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Checkpoint (this doc opened a lot of eyes):

5 Broken Cameras

American Radical: Trials of Norman Finkelstein

(and his book _Beyond Chutzpah_)

Arna’s Children

Channels of Rage (rap documentary)

In Satmar Custody

Jerusalem My Love

Keep Shooting <– full doc is now a free download on Vimeo for those who want to see it.

No 17, a documentary about the reconstruction of a terrorist attack on a bus in order to determine the identity of the terrorist, which seems to have disappeared without a trace from the internet (no trailer, nothing)

Route 181, another documentary that has disappeared from the internet (tends to happen with docs about Israel/Palestine)

The Law in These Parts

Troubled Water

77 Steps (housing discrimination in Tel Aviv)



Breakdown: The US and Middle East, another documentary that has mysteriously disappeared off the internet without a trace

Hamas Behind the Mask

The Journey of Vaan Nguyen (discrimination in Israel)

Leila Khaled: Hijacker

Hopefully For The Best is yet another doc that has mysteriously disappeared without a trace from the net

Ford Transit is another doc that has disappeared without a trace

Nazareth 2000 can be viewed in its entirety for free on Vimeo

My Dear Olive Tree

Let that fucking public prosecutor who had such a problem with bloggers writing about Israel print out this list and give it to the (yes, JEWISH) judge next time, maybe he will understand why bloggers write what they write about Israel. No one can watch the amount of docs I have seen in my life on the Israeli occupation of Palestine and continue to let Israel off the hook.

Another artist who has greatly influenced my views on Israel/Palestine is Smadar Yaaron, a female actor with the Acco Theatre group. I have seen her perform 3 times in Amsterdam. She was also one of the characters (the journalist) in the film _Lemon Tree_. She makes a kind of exhaustively physical theatre which I would describe as a mixture of the body art and the threatre sports aesthetics. I was very struck by her performances. To give you an idea:

Wish Upon A Star (excerpt)

Wish Upon A Star – English version in full

Besides Wish Upon A Star I have also seen her perform Anthology with her longtime collaborator Mony Yosef, another very intense performance:

Thisone I wish I had seen 🙂


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