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This is an example how zealous vegans and animal rights extremists talk amongst themselves on YT when they think no one else is paying attention and they can let their hair down:

know what if your familly is starving why dont they shoot a nail gun through your head to knock you unconcious then hang you up by your legs and slit your throught till you bleed out assshole….

i dnt give a shit if the people die from eating the horses because of wheat? they are given they diserve to die…i hope the poison kills the people slowly and painfully…anyone who would even think of eating a horse before or after this is sick….horses arnt food they are friends…transportation..fami­ly…i would die of starvation before i ate a horse

The people behind the YT channel where these two comments were posted apparently consider these acceptable comments and have failed to delete them. I am not posting a direct link to the channel itself because I don’t want to drive any traffick to the channel that allows such comments to be posted, but think about the fact that there are channels on Youtube where such comments are considered acceptable amongst animal rights activists.

As for the pompous “i would die of starvation before i ate a horse”, obviously he has never experienced real starvation. People like him should have sent to Africa to perform a year of compulsory famine relief so they learn what real starvation is like.


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