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The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

Lying Mary and the fucktoy rapeboy (poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2016 all rights reserved

The Beatles did it
Jimi Hendrix took L.S.D
Me I took A.L.E.X.D.
And look what that shit did to me
Acid for Athenian airheads
A Peter Green wannabe
Gatekeeping & controlling the scene
“Play with my small dick” he commanded
“Or things will get really freaky”
His 5000 Facebook followers in X.T.C.
Now everyone in Athens thinks
Child rape is just a sick joke and
Pedophilia must be really funny
I had a nightmare of a dream two years ago
I saw a huge mansion
The walls covered with wood and a staircase inside
Inside that house lives The Boy all the way up in the attic
I wake up today and can’t believe my own eyes:

I guess I should be feeling proud
Hollywood went and made my nightmare into a movie
For the pleasure of the film viewing crowd
Mary Mary
Lying your way
Through the indie film indstry
Lying all the way
From Wisconsin to Italy
Bitchtooth in cahoots
With Rachels and Kinklaters
Only being a social slut
Climbing up the ladder
And running up that Hollywood Hill matters
Women are sluts you say
When things aren’t going your way
Bullshit awards
Are for attention whores
Who never got more
Than they really deserve
For making a self-indulgent film
That’s nothing more than
A hack-job and a bore
You like slam poetry
Let’s see how much you like the poem
When the social slut shaming and slamming
is done by me
Fuck your occupied mike check
Here comes the fact-check
Watch me do my thing
I am the Jeanne d’Arc
Of ethics in film advertising
I can deal with what you don’t like
Me enforcing film advertising ethics
If you can deal with this truth-bomb
Exploding in your faces
Mary and the rapeboy
A serial rapist
Pretending to be a gothic fucktoy
Straight out of “I’m Not A Fucking Princess”
The She-rapist never comes
Unless he’s carried in
By a feminist liar
So confident and comfortable
In her entitlement
She has to aggregate lies
To distract from how
Barren and empty
Greedy and starving
She really feels inside
Aber nein NEIN NEIN
Was ist das fur Unsinn
Es gibt kein Verein
Allein gibt es Luge
verdammte amerikanische Lügner
Lieber alleine allein
Als zu zweit betrogen sein


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