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The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

I shot a grizzly bear in the woods (poem)
drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c)2016 all rights reserved

I shot a grizzly bear in the woods (like I was Leo in The Revenant)
or was it your hood
A white woman’s cultural safari in the world’s elitest ghetto
Lo behold, the glitterati
start to run away from me
“Who’s the ho now?” I shout spray the shiny crowd
Grizzlies fall to the ground
Thud sound
“Hahaha!” I cackle like an evil witch
To each his own
and “Who are you now calling a bitch?”
Bagging women by the handfuls & trashing them
But some women will skin sharks and wear them like high fashion
Playing dirty
Acting faul
Feminist hitwoman on the prowl
CIA feminist taking names
Making gains
I am the fear inside of you
Pumping paranoia through your veins
I disappear right behind you in an instance
Maximum retribution is patient and persistent
You wouldbe Italian mafiosi
Show me your mafia money
Show it to me
Send an American SWAT team to my house instead
Cos the Dutch one didn’t kill me
No ill feelings
Just admit you fuckers want to see me dead
2 million dead in Iraq
A quarter million and counting in Syria
Still not enough to satisfy American necrophilia
And don’t get me started again on American pedophilia
Nothing more fascist than watching Americans grandstand
Their boots are faux leather with their government’s terror war blood cacking between the nails of their hands
Say a prayer tonight America just for your yourself
Because you surely don’t give a fuck about anybody else
Wave more dollars at us, America
I just might drop on my knees and beg for mercy
You wishing you had a pair of eyes behind your head
So you could see what they’ve got in store for he and she
The Democratic Party
Whoring poverty for her personal benefit
In the Industrial Non-Profit
Take Another Bonghit
Hippie Revival Complex
Sure it’s complicated when you have to tell
1000 lies to cover up 1 000 000 deaths in Iraq
And let everyone know my real name isn’t mtex
The Republican Party
Another all-American psychoflipshit
Together running the world into the ground
They always made a perfect fit
Shannon and Brandon
Getting it on
Sucking the milgov’s dick
Exhibitionism before everyone in public
I wait and I wait
All I do is I sit and wait
I have been waiting forever
And still I’ll sit here I wait
I’m here
No here
Guess again
Here here
No, here
all you need to know is that I persevere
America blames, hates and kills those nowhere near
It’s hard to shake the habit
when you’re so fucking completely addicted to fear
But Americans will cap their own asses by themselves
just fine
Before anyone else manages
To make Americans face themselves
Without the help of selfies
Will you shoot your own face off with your own guns on a rainy day
Or lie again blame everyone else again start another war again build another Gitmo Bay
Repeat history again and put us all away


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