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Thexcultist on the Unminding WordPress blog:

“If I, as a well-educated cult survivor and a vegan of five years, am not qualified to make a judgment call on the cultishness of veganism, then who the hell is?

Nobody, apparently. Nobody can criticize veganism. Not current vegans, not ex-vegans, not vegetarians, not lifelong meat-eaters, not doctors, not psychiatrists, not ex-cultists… Nobody. Because veganism is perfect and has all the answers.”


When I wrote this article explaining that I left veganism because it’s too cult-like, the backlash was swift — and painfully ironic.
A few ex-friends from my sign-holding, street-pamphleting days of old swarmed social media with slander against me and my partner.  Another lady called me a “fat gross twat” and suggested that I should move to Jonestown and drink their Kool Aid (in laymen’s terms: ‘go kill yourself’). One acquaintance flipped out and made a dramatic post about how he was now going to delete me on Facebook (while a few others chose to do so quietly). And a handful of my remaining vegan friends acknowledged that they were well-aware of the drama going down on social media, but remained oddly silent…. and oddly difficult to make plans with ever since.

Let’s look at that again: I told vegans their practice of harassing, abusing and excommunicating ex-vegans is cult-like. And they responded by…. harassing, abusing and…

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