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Every time there’s an asshole in my life I end up having nightmares about them. I had several nightmares about Alex too, besides the one I already wrote about here on the blog. I had another nightmare where Alex had quit music and film to become a gynecologist in a gentrified Exarchia. After showing me around the hood – which now had coloured houses and tall trees with ample shade – he took me to his practice which was black instead of hospital white, black tiles, black walls, even Alex himself was wearing a black gown instead of a white one, everything very shiny and OCD clean. In the middle of the room was a stainless steel operating table where a smiling girl had already taken place. The women in his practice were all smiling and looking forward to being examined by dr. Alex, who himself was beaming proudly. (No, I did not see the examination itself and he certainly didn’t get to examine yours truly). Afterward I needed a place to stay, so Alex took me to a friend’s floating house in the middle of a small pond who was apparently living with 3 king kong sized gorilla-robots with glowing eyes. I was too scared to spend the night sleeping with three gigantic gorillas and wanted to move elsewhere. But I digress. In my most recent nightmare I was at home watching a horror movie, only to discover to my great shock that none other than Donald Trump was an actor in the American horror movie The Human Centipede 3, the one that takes place at the prison (BTW I must stress that this is a film I haven’t seen myself and have only watched a Youtube review about). In my dream, the investigator from Nikos Nikolaidis’ Greek pornsploitation film Singapore Sling showed up at the prison and began interrogating two wardens about a crazy Nazi scientist sewing their prisoners ass-to-mouth. The wardens were  stereotypically American, very stupid and very arrogant at the same time, laughing at the investigator and mocking him for his questions. One of the wardens was a chubby white guy with a shock of red hair at the top of his head. I thought he looked somewhat familiar and upon seeing him again I realize who I was looking at: a younger Donald Trump! “Donald Trump was in The Human Centipede Number Three?!”, I could hear myself thinking. “Why didn’t anyone tell me Donald Trump was a b-movie actor like Ronald Reagan?”. My shock at this discovery was enough to instantly awaken me from this dreadful nightmare. I wondered whether other people are having nightmares about Donald Trump and blogging about it but I haven’t been able to find any blogs yet. I believe my nightmare was me synthesizing within my unconscious brain the idea of The Human Centipede being the perfect visual metaphor and representation of American fascism.


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