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This accidental Vimeo find (English subs, 15 min) is an example of how the Dutch imagined the internet and the networked society of the future back in 1988, before the widespread use of the internet in The Netherlands. It is a pseudomentary about wired life in the Netherlands of 2025, literally wired because apparently no one foresaw wireless in 1988. As the saying goes, “almost everything in history is ironic with the benefit of hindsight”. Watching this video is basically a game of “spot how much they got right/wrong”. They correctly foresaw the fact that PirateWhatever was going to become a nerdy lifestyle. They did not foresee Larry Lessig’s free culture ideology still driving the most successful business ventures on the internet. Reading this text message in blue ASCII in a CLI – apparently no one save for Blade Runner foresaw the widespread implementation of GUI back in 1980s – is just pure unintentional comedy goldmine: “We charge you ECU 258,00 an hour online.”! 😀

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