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The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

Asking a fascist to stop being a fascist is like… (poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c)2016 all rights reserved

A German fascist censor with a Dutch surname
Reached an agreement with some big American websites today
This German has a Dutch surname so you already know he’s a fascist censor
But what this censor came up will melt your face off
With the stupidity of a fascist trying to censor fascists with the help of fascists
So read this and then please do laugh and scoff
American neonazis will continue to spew hate online under their First Amendment

While German neonazis will get censored
by their own government under this new agreement
So all German neonazis will now flock to American neonazi websites
Neonazi hate will become completely centralized
And this German fascist with the Dutch surname thinks he’s got the neonazi issue settled
Once again Americans are free to spew their hate while everyone else is censored
American exceptionalism on the internet has reached a brand new record
What’s the fucking point in censoring German neonazis
When they can just visit American websites to read the same old nazi shit
What about the global internet is it that you don’t understand mr. German you censorious dipshit
They will read the same old nazi shit they read before on American sites
Only now it will be completely legal and protected, didn’t you realize
Way to outsource your neonazi hate to America
mr. German with the Dutch surname, you dumb fucker
When has the censorship of speech stopped a neonazi from setting fire to an immigrant?
You German censor fascist
Stop telling me speech is your fucking problem
Did you think I’m ignorant
When you Germans are doing nothing to help these refugees & immigrants
Letting them fall overboard, drown and sink to the bottom
Stop blaming everything on speech cos I’m not dumb
Refugees aren’t dying because of speech
Refugees are dying out at sea
Because you fucking Germans won’t let them fly straight into your country
See, I know all about your racist foreign policy on the refugee crisis
But there you are mr. self-righteous censor
Arguing with a bunch of Americans
Over who said what about whom and whether they used enough Hitler references
You fucking censors are making me sick with your sneaky evasive tactics
A German fascist censor with a Dutch surname
Thinks he can stop violence by controlling what you can think or say
Another refugee died out at sea today
But who gives a shit about that
When you can take free speech away
While keeping refugees at bay

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