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What is the face of institutionalized white supremacy and white male privilege? Here you have a social media message by a Dutch white guy bragging about entering the cockpit of plane in complicity with the captain (most likely himself a white Dutch dudebro) and snapping pictures in mid-flight, which is a total violation of post 9/11 flight security protocols dictating that no passenger should be allowed into the cockpit, not when the plane is grounded and certainly not when the plane is in mid-flight or during descent to look at the pretty lights below. If one of us semitic-looking people were on that flight we’d be arrested and held in indefinite detention for merely staring at the cockpit door for a little too long. But hey, don’t worry, most likely the Openbaar Ministerie won’t even bother investigating  this incident involving white Dutch males potentially jeopardizing everyone on the plane and wiping their skinny white Dutch asses with flight security protocols, because the public prosecutors are too busy keeping you safe by jailing rappers and bloggers! Cos we all know white guys never go nuts and take down a plane, right?


And look at the number of likes this message got: 600+ likes! Would a semitic-looking guy ever get 600+ likes after admitting he got into a cockpit in complicity with the captain of the plane and in violation of flight security protocol? Of course not. The comment section would be on fire with everyone demanding his arrest, while demanding that the captain be fired, have his certificate revoked and never allowed to fly a plane again. Not when it’s white Dutch males doing it! White Dutch males get a pat on the back for violating security protocol and showing off how they’re able to get away with everything. They’ve even got the pictures to prove it!

And I love that humble-bragging line, “the best things in life are received, not taken”. This is the language of internalized and naturalized white male privilege. If me or my semitic-looking friends as much as asked to go into the cockpit while the plane was grounded just to snap a shot, let alone *in fucking mid-flight and even during descent*, the only “things” we would “receive” is indefinite detention with no access to a lawyer. So fuck institutionalized white supremacy and fuck white Dutch guys humble-bragging on Facebook about violating flight security protocols that are tripple-enforced when someone is coloured or semitic-looking.


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