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The fascist censorship regime in the Netherlands is just getting worse and worse by the day. Just yesterday I read an article about a censorship incident that happened last summer but which somehow escaped me. A Dutch journalist by the name Olaf Koens who was apparently targeted by the Dutch police last summer with charges of public insult for simply posting the acronym A.C.A.B. on Twitter after he got frisked by zealous undercover cops at a rock music festival! This journalist is of course a Dutch citizen, he is not an American in Holland like “journalist” and University of Eindhoven PhD-student Jacob Appelbaum, who gets to shout “fuck the police” on Twitter with no consequences to himself, because Americans are apparently above the law in the Netherlands and get to freely violate Dutch speech laws that are tripple-enforced with everyone else.

Here is the segment from the article in the NCR Handelsblad about the incident with journalist Olaf Koens and the tweet with the ACAB acronym:

In hetzelfde weekend twitterde correspondent Olaf Koens dat hij tijdens zijn bezoek aan Lowlands gefouilleerd was door undercoveragenten. In een bericht erna schreef hij ‘ACAB’, een Engelse afkorting die vooral gebezigd wordt in subculturen waar ze het niet zo op de politie hebben. Hij staat voor ‘All Cops Are Bastards’, maar om onder rechtsvervolging uit te komen kun je gemakkelijk claimen dat het wat anders betekent. ‘Acht Cola, Acht Bier’ bijvoorbeeld, en dat was dan ook de reactie van de journalist toen hij online overstelpt werd door boze politiemensen. Zij riepen hun collega’s op massaal aangifte te doen van belediging. Ook zijn vaste opdrachtgever RTL Nieuws werd aangespoord afstand te nemen van Koens’ uitspraak.


That very same weekend journalist Olaf Koens tweeted that he was frisked at Lowlands [a big three day Dutch alternative music festival] by undercover agents. Following that message he wrote “ACAB”, an English acronym used by subcultures where people don’t really like cops. This acronym stands for “All Cops Are Bastards” but to avoid being persecuted one could easily claim that it means something else. For example “Eight Colas, Eights Beers” and that was also the response of the journalist when he was being overwhelmed online by responses from angry cops. They encouraged their colleagues in droves to file charges of criminal insult. Also the journalist’s client RTL News was urged to distance themselves from Koen’s statement.

The Dutch hysteria around public insult is of course a Foucauldian system designed and implemented to generate complaints from cops against citizens. These police officers need have to have something to do to justify their paycheck and they have decided that the easiest and most effortless way for them to do that is to enforce subjective and arbitrary speech laws. It doesn’t matter if the overwhelming majority of charges are eventualy dismissed for no reasonable cause. It’s all about psychologically coercing and intimidating citizens into committing acts of self-repression and self-censorship. Because these ridiculously repressive speech laws are enforced so arbitrarily and subjectively, no one really knows which utterance will get them detained, arrested, home-raided or berated, so they eventually fear political speech itself. The intent of this regime of repression and coercive censorship is cause exactly such a chilling effect.

There is a scene in the German film The Lives of Others about communist East Germany under the Soviet sphere of influence, where the Stasi officers joke about a screenwriter who was a Zersetzung target of the Stasi for writing subversive plays. He was so psychologically terrorized by the Stasi that he quit writing screenplays altogether. The Stasi officers joke that they only wanted him to quit writing subversive plays, but that he did them one better and quit writing at all. This Stasi model of psychologically coercing citizens into gagging themselves is the model that the Dutch police are implementing with regards to citizens lashing out against the police in the social media. It’s absolutely outrageous that the journalists of the NRC Handelsblad are encouraging the police to visit citizens and journalists at home, as long as they do so “in civilian clothes” so as to not appear as intimidating as in uniform <– this is the kind of absurdist Kafkaesque apologetics that only a Dutch journalist would have the nerve to print on paper. It goes without saying that a cop with a badge is still a cop with a badge regardless of the clothes he or she is wearing. Citizens are psychologically coerced and intimidated by cops showing up at their house and berating them over their comments in the social media regardless of the cop’s choice of clothes. In a real democracy with real freedom of speech no citizen should have to worry about cops showing up at his house and patronizing him for speaking his mind in the social media. The fact that this is happening in the Netherlands with mainstream journalists ideologically justifying this patronizing infantilization of citizens by authorities means that there is no real freedom of speech and no real democracy in the Netherlands. The communist Zersetzung of citizens by the Stasi was an act or repression and censorship, whether the Stasi agents would show up at people’s houses wearing their uniforms or not. This silly discussion about officers’ manner of dress is a perfect example of why I just can’t talk to Dutch people anymore: instead of discussing censorship and repression of citizens’ speech, the mainstream Dutch journalists are encouraging silly distractionary discussions about whether Dutch cops appear less intimidating without their uniforms or not.

To conclude, the Dutch police apparently doesn’t know that the acronym ACAB is also used in the radical feminist movement of which I am a feminist. In the feminist movement, the ACAB acronym actually means “All Cunts Are Beautiful” and is a slogan that is used by young radical feminists to promote acceptance of women’s natural bodies and to battle the culture of women shaming. So, as feminist I am right now going to post the ACAB acronym on my blog, using it as a feminist slogan as a feminist blogger:


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