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This is the music I was listening to when I began writing the “When Josh Raped Shelley” script. This song is basically Josh’s theme, the song that’s playing when we first get to know Josh in all his rapist psychopathic glory, looking exactly like the artistocratic pedophile-punk who rapes the underaged girl in I’m Not A Fucking Princess. Josh is a criminal who has infiltrated the animal rights movement to hide amongst the vegans and pray on gullible young women. He is hiding his violent, criminal past behind the thin veneer of animal rights activism and compassion. He lives with a bunch of black cats he only semi-takes care of. He calls them the n-word and thinks it’s funny. We get flash backs from Josh’s youth, when he and his mother and siblings belonged to a dangerous cult. Josh is a cult survivor, and uses that fact as an excuse to brainwash and manipulate others into doing his bidding. He is a control-freak cult-leader without a cult in desperate need of a cult, demanding absolute obedience from Shelley, the woman he is praying on over the internet. After seeing a video of her in distress, he reaches out to her seemingly to help, but in reality he wants to lure her into the lion’s den where he can have his way with her. I imagined a shot where we get to see Josh meditating to the chants of buddhist monks. After he gets up, he puts his sunglasses on, smirks and then we hear this song –>

Turn that bitch up
I’m just trying to shoot my raps
And get my dick sucked
When I came to LA
Trying to get fucked

“I need my shit loud” is a key-phrase of Josh’s, Shelley thinks he’s referring to his music but it’s actually indicative of what’s going to happen during the scene when he locks her up in the Latina’s house and holds her hostage there while he rapes her. “I’m so turned up can’t turn me down”. But Shelley escapes her torturer, and then the story goes Hard Candy with a surreal fairy-tale twist. Shelley receives help from those you’d never suspect would turn on Josh…


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