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I assembled this anthology of channels kids and young adults like to follow on Youtube, mainly because these people are always referencing all these Youtube celebrities I know absolutely nothing about and I was curious to see what they were into. Apparently young people nowadays are really into manic pixie type girls, gaming,  photogenic people acting weird, transsexuals, Japan and food. So maybe we should just have a Youtube channel of a photogenic manic pixie transsexual (blonde and white of course) acting strange in Japan trying out the food and playing games to cover all bases. I have added the amount of subscribers next to accounts with particularly huge numbers.

Autumn Asphodel trans mental health
Stef Sanjati make-up trans
Dreaming of Avon New Age channel on crystals
Ben Brown adventure blog half a millions subs
Erik Conover white people blah de blah channel
Alonzo lerone. Youtube personality
Ericsurf6 magic tricks and Japan
Grace helbig charming idiot/white manic pixie blog
Stevie bobei sex blogger lesbian porno promo horrible
Arielle scarcella popularppo. sex blogger lesbian porno promo yuck
Emma blackery manic pixie, British (horrible, 1 000 000+ subs)
Nurdrage home chemistry (600 000 subs, can you believe this has less subs than Emma?!)
Bosbian Bill lockpicking videos
jenna marbles sex blogger crazy pixie in Japan 15 000 000 followers
dulce candy fake plastic surgery doll with a fashion & make up promo vlog
Kandie johnson make up 3 000 000 subs
Matthew Santoro fun facts infotainment
Meghan McCarthy blonde manic pixie 970 405 subs
ASAPScience Chem Phys Bio Math made fun
Malinda Kathleen Reese hacking Google Translate 181 000 subs
Markiplier gaming and animation videos 11 300 000 subs
Game Grumps games 2 900 000 subs
Jacksepticeye Gaming with an RPG aspect 8 400 000 subs
Jacksfilms white guy acting weird fun facts
Matthias funny white guy
Shane Dawson white bisexual guy watching porn 6 000 000 subs
Miranda Sings another manic pixie singer with 5 800 000 subs
JonTron games 2 000 000 subs
Ninja Sex Party comedy band 600 000 subs
Egoraptor cartoons about games subs 2 000 000
Mort3mer gothic/j-rock fashion vlog 200 000 subs
grav3yardgirl another blonde white manic pixie 6 000 000 subs
thisisacommentary black homo cross dressing 3 000 000 subs
hannah hart another blonde manic pixie
Trisha Paytas biracial blonde manic pixie fatpride vlog 700 000 subs
Lisbug sex blogger manic pixie blonde 1 700 000 views
Sovietwomble gaming
romanatwoodvlogs white people being white trying to make babies 5 000 000 subs HOW THE FUCK IS THIS POPULAR AND INTERSTING?!
syndicatecentral Los Angeles white guy games snowboard posing with Gs 1 800 000 subs
Nerd to the third degree nasal nerds playing games having 2 hour conferences with their fans 2 400 000 subs
Ellaskins dj-ing tutorials

Source used to compile this list (call it an informal survey if you will).


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