best essay ever written about the European Union:


This quote hits the nail on the head when it comes to contemporary cults, especially of the hacking/techno-anarchism/LiberationTech/Information Freedom variety:

Nobody ever joins a cult.

One joins ‘a nonprofit group that promotes green technology, animal rights, or transcentendal meditation’.

One ‘joins a yoga class’ or ‘an entrepreneurial workshop’.

One ‘begins practicing an Eastern religion that preaches peace and forbearance’.

The first rule of recruitment, writes Margaret Singer, the doyenne of cult scholarship, is that a recruit must never suspect he or she is being recruited.

The second rule is that the cult must monopolize the recruit’s time. Therefore, in order to have any chance of rescuing a new acolye, it is critical to act quickly. The problem is that family and friends, much like the new cult member, are often slow to admit the severity of the situation. ‘Clients usually don’t come to me until their daughter is already to-the-tits brainwashed,’ says David Sullivan, a private investigator in San Francisco who specializes in cults. ‘By that point the success rate is very low.’

And thus we get the kind of bullshit in the hacking movement where a de facto posthumanist cult is described as “a media organization that oh just so happens to organize/participate in conventions”, and the gullible are sucking it all up like the desperate idiots that they are.


I have already written here many times about the draconian fascist anti-speech laws of the censorious DICKtatorship known as the Netherlands. There is no freedom of speech in the Netherlands whatsoever. What kind of expression is legal in the Netherlands?  Here are some descriptions of American torture porn that Dutch children, and actually children across the whole of Europe, can watch on the American part of the internet right now, and there is nothing that the EU or the UN, or the Dutch Public Prosecutor or the Dutch police are going to do to stop this kind of American misogynist sexist torture porn from entering European homes and affecting European kids. Every single film scene described in the segment quoted below is supposedly legal and sanctioned by law under the First Amendment. Why is such footage of unrepentant hatred towards women allowed to be streamed into Europe, where we supposedly have anti-hate laws which are supposed to protect women? Because Americans are above the law on the internet and they get to dump and pour their sexist misogynist filth into other countries:

I recently became the recipient of three secret torture videos (complete with captions and descriptions). The anonymous senders said they trusted I’d “make good use” of them. So, with this important mission in mind, please allow me to introduce a horrifying but illuminating glimpse into the terrorist mindset.

The first footage showed a bruised and battered captive stripped naked and being kept in a small cage, a cage too small to allow the person to either stand or lie flat at full extension. The victim was wearing some kind of collar which was connected to cage itself by a long chain leash of sorts.

We next see a terrorist enter the room, open the cage, and disconnect the chain. He uses the chain leash to lead the captive out on all-fours. Interestingly, the victim makes no effort to resist but perhaps the caption explains why: “Pacification through terror.”

The last few minutes of the video involves the hate-fueled torturer pushing the captive into a prone position, face-up, and then straddling them — knees pinning the victim’s arms to the filthy floor. At this point, the sadist begins to pummel the captive’s face and upper body with punches in what looks like a MMA match without a referee. The sound of clenched fists hitting flesh is nauseating.

Video #2 begins with the victim already naked, on all-fours, and seemingly under the influence of some kind of sedative or narcotic. Three torturers are in the room.

One roughly holds the captive’s head in position so they can see what’s happening. A second terrorist inserts a clear plastic tube into the victim’s anus. At the other end of the tube is a large plastic funnel. The third abuser holds a pail filled with water.

Swimming in the water are live silvery fishes about six inches long and maybe 1.5 inches in diameter. He lifts the pail up and pours several of the fishes into the funnel. Gravity forces the fish to swim through the clear tube and into the victim’s anus.

The clip ends with a shot of the captive’s expressionless face, eyes rolling back in their head. Caption: “It should be more compliant after this treatment.”

Finally, we see another naked victim being held in an intricate restraint on a tall table. Their spread legs are held in place with knees bent up towards their chest, arms cuffed to the table at the wrists, and head held in place by a thick iron collar that’s also attached to the table.

Judging from the open cuts, bruises, welts, and scars, the victim has been subjected to a brutal beating. A terrorist stands close by, holding a small jar bearing the label “Fire Sauce.” He uses a medium-sized paintbrush to stir the sauce, bringing the gooey brush close to the victim’s nose. The victim recoils. This substance is obviously quite potent.

The laughing sadist then uses the brush to slowly and meticulously “paint” the hot sauce onto the victim’s shaved genitals. The result: harrowing shrieks and howls of agony — made even more unforgettable by the words used to describe the terror tactics: “Cannot move, cannot scream, cannot rest, cannot escape. Can only endure.”

I turned off the last video and wondered: What kind of hate must one feel to perform such torture and to film it? Who are these savages and who is funding them? ISIS? CIA? Mossad? Al Qaeda? Did this cruelty take place at Gitmo or perhaps a secret prison in North Korea?

But just then, a second e-mail arrived to reveal the origin of all three videos of sadistic abuse. And what a relief to learn it was a false alarm! The source was a popular social media website.

It wasn’t terrorism. It wasn’t torture. It wasn’t even illegal! It was just mainstream, easily accessible porn.

(And thankfully, the individuals I called “victims” were just women.)

When you read about violent gang-rapes in India, or in Brazil, or in Pakistan, or Thailand, or in Burma, or Indonesia, or in Cambodia, or in Argentina, when you read about gang-rapes in any country that isn’t Western, don’t you ever wonder whether those men have been watching American torture porn on their mobile phones? What happens when Americans stream their violent misogynist torture porn into countries that barely have any women’s rights? What happens when Americans stream their torture porn into counries where men can really have their way with women who are the most powerless or powerless females on the planet, women who literally have no access to law enforcement or the law to defend themselves against men re-enacting the torture porn they’ve seen on the internet on their bodies?
The social media site in question is Tumblr. European governments will censor their own citizens and threaten them with jail time over political speech, but they allow Americans on Tumblr to pump this torture porn filth into European homes and into the minds of European kids. Read more about this Tumblr torture-porn phenomenon in another article by the same author:

Has Tumblr mainstreamed misogyny and rape culture?

This article lists (fortunately doesn’t link to) a number of torture-porn sites that the average teenager can access on Tumblr right now as we speak. These pages are NOT hidden behind an age-wall or credit card check or anything like that, and are literally at anyone’s fingertips.

Torture videos are illegal and are taken off the internet when they are produced by ISIL, but misogynist torture video are considered legal and acceptable when it’s Americans torturing women in the name of male orgasms and so-called consent and posting this hateful filth on Tumblr.

Because expressing and depicting hate and violence against women, especially when this hatred of women is depicted in the extremely gross and grotesque torture porn such as that described above is always  protected freedom of speech, in America and in Europe and especially in the Netherlands, a country which has long been an importer of such American misogynist filth. The question remains: why is it legal to hate women in the Netherlands and why is it legal for American to make torture videos in which women are brutalized and to broadcast these into Europe? Why speech so relentlessly policed and censored in Europe, but not visual imagery expressing unmitigated hatred and violence towards women?

Why are male orgasms in the Netherlands considered more imporant than a woman’s free speech right to talk about the violent abuse she has suffered at the hands of men?!

A video about the law that makes me happy:


Support Sea Shepherd? Or do you support one of the other left-wing environmental groups engaged in vigilanteism out at sea? In that case you’re  also indirectly and very much ideologically responsible for what is shown in this video below, because if left-wing groups are allowed to patrol the seas and engage in whatever vigilanteism they feel like, then the same courtesy should extend to reich-wingers who are now patroling the seas to harass refugees.

I am sure that the people appearing in this video will say that they have nothing to do with the likes of Sea Shepherd (and I’m sure Sea Shepherd will share that sentiment and insist they too have nothing to do with these people either), and that whatever they are doing is completely lawful in their country, that they are only trying to help law enforcement do their jobs better and that they are only being good patriots or whatever, but hey, isn’t that exactly what Sea Shepherd always tells the courts in the States, and yet they were found guilty of breaking the law anyway? Go ahead read the comments underneath the above video: reich-winger after reich-winger is applauding this form of  vigilanteism and advocating the outright mass-murder of refugees at sea, with comments such as, “These people should sink those parasite muslims”, “Make them ‘disappear’. The countries they’re coming from, don’t care about them at all. Most of them don’t have any papers.?”, “worst case scenario they ram the refugee raft or cut it up to sink the ppl on it?”, “They dont have even a rifle. What they want to do, ram them??”. Now, where have we read such racist comments before?

Oh, and speaking of incitement, whatever happened to the people who posted the above comments? I guess reich-wingers openly advocating mass-murder on Youtube is now legal under Europe’s absurd, hypocritical and opportunistic incitement laws.

Because what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If left-wingers are allowed to break the law and raise mayhem out at sea in the name of their environmental ideologies, so are these reich-wing vigilantes hunting refugees in the name of their white supremacist  ideology. I bet many of these Swedish minutemen have been watching the Whale Wars TV show religiously taking notes in order to learn how to set up and excecute their own reich-wing operations at sea using the Sea Shepherd/Greenpeace  model as a source of inspiration. Sea Shepherd might not like reich-wingers following their steps but they certainly seemed to have inspired them to do so. It reminds me of that article that was published in The Guardian about two years ago, titled “Can Sea Shepherd survive its own success?”. The question rather should be: will Sea Shepherd survive its right-wing copycats? For right-wingers following the Whale Wars show on TV the focus isn’t environmentalism, it’s the fact that the show presents  an activist methodology that the far-right can appropriate and deploy for themselves. An activist methodology doesn’t care whether the activist implementing it is left-wing or right-wing. An activist method is just a method regardless of who is using it to what end. No single political group has an intellectual property monopoly on an activist method. Sea Shepherd, Greenpeace and others made it fashionable and glamorous (thanks to their mass media exposure) amongst activists to carry out vigilanteism at sea, and lo behold, these reich-wingerers took note and are now doing the same thing. This is why ALL vigilanteism at sea, whether it’s Sea Shepherd or these far-right groups, is inherently wrong. No government has an obligation to tolerate this vigilanteism.