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Why did Yorgos Lanthimos really bug out of Greece?  The following list of Youtube videos from 2009 documenting the emergence of Filmmakers in the Fog offers a hint as to why he and many other Greek filmmakers want to get out of the country and make films abroad with foreign backing. This collection of videos shows the combative, hostile, and frankly toxic atmosphere within the field of Greek film that every Greek filmmaker seeks to escape from –>

21SEPT2009 – Public declaration of the letter of protest and the first public confrontation. Filmmakers claiming to be members of the Greek Directors Guild under the directorship of Charis Papadopoulos publically withdraw their membership. Papadopoulos goes berzerk. Note all the Voulgarises namedropped at 4:00 (πρωτοι και καλήτεροι)! The person reading the list of names is Constantina Voulgari, Alex’s sister. All in all 64 Greek film-makers had signed the protest-letter, another 140 would join the Fog protest at a later point:

This video plainly shows that the Filmmakers in the Fog basically started out as a Voulgaris-associated group of filmmakers who targeted one person and their institution. The protest wasn’t aimed at the Greek State (then a center-left government) but at an individual and an institution that the Voulgarises considered to be useless to themselves and their associates. Charis Papadopoulos angrily shouts that the Filmmakers in the Fog group was set up by the Greek Film Center, the backers of the Voulgarises, and accuses the Film Center of wasting 17,5 million euros within one single year. Papadopoulos then alleges that the purpose of the Greek Film Center is “to back one family, the Voulgarises” whereas the purpose of his Greek Directors Guild is represent the collective interests of all Greek film directors, whether they are associated with the Voulgaris oikogeniocracy or not. Revealed in all its glory is thus the ideological control excerted by the Voulgarises on the Greek film milieu as a whole, and how divisive their presence in the field of Greek film really is: in Greek film you are either for or against the Voulgarises, and if they perceive your organization or person as worthless to themselves they make no qualms about making it publically known by staging a protest that is subsequently, through an act of sheer historical revisionism, made to appear as a protest against the State rather than a personal feud. Being on the side of the Voulgarises means joining whichever action they intiate against whichever person or organization.

Another video of the same confrontation between Charis Papadopoulos and Filmmakers in the Fog. The shot at 6:40 of Perakis (of Λούφα και Παραλλαγή Trilogy fame) shooting the confrontation and smiling is PRICELESS! XD XD XD

Here is a later video of Foggers, now larger in number, all crammed up in their conference space, with Constantina visible in the line of people standing along the wall, also Sofia Exarchou, with a shot of a completely inconspicuous Yiorgos Lanthimos at 4:24 –>



Another Perakis shot at 0:58


If you are still wondering why Yorgos Lanthimos left Greece with the intent never to come back again, this is why. Lanthimos leaving Greece has absolutely nothing to do with the negative reviews he received for his films because Lanthimos never intended to make films for Greeks, so he obviously doesn’t care whether Greeks like or understand his films. Lanthimos left Greece because, well, who the hell wants to make films in a country where every filmmaker is forced to pick sides and become a footsoldier in some powerful families’ personal vendettas which are conveniently reconfigured to appear as a protest against the supposed common enemy of Greek filmmakers, the State? Maybe it was having to witness this power-struggle that attracted Lanthimos to the royal intrigue of the Queen Anne autobiography?

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