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Το αγόρι που ήθελε να γίνει κορίτσι δεν έφαγε το φαγητό του πουλιού αλλά τα μούτρα του στο τσιμέντο του πεζοδρομίου μπροστά από το γκαράζ του πολυκαταστήματος. Είχε το επίθετο του πουλιού. Στην καρδιά μου πάντα φοβόμουνα πως κάποια μέρα θα διάβαζα μια τέτοια είδηση στην εφημερίδα για αυτήν. Πάντα αναρωτιόμουνα αν το όνομα της ήταν στα κρυφά αφιέρωμα.

Court records show he was given a three year community order after pleading guilty to possessing prohibited images of children & three counts of making indecent photos or pseudo photos of a child.

An inquest at Newport Coroner’s Court heard how the teenager – also known as Nat – died later that day after falling from the Kingsway shopping centre’s car park in Newport.

Nathan Bird, 19, had appeared at Cardiff Crown Court on November 21 last year where he received a non-custodial sentence. A statement by his mother said: “Nat was in the process of changing gender from male to female.

The teenager, from Newport, had been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at the age of seven. His mother said he had applied to study drama at university. She said he was “a talented actor but had trouble with social situations”



“I was concerned for his welfare but his solicitor passed a note from him saying he loved me.

“At 6pm the same day two police officers came to my home to inform me of Nat’s death.”

Dr Ian Thomson, a consultant pathologist at the Royal Gwent Hospital, told the inquest that the 19-year-old died of a skull fracture consistent with falling from a great height.

A transgender drama student died when he fell from a building after being caught with child pornography, an inquest was told.

It happened the day after Nathan Bird, 20, appeared in court, where he was convicted of possessing an indecent image of a child, in November last year.

The hearing was told how Nathan – who had begun to call himself Nat – was undergoing a sex change to become a woman at the time of his death.

His mother said her son had ‘gender’ issues and struggled with social situations.
Mrs Bird, from Newport said: ‘I last saw him in October last year when I went to his university to give him a mobile phone and we went for a meal together.


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