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Not only are American feminists mindlessly praising communism in the social media lately, another group that has no idea about communism and has been ignorantly posting in favour of communism is American homos. For this group I am going to post the following excerpt from a documentary about Cuban exiles, where a Cuban poet explains how homosexuals were treated under communism in Fidel Castro’s Cuba: they were locked up in prison camps and forced to undergo conversion therapy. Every homo who is under the mistaken impression that communism was some kind of gay paradise needs to see this and get educated on the history of homos under communism. And no, this is not “just a European thing”, as American communism-loving homos always like to dismiss European concerns, because the person who asked the Bulgarian communists to teach him how to best rid society of homosexuals was Raul Castro, Fidel’s brother, so this is very much about the American side of communism as well: –>

Because I am sick and tired of watching people promote communism in the social media engaging in hair-splitting discussions about whether Bolsheviks were different from Stalinists, whether things were bad under Lenin before they went to shit under Stalin, blah de blah, posting about fucking Party luminaries when they can’t even name one woman who ended up the gulags… communism, fascism, capitalism, anarchism, ALL KAKISTOCRACIES AND DEATH FACTORIES, WITH CONCENTRATION CAMPS, TECHNOCRACIES, BUREAUCRACIES, KANGAROO COURTS, CENSORSHIP, BRAINWASHING, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, SECRET POLICE AND A MASSIVE DOMESTIC SERVANT-CLASS OF WOMEN! As I said in my previous blog entry, I am particularly perplexed by American lesbians praising communism. This documentary, which I posted earlier this week, shows how women including lesbians were treated under communism: as State-owned State-regulated breeding machines. –>


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