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I am sick and tired of feminists and lesbians praising communism in the social media. I get these messages and memes in my timeline all the time and I am just sick and tired of them. No feminist aware of the history of women under communism should be praising communism. I don’t give a fuck about Communist Party Celebrities like Rosa Luxemborg when the same women who name-drop her and other approved-of female Party Celebrities as anecdotal evidence of how women-friendly communism supposedly was can’t name even a single gulag victim, much less a female one. I am going to post here the link to the documentary _Children of the Decree_ about women under communist rule. This documentary was screened at the 2004 edition of the IDFA and has since been made available for free viewing on Youtube by the maker Florin Iepan. This documentary shows how women were really treated under communism and why no self-respecting feminist should be praising or making excuses for communism! I understand feminist women wanting to critique or oppose capitalism as an inherently sexist system that requires a servant class of women working double shifts to function and cleaning up after the social ills caused by capitalism, but latching onto the authoritarian DICKtatorial system that is communism is not the way to do it. Communism is not a friend of women, and American feminists and lesbians in particular, who have never directly experienced and are hence completely oblivious to how communism actually functioned with regards to women, need to cut the crap and stop this silly love-affair with communism! –>



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