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… as if communism would’ve treated the trans group any different from the way communism treated homos and women!

In the previous two blog articles this week, I showed by means of actual mainstream documentaries what communism really did to women and homosexuals. Coincidentally I recently discovered the following Youtube channel, representative of yet another group of people in America that is mindlessly getting into communism:

The videos in this “detransition” channel, run by a certain “Nadia Yvette Chambers” (? real name?), have mock-provocative/ironic titles such as “Atheist Anarchist Communism and Vegan Transgender Feminism” (!) or “Quantifying the Atheist Anarcho-Communist Transsexual Feminist Vegan Self” (!!) or “The Gawdless Anarcho-Communist Transsexual Feminist Agenda” (!!!). These videos come in series of dozens and dozens videos that are each about 7-8 hours long on average. Nevertheless this channel has over a 1000 viewers with each video having hundreds of views, so someone out there is actually watching this! Who is watching all this? Surely not the maker himself who should’ve taken the time to edit his videos out of courtesy to his viewers and seems to make an effort out of broadcasting his every waking moment on Youtube. The owner of the channel describes his mission as “I Bring Soviet Sexual Chaos to America” (a 72 part series of 7-8 hour videos) and promises “A Soviet Vagina for Every Transsexual Woman Contrary to Christ”. A dedicated commie pinko if there ever was one :\ This channel by Nadia takes the American communist fannishness to a whole new level of ridiculous devotion, which Nadia can always distance himself from by claiming he is merely being ironic or provocative.  Transsexuals apparently are another social group in the United States of America who, witnessing American society collapse all around them, imagine the Soviet Union being some kind of a gay paradise, when, if actual communist history is anything to go by, most of these lovestruck ignoramuses would’ve ended up a communist conversion camp. I have even come across American homos in the social media celebrating the fact that Maoist party luminaries were exposed to be closet gays, ignoring the fact that Maoist communism actually repressed homos, as one can plainly read on Wikipedia:

While many dissidents would be imprisoned, it is unclear if LGBT people were specifically targeted for oppression due to their sexual identity. Reportedly, Mao Zedong believed in the sexual castration of “sexual deviants” (Randy Shilts. “Conduct Unbecoming”) but little is known about the Communist Chinese governments official policy with regards to homosexuality prior to the 1980s.

Even as late as the early 1980s, there were some Chinese men seeking asylum in other countries reported that they had faced systematic discrimination and harassment from the government because of their sexual orientation as well as similar mistreatment from family members. Likewise, the Chinese government did treat homosexuality as a disease and subjected gay men to electric shock therapy and other attempts to change their sexual orientation

The usual excuse offered in the social media for this American love-affair with communism is that the European hang-up on communism is just a European thing that American homos need not be concerned with because communism was never a ruling ideology in America… which is like saying fascism would be a good idea in the US because there never was an American Hitler (was there? 😉 ) and the European hang-up with Nazis is just a European frustration that should have no bearing on Americans. It’s like Americans will bend themselves out of shape to make up excuses allowing them to salvage what they think is American communism while disavowing any association with its working ruling manifestation at the other side of the globe, which was DICKtatorial Stalinism, Maoism and the killing fields of Southern Asia.

The following is an excerpt from the documentary S21, The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine which was screened at the 2004 edition of the IDFA. Communism is in line with vegan animal rights ideology because the animal rights field does not recognize the concept of human rights or the idea that there is a difference between human beings and animals, or the idea that human life is important and should be protected, therefore, it is acceptable under communism to treat a human being worse than an animal, which is exactly what the Khmer Rouge killing machine did. –>

Anyway, I am going to post the link again to the documentary Children of the Decree and the excerpt about communist conversion therapy and prison camps from the documentary Improper Conduct in the hopes that Nadia and his followers will watch these documentaries and wisen up about communism. Communism was no friend of women and homos, or anyone other than the Party Elite for that matter, and if trans had been around during communism they wouldn’t have been treated any different from women and homos and any other person who wasn’t part of the Party Elite. Again, I can totally understand Americans wanting to criticize or even reject their capitalist system, but this a-historical love-affair with communism is not the way to do it.



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