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“When someone tells you they’re speaking for the voiceless, don’t forget to ask who they’re talking over.”

Preservation Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Horror Movie HD

About the white vegan savior industrial complex….

I could write an article like the following one myself, but instead of it being about the “white savior industrial complex” and “voluntourism”, it would be about vegan animal rights zealots’ voluntourism at animal sanctuaries in third world countries like Cambodia and Thailand. There is really no difference between the “white savior industrial complex” and the “white vegan savior industrial complex”, the only difference being that animals replace the poor in the latter industrial complex. The context of “voluntourism” and selfishly wanting to collect experiences under the guise of “making a difference” is very much the same.

“If Americans want to care about Africa,” Cole wrote, “maybe they should consider evaluating American foreign policy, which they already play a direct role in through elections, before they impose themselves on Africa itself.”


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