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Having spent the last 40 years of his life making films about the abuse he commits in his personal life, Allen’s career is a surreal metric for the lengths Hollywood will go to in order to protect its male auteur darlings. Allen is afraid of a witch hunt coming for him, but he’s laid out bread crumbs for us the whole way.


Allen’s archive is a garden of earthly deletes — decades of notes and stories and sketches that the prolific filmmaker exiled, for whatever reason, to the shadowlands in between whole-hearted commitment and half-hearted possession. His screenplays are often Freudian, and they generally feature him (or some avatar for him) sticking almost religiously to a formula: A relationship on the brink of failure is thrown into chaos by the introduction of a compelling outsider, almost always a young woman.


Nabokov’s Lolita is one of the most stolen books in New York.


I’ve just discovered that Alexander has quietly posted his controversial debut movie Pink online in full on Youtube. Sorry, no English subs available.

Some general information about this film and its context:

– As late as 2006 when this movie premiered, Greek cinemas were overwhelmingly not yet equiped with digital projectors and hence young Greek filmmakers were still shooting their movies on film. Alexander had no budget while shooting the movie (he only obtained funding ex post to finish it and make copies for distribution to festivals), so the film was shot on leftover filmstock salvaged from Athenian advertising companies, back then a common way for young filmmakers to obtain film for free. The filmstock obtained from the advertising companies was of variable quality and type, which is reflected in the end product.

– Mirroring the youthful themes of the film, Alexander’s film crew was mostly young film students. His make up artist in Pink was the late actress Mary Tsoni, who was then just 17 years old.

– At the time Alexander hated living in Athens and did not want to depict the city in the film. Models of urban landscapes were constructed and painted panels were placed before windows, lending a kind of dreamy quality to the mise en scene.

– Alexander performed the main character in this movie but due extremely personal nature of the movie the experience of performing a character so close to himself left him extremely anxious and depressed. It took years of counseling before Alex would appear in another movie. He says he only does it now as a favour to filmmaker friends.


– Alexander became so anxious about showing this movie to audience that he would suffer from severe panic attacks prior to screenings. These were so debilitating that he eventually did not wish to screen the movie anywhere at all. For almost a decade Pink was not shown anywhere in or outside of Greece and was basically unavailable, with fans constantly begging Alex on Facebook to post the movie somewhere and Alex deflecting saying he did not have a good digital copy to post. For a long time there were only a couple of excerpts of the film on Youtube and a handful of promo stills.

– Another factor contributing to Alex’s emotional distress at the time were the negative reviews the movie received both within and outside of Greece. Alexander was not used to such criticism and took these reviews rather personally.

– Alexander met Romanna Lobats, the young actress who plays the character of Cnezanna, on the set of his father’s 2004 movie The Brides. There is a shot at the beginning of The Brides that briefly shows Romanna in the foreground with a crowd of brides behind her. The friendship depicted in Pink is based on Alexander’s actual friendship to Romanna Lobats and his conflicting feelings about their relationship. Several songs on Alexander’s debut album 50 Gawddamned Songs were inspired by that relationship.

– Alexander’s main cinematic influences for Pink were Todd Solonz’s Happiness, Kubrick’s Lolita, the Pearl Jam music video for Jeremy, the twin brothers from Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers, Edward Scissorhands, The Elephant Man and Alan Parker’s now largely forgotten debut feature movie Bugsy Malone which was Jodie Foster’s film debut.

– Body Dysmorphic Disorder was not a term on anyone’s lips at the time, but this movie is very much informed by Alexander’s experiences with the condition. The scenes of hair removal in the movie Pink are in reference of Alexander’s dysmorphia regarding his own body hair, something he also brought up in his songs at the time (“Πως μου την έσπαγε το λευκό παιδικό μου δέρμα και τα μικρά μου τα βυζιά/Με χάιδευα παντού. Ακόμα και στα τριχωτά μου χέρια που ξέρεις πως πάντα τα σταυρώνω από ντροπή.”). Several years ago Alexander posted a Facebook update saying that as a child he immediately identified himself with Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice. Alexander keeps two folders on his Facebook wall titled “Identification”, one with pictures of male actors and one with pictures of female actors. (See what I mean? Now you know.)


Το αγόρι που ήθελε να γίνει κορίτσι δεν έφαγε το φαγητό του πουλιού αλλά τα μούτρα του στο τσιμέντο του πεζοδρομίου μπροστά από το γκαράζ του πολυκαταστήματος. Είχε το επίθετο του πουλιού. Στην καρδιά μου πάντα φοβόμουνα πως κάποια μέρα θα διάβαζα μια τέτοια είδηση στην εφημερίδα για αυτήν. Πάντα αναρωτιόμουνα αν το όνομα της ήταν στα κρυφά αφιέρωμα.

Court records show he was given a three year community order after pleading guilty to possessing prohibited images of children & three counts of making indecent photos or pseudo photos of a child.

An inquest at Newport Coroner’s Court heard how the teenager – also known as Nat – died later that day after falling from the Kingsway shopping centre’s car park in Newport.

Nathan Bird, 19, had appeared at Cardiff Crown Court on November 21 last year where he received a non-custodial sentence. A statement by his mother said: “Nat was in the process of changing gender from male to female.

The teenager, from Newport, had been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at the age of seven. His mother said he had applied to study drama at university. She said he was “a talented actor but had trouble with social situations”



“I was concerned for his welfare but his solicitor passed a note from him saying he loved me.

“At 6pm the same day two police officers came to my home to inform me of Nat’s death.”

Dr Ian Thomson, a consultant pathologist at the Royal Gwent Hospital, told the inquest that the 19-year-old died of a skull fracture consistent with falling from a great height.

A transgender drama student died when he fell from a building after being caught with child pornography, an inquest was told.

It happened the day after Nathan Bird, 20, appeared in court, where he was convicted of possessing an indecent image of a child, in November last year.

The hearing was told how Nathan – who had begun to call himself Nat – was undergoing a sex change to become a woman at the time of his death.

His mother said her son had ‘gender’ issues and struggled with social situations.
Mrs Bird, from Newport said: ‘I last saw him in October last year when I went to his university to give him a mobile phone and we went for a meal together.


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