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The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

I Found Pieces of Jennifer’s Body of Lies (poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2016 all rights reserved

The daughter of a Jewish Bolshevik communist
A prostitution and pornography apologist
Lying in the media about being a feminist
Here we go again with the same old shit
Another pretender from the Bronx
Who dyed her hair black and started sporting a fake name
I eat these liars like vegan cereals with coconut milk for breakfast
Because I refuse to go along with this silly game
Such Lauries and Jennies are a penny a dozen
You your auntie your sister and your cousin
Don’t get impressed by the journalistic credentials that I got
I’m still I’m still Jennie from the block
She says women are punished for wanting muchness
When women are punished for wanting anything at all
American woman you stand so tall
And you have the gall
To think yourself a badass
Having been to every American blacksite and Alcatraz
Tell us again, how did you even gain access?
When muchness is what used to be called greed
An American creed
Going well beyond need
No woman has ever been freed
When an American took the lead
I got my tentacles all over your fucking backstory
You know I do
And I know it’s something that really makes you worry
Gloria In Excelsis Diss Your Dea
I know something that could destroy-ya
You came to my home-country Greece
And drew my country ugly just like you drew
Those ugly American hookers
You used to draw at mister sharpies
That’s right harpy
You think I forgot?
How are you telling the media
You wasn’t making money
Eating hard boiled eggs
When I know you made a lot
And it wasn’t at any cardboard box
Drawing American hookers
Sucking bankster cocks
You you the tourist gazer
You the objectifier
You the money-maker
And arts franchinser
Charging other artists to draw strippers
Not consensual dolphin fucking with Flipper
You the feminization of the Male Gaze
Drawing no blood other than
What little drips out of you every 28 days
So you made a book about Greek austerity
Hip hop hurrah
Made a shitload of money
Never sent none this way
“I love muslim culture”
“I’m treated like a third gender”
Says the American gazer
When she wouldn’t last a day
In Syria or anywhere else
Islamists get to have their way
I recall an image of a young girl
Licking an ice-cream cone in the shape of a dick
Pedophilia-apologetics always gets you awarded by the system
And how wonderful you’re now learning Arabic
Now you’ll really pass
The CIA test because establishment artists
Are never suspected of working for the man
And get to tresspass
Into what was and will never be again
Splitting glass
Cracking open walls
And breaking through cement
I swear no American artist in the middle-east
Was ever there on behalf of their government
Always with the best of intentions
Art in the hands of Americans
Is just another form of spying and data retention
In countries where everything is banned from being said or drawn
An American drawing a pen
A Conquistadora drawing her sword
Every history you are hiding
And lying to hide and be able to lie about
A noose around your neck
With me holding the cord
Every woman is on a leash
No woman is ever free
Certainly not a fucking American liar like you
Drawing up a fake version of history
For the world to see
So they won’t listen to me
I found pieces of Jennifer’s body of lies
Serving Americanized versions of geopolitics and history
You know this hardluck story enough to believe it
Press the button drop another bomb again and hit it



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