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I came across these images:

This 2008 artwork by the female artist Jane Frere, consisting of 3000 hung figures made of cloth and hung using fishline, is meant to represent Palestinians that have been driven from their homes under Israeli occupation, but for me this image instantly reminded me a series of short horror stories I had written a few years ago, one of which was titled Skeleton Key: Hidden Place, part 1 where my character recurring character of the blogger, the anti-heroine of my short stories, manages to sneak into the castle of her enemy, the professional S&M pornographer, and once there she notices that there’s blood dripping onto her from above. She looks up and is horrified as she witnesses that the professional S&M pornographer has hung every girl he has ever used up and gutted from the ceiling to dry like saucages in the wind.

I described the image like this in the story:

I once wrote a series of short horror stories one of which featured an image similar to this art work. In my story I described it as:

The blogger notices something dripping from above and looks up. Hanging from the ceiling, which is nearly invisible in the far distance, are countless of human forms. Is it a Japanese Butoh performance she walked into? No, it’s the gutted corpses of naked pre-pubescent girls hung out to dry in the upper currents. Imagine, “Περιμένω να δω σε κάποιο νεαρό κορίτσι το πρόσωπο της φίλης μου που κρεμάστηκε στα 17 της”. Imagine that, times innumerable, everywhere you look, again and again. The blogger remembers the words well: “αν δεν το ταϊζω γυμνά κορίτσια τρεις φορές τη μέρα θα με ρίξει σε κατατονία”. She might end up catatonic herself if she keeps looking up at all the dead girls. Κοίτα ψηλά μοιραίε αντίκρισε την όψη της ιστορίας, all of us girls have been dead for so long.

This was inspired by/an amalgamation of the following things:

1) Alex saying he had a friend who killed herself at the age of 17. He wrote the song “I Used To Call Her Kurt Cobain” about it.
2) The same essay where Alex had first mentioned το Γρύλισμα to describe his personal compulsions.
3) Alex’s song Frozen/Παγωμένο
3) A feminist performance piece by Nancy Mauro-Flude I wanted to see, but didn’t get around to seeing in Amsterdam over a decade ago titled “All of us girls have been dead for so long” which was based on excerpts from the novel ‘Pussy King of the Pirates’ by Kathy Acker. Despite not having seen the performance I kept a few of the flyers because that flyer was so simple and beautiful. I use them as a bookmarkers to this day.

But it’s another thing to see one’s mental image realized in the art work of another artist. I just love looking at these pictures and thinking that another female artist had the same image in her mind that I had, in response to something else altogether.


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