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Monthly Archives: March 2016

This woman is perfect for the role of Shelley in “When Josh Raped Shelley”. I am so glad I found her. She is exactly how I envisioned Shelley! She is perfect. Does she speak English?

Marvel at my Shelley actress in this short film:

The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

Lying Mary and the fucktoy rapeboy (poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2016 all rights reserved

The Beatles did it
Jimi Hendrix took L.S.D
Me I took A.L.E.X.D.
And look what that shit did to me
Acid for Athenian airheads
A Peter Green wannabe
Gatekeeping & controlling the scene
“Play with my small dick” he commanded
“Or things will get really freaky”
His 5000 Facebook followers in X.T.C.
Now everyone in Athens thinks
Child rape is just a sick joke and
Pedophilia must be really funny
I had a nightmare of a dream two years ago
I saw a huge mansion
The walls covered with wood and a staircase inside
Inside that house lives The Boy all the way up in the attic
I wake up today and can’t believe my own eyes:

I guess I should be feeling proud
Hollywood went and made my nightmare into a movie
For the pleasure of the film viewing crowd
Mary Mary
Lying your way
Through the indie film indstry
Lying all the way
From Wisconsin to Italy
Bitchtooth in cahoots
With Rachels and Kinklaters
Only being a social slut
Climbing up the ladder
And running up that Hollywood Hill matters
Women are sluts you say
When things aren’t going your way
Bullshit awards
Are for attention whores
Who never got more
Than they really deserve
For making a self-indulgent film
That’s nothing more than
A hack-job and a bore
You like slam poetry
Let’s see how much you like the poem
When the social slut shaming and slamming
is done by me
Fuck your occupied mike check
Here comes the fact-check
Watch me do my thing
I am the Jeanne d’Arc
Of ethics in film advertising
I can deal with what you don’t like
Me enforcing film advertising ethics
If you can deal with this truth-bomb
Exploding in your faces
Mary and the rapeboy
A serial rapist
Pretending to be a gothic fucktoy
Straight out of “I’m Not A Fucking Princess”
The She-rapist never comes
Unless he’s carried in
By a feminist liar
So confident and comfortable
In her entitlement
She has to aggregate lies
To distract from how
Barren and empty
Greedy and starving
She really feels inside
Aber nein NEIN NEIN
Was ist das fur Unsinn
Es gibt kein Verein
Allein gibt es Luge
verdammte amerikanische Lügner
Lieber alleine allein
Als zu zweit betrogen sein


Quoting from the comments:

And of course this will spark the inevitable debate of just what rights our clothes have. Is it ethical to harvest our clothes? What sort of checks will be put in place to prevent cruelty in the euthanizing of your next pair of loafers?

Will our bio-garb be issued social security numbers? If so, will they be allowed to vote?

Good gravy, people, we need to start campaigning brainstorming right away! How will we campaign to a pair of pants to get it to vote for us in the upcoming elections?!


This Kickstarter project concerning a short film project about a vegan who falls in love with a fur coat suddenly gains a whole new meaning…


On a more serious note, there was a Canadian podcast interview back in 2005 with an American animal rights attorney who argued that the emerging legal field of animal rights (institutionalized and vested within major American universities by means of generous multimillion dollar donations from American TV celebrity Bob Barker) creates a whole new set of legal problems with regards to bio-art. Indeed, the issue that was brought up by this attorney during the podcast was the idea of intellectual property rights attached to hybrid animals or stem cell growths created by artists, which applied to this particular case would bar a third party such as a curator from single-handedly terminating an out-of-control growth due to property rights, the same way your neighbor is not allowed to terminate your cat just because it’s “out of control”, ie crapping all over his backyard:

Bob Barker & Taimie Bryant: Animal Rights in the Classroom and the Courtroom, Part 1
Bob Barker & Taimie Bryant: Animal Rights in the Classroom and the Courtroom, Part 1


I was debating someone who lectured me that “Lanthimos isn’t a commercial filmmaker”… yeah, that’s why his next film is gonna be a British court costume drama with Kate Winslet… or was it Rachel Weisz? 😉 Greeks are seriously out of the loop in my experience. They think art house films aren’t commercial films, which is ridiculous because according to the latest No Filmschool podcast on the topic of American indie film distribution, the Yankee indie film industry is doing better than ever before,  with 90% of filmmakers at SXSW having a distribution deal as opposed to only 30% from just 5 years ago. It should be abundantly obvious that Lanthimos has always been oriented towards a commercial film career and that he wants to make big expensive films with famous actresses and elbatorate costumes, and iconic castle-sized locations and all that royal classist elitist feudalist bullshit. Lanthimos, he clearly wants to make the next Elizabeth. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is called a commercial filmmaker because costume dramas are expensive films, not the cheapass Dogma 1995-esque chamber pieces that Lanthimos became famous with. Those were bourne out of desperate necessity. Now that Lanthimos has tasted success and is allowed to dream freely, his dreams plainly show what his private fascinations are made of: the courtly megalomania and royal melodrama of princes and princesses. That’s who your beloved “radical” indie filmmaker really is in heart of hearts, boys and girls in filmschool: een hermelijn-aanbidder*.


Queen Anne posing with an ermine edged royal cape.

* Pejorative term used to describe the Dutch royalists by Dutch republicans who, inspired by the 1775 American Revolutionary War of Independence against the British, wanted to abolish the Dutch royalty. This term is still used to this day to describe people who have a fetishistic fascination with the Dutch royal house. Ermine fur is the type of fur used to decorate royal capes and robes — but you never hear a squeak from vegans and animal rights vegans about royalties having massive amounts of ermines culled just for them to wear such silly things, geez, I wonder why that is. By describing the royalists as “worshippers of the ermine”, the Dutch republicans alluded to the fact that the royalists were expressing and demanding loyalty to an indifferent court whose members were only using the royalists for the sake of promoting the court’s populist appeal, and would eventually skin them alive and use them up like ermines on a fur collar once they were done with them. There is a Dutch connection to the film that Lanthimos is going to shoot too because Anne’s Dutch Protestant brother-in-law and cousin was William the 3rd, Prince of Orange. “King Billy” is the man who implemented and cemented the concept of divide-and-conquer in British politics by creating a two-party Parliament with Whigs and Tories bickering amongst themselves to protect his own Protestant oikogeniocracy from being abolished by Catholics. It is important here to recall that in Western Europe Catholicism was mainly the religion of the poor masses, whereas the new Xian branch of Protestantism was the religion of the propertied middle class. Anne was Anglican, an English branch of Protestantism and was politically a Torie.  However, the character of “King Billy” would explain why the Dutch Film Fund has developed such an other inexplainable interest in Lanthimos, a Greek filmmaker with no Dutch connection whatsoever. The alleged lesbian relationship between Queen Anne and Baroness Abigail would also greatly arouse Dutch sentiments; why else would the Dutch take an interest in a movie about a British royal woman who even on Wikipedia is described as “very ignorant, very fearful, with very little judgement, it is easy to be seen she might mean well, being surrounded with so many artful people, who at last compassed their designs to her dishonour”, and as “fat, constantly pregnant, under the influence of favourites, and lacking political astuteness”? There is literally no reason for the Dutch to take an interest in such a costume drama of a biopic other than the fact that a powerful Dutch royal was involved in this woman’s autobiography, as well as the prospect of hot lesbian scenes between Olivia Colman and Emma Stone. Who wouldn’t pay to watch ignorant women get fucked and give birth to dead children 17 times for the duration of a two hour movie? I am expressing myself in such pedestrial terms only to stress and underline how fundamentally unpalatable this usage of women as “the original 3D printers” of heirs by the royal houses of Western Europe must appear to the contemporary democratic republican cinephile for whom such a usage of womankind is surely repugnant. This paradoxical combination of disgust and fascination no doubt explains the sheer popularity of costume dramas about the lives of royalty. Who doesn’t want to witness the cinematic spectacle a female royal member in the 18th century semper eadem giving birth to yet another corpse of a stillborn like semper eadem a fattened cow at a barn? If this movie ever comes out, feminist film criticsm will be all over it. As for this scene from the Queen Anne biography:

“On Maundy Thursday 6 April 1710, Anne and Sarah saw each other for the last time. According to Sarah, the Queen was taciturn and formal, repeating the same phrases—”Whatever you have to say you may put in writing” and “You said you desired no answer, and I shall give you none”—over and over”,_Queen_of_Great_Britain

Something tells me that Lanthimos might even fancy himself a Martin Scorsese and might even be planning to appropriate the famous scene from Age of Innocence! Basically, take the following scene, replace Valmont with Queen Anne, replace every utterance of “It’s beyond my control” with “Whatever you have to say you may put in writing”, and you basically have yourself a wonderful pitch for The Favourite! 😀

BTW, can John Malkovich do a Dutch accent for King Bill or he still too pricy and beyond Lanthimos’ budget? 😀


The following videos supposedly show child abuse and animal abuse, at least according to American animal rights extremists. The videos below actually show a group of American white children in the rural part of the State of Oklahoma learning from their parents, themselves farmers and homesteaders, how to process a dead pig that they themselves had raised into individuals chunks of meat. Every single one of these videos is hidden behind an agewall as if it were pornography. I can go on Youtube right now and watch pornography with no age-check whatsoever, but no, it’s these videos that Youtube wants to protect children from:

Once upon a time you could freely watch these videos on Youtube, as they were clearly meant to be instructional tutorials and were thus considered uncontroversial. The parents in these videos stated on their channel that they had consciously decided not to show the actual culling of the animal for that very reason, to stress the fact that these videos are meant to be instructional. But the vegan censorship brigade went and falsely flagged these videos as “animal abuse”, so Youtube caved into their censorious demands and decided to put these videos behind a age-wall, which is completely ridiculous because the children shown in these videos are themselves minors. Youtube is basically saying that the rural children who appear in these videos should not be allowed to watch their own videos, at least as far as Youtube’s own idiot brigade of censors is concerned. Censorship always tends to get kinda funny and absurd like that. The fact is that young children can go on Youtube right now and watch vegan gorefest documentaries like Earthlings uncensored, but don’t you dare show children an instructional video of how a dead animal is actually processed by the children who raised that animal themselves.

Actually, every child in the whole wide world needs to know this and needs to be able to do what is shown in these videos in case of an emergency situation, but I’ve seen vegans argue that teaching a child to do this constitutes a form of child abuse, which is ridiculous because these kids are homesteading in the middle of Oklahoma after having homesteaded(? is this a word in English?) in South America. But then again, animal rights extremists aren’t about protecting children, they are about controlfreak censorship and would much rather like to keep everyone ignorant of the survival skills that have kept humanity alive through the aeons in the name of animal rights, doing so in the first world country of America where there are more animal shelters than facilities for homeless children.

No comment :\

And then a documentary maker went and made this, almost as if to make up for the horror movie:

The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

Asking a fascist to stop being a fascist is like… (poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c)2016 all rights reserved

A German fascist censor with a Dutch surname
Reached an agreement with some big American websites today
This German has a Dutch surname so you already know he’s a fascist censor
But what this censor came up will melt your face off
With the stupidity of a fascist trying to censor fascists with the help of fascists
So read this and then please do laugh and scoff
American neonazis will continue to spew hate online under their First Amendment

While German neonazis will get censored
by their own government under this new agreement
So all German neonazis will now flock to American neonazi websites
Neonazi hate will become completely centralized
And this German fascist with the Dutch surname thinks he’s got the neonazi issue settled
Once again Americans are free to spew their hate while everyone else is censored
American exceptionalism on the internet has reached a brand new record
What’s the fucking point in censoring German neonazis
When they can just visit American websites to read the same old nazi shit
What about the global internet is it that you don’t understand mr. German you censorious dipshit
They will read the same old nazi shit they read before on American sites
Only now it will be completely legal and protected, didn’t you realize
Way to outsource your neonazi hate to America
mr. German with the Dutch surname, you dumb fucker
When has the censorship of speech stopped a neonazi from setting fire to an immigrant?
You German censor fascist
Stop telling me speech is your fucking problem
Did you think I’m ignorant
When you Germans are doing nothing to help these refugees & immigrants
Letting them fall overboard, drown and sink to the bottom
Stop blaming everything on speech cos I’m not dumb
Refugees aren’t dying because of speech
Refugees are dying out at sea
Because you fucking Germans won’t let them fly straight into your country
See, I know all about your racist foreign policy on the refugee crisis
But there you are mr. self-righteous censor
Arguing with a bunch of Americans
Over who said what about whom and whether they used enough Hitler references
You fucking censors are making me sick with your sneaky evasive tactics
A German fascist censor with a Dutch surname
Thinks he can stop violence by controlling what you can think or say
Another refugee died out at sea today
But who gives a shit about that
When you can take free speech away
While keeping refugees at bay

One of the most messed up Greek film trailers I saw in the past year –>

This short story is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

Drowned Americans Watching TV at the Bottom of the Aegean
(short story)

by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2016 all rights reserved
referenced works are (c) to their respective creators

The Not-So-Genteel Catlady wearing her mermaid costume dives all the way to the bottom of the Aegean, as deep as she can go. The Catlady Catfishlady feels a strong urge to take a bite from her fishtail.  Instead she flaps her tail harder and harder and away from her to avoid the tempting smell of fish. Reaching the bottom of the sea she finds the bloated sunken  corpses of drowned American refugees and an old TV set, likely a unit that accidentally fell of a Chinese container shipment. She turns on the TV which is fully functional even at the bottom of the Aegean, and watches the following music video –>


All of this is possible because the waters farther than 200 nautical miles from shore are generally outside of national jurisdiction and largely beyond government control. More than 40 percent of the planet’s surface is covered by water that belongs to everyone and no one, and is relatively lawless and unregulated.

Over the next two years, though, the United Nations intends to change this reality. After nearly a decade of discussion, it ratified a resolution in June to begin drafting the first treaty to protect biodiversity on the high seas.

The agreement will create a formal process for setting aside protected marine areas in international waters. Unlike on land, there is no legal framework on the high seas for creating areas that are off-limits to commercial activity. The treaty will also create procedures for environmental impact assessments and establish a method for the public to be informed about large-scale projects in these waters, including fishing, seabed mining, shipping, research and other activities.


“Is that a fish in a plastic bag in the water?” wonders the Catfishlady. “I should inform the animal rights organizations about this.”


“Is that man holding a fish in his mouth?”, wonders the Catfishlady. “Now I am really getting hungry. Delicious fish.”. She puts her tail in her mouth and holds it there, using all her willpower to keep herself from biting through. “I should inform the animal rights organizations about this.”, she says robotically.

“That bandaged figure…” she says, pointing at the character identified as The Mummy in the credits, “Someone must’ve been watched Goodnight Mommy at the last edition of the Thessaloniki Film Festival. Either that or they must’ve bought the Almodovar loss-leader DVD with that newspaper.”


“Yeah, yeah, I know every film nerd on the planet is obsessed with Tetsuo, whatever.”, says the Catfishlady rolling her eyes to the back of her eyesockets, showing only the white of a fish eye getting popped in the process of being cooked.

The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

I shot a grizzly bear in the woods (poem)
drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c)2016 all rights reserved

I shot a grizzly bear in the woods (like I was Leo in The Revenant)
or was it your hood
A white woman’s cultural safari in the world’s elitest ghetto
Lo behold, the glitterati
start to run away from me
“Who’s the ho now?” I shout spray the shiny crowd
Grizzlies fall to the ground
Thud sound
“Hahaha!” I cackle like an evil witch
To each his own
and “Who are you now calling a bitch?”
Bagging women by the handfuls & trashing them
But some women will skin sharks and wear them like high fashion
Playing dirty
Acting faul
Feminist hitwoman on the prowl
CIA feminist taking names
Making gains
I am the fear inside of you
Pumping paranoia through your veins
I disappear right behind you in an instance
Maximum retribution is patient and persistent
You wouldbe Italian mafiosi
Show me your mafia money
Show it to me
Send an American SWAT team to my house instead
Cos the Dutch one didn’t kill me
No ill feelings
Just admit you fuckers want to see me dead
2 million dead in Iraq
A quarter million and counting in Syria
Still not enough to satisfy American necrophilia
And don’t get me started again on American pedophilia
Nothing more fascist than watching Americans grandstand
Their boots are faux leather with their government’s terror war blood cacking between the nails of their hands
Say a prayer tonight America just for your yourself
Because you surely don’t give a fuck about anybody else
Wave more dollars at us, America
I just might drop on my knees and beg for mercy
You wishing you had a pair of eyes behind your head
So you could see what they’ve got in store for he and she
The Democratic Party
Whoring poverty for her personal benefit
In the Industrial Non-Profit
Take Another Bonghit
Hippie Revival Complex
Sure it’s complicated when you have to tell
1000 lies to cover up 1 000 000 deaths in Iraq
And let everyone know my real name isn’t mtex
The Republican Party
Another all-American psychoflipshit
Together running the world into the ground
They always made a perfect fit
Shannon and Brandon
Getting it on
Sucking the milgov’s dick
Exhibitionism before everyone in public
I wait and I wait
All I do is I sit and wait
I have been waiting forever
And still I’ll sit here I wait
I’m here
No here
Guess again
Here here
No, here
all you need to know is that I persevere
America blames, hates and kills those nowhere near
It’s hard to shake the habit
when you’re so fucking completely addicted to fear
But Americans will cap their own asses by themselves
just fine
Before anyone else manages
To make Americans face themselves
Without the help of selfies
Will you shoot your own face off with your own guns on a rainy day
Or lie again blame everyone else again start another war again build another Gitmo Bay
Repeat history again and put us all away