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American vegans on WordPress: “Let’s start shooting those who murder animals” –>

An American vegan animal rights activist who goes by the name of “Ronald Vincent” (is this a real or a fake name?) who is apparently associated with an organization that calls itself the Animal Rights Leadership Council and is using a Los Angeles PO Box address posted the following article on recently:

“Let’s start shooting those who murder animals”

Sooo, when is the Openbaar Ministerie going to indict the author of this blog and throw him in jail for openly advocating for the murder of omnis?

Oh, that’s right, he’s American and he gets to openly advocate in favour of mass-murder all day long with no consequences. As an American vegan, he can advocate the mass-murder of omnis on his American blog and broadcast that content to countries where such statements are against the law. The Openbaar Ministerie, which jails its own citizens for saying “fuck the king” at a political rally and also jailed a rapper for saying “fuck the police” at a rap concert, is perfectly fine with Americans broadcasting such content into the Netherlands. As if an American advocating mass-murder were any different from a Dutch person advocating mass-murder. I have repeatedly explained on my blog that if the Openbaar Ministerie were really concerned about incitement it should go ahead and jail anyone and everyone who advocates mass-murder, regardless of who or where they are… but apparently Americans get a blank check from the Openbaar Ministerie to advocate mass-murder.

American vegans can advocate in favour of mass-murder on WordPress, as long as they are Americans… but don’t you dare call them “eco-terrorists” for doing so, because that’s “criminal defamation”. Anyway, it should be abundantly clear that the Openbaar Ministerie doesn’t give a flying fuck about putting a stop to incitement. The mere fact that the above WordPress article is allowed to exist plainly demonstrates how Americans in Los Angeles are allowed to post their mass-murder advocacy on the internet all day long targeting everyone around the world who eats animal products *simply because they are Americans*. The opportunistic and hypocritical manner that the Dutch authorities claim jurisdiction over Dutch speech posted on American sites while simultaneously denying jurisdiction when it is Americans themselves who are advocating mass-murder, all this plainly shows that the purpose of international criminal law is to re-enforce American exceptionalism and American white supremacy through selective censorious fascism.

Either all incitements are illegal speech, or none of them are. There can be no legal exceptionalism or favouritism towards Americans in this matter.

But then again, these American vegans literally consider themselves above and beyond the law and plainly state so on their blogs. From the same blog as the above article: –>

“I Am A Lawyer. But I Have No Respect For Human Law.”

So there you have: vegans opportunistically abuse the courts to silence their critics, but they will openly declare themselves above the law because they “have no respect for human law”. If a Dutch lawyer ever posted a blog article saying “Ik ben een advocaat maar ik heb geen respect voor de door mensen bedachte wetten” he would be disbarred overnight and banned from ever practicing law again. Why is an American lawyer allowed to post this and to broadcast it into countries where such statements are illegal? Because Americans are above the law, and international globalist law was put in place to reinforce the white supremacy of Americans.

So, here we have an American animal rights activist who claims he “doesn’t respect human law” but is all too happy to exploit the fact that the very human law called the First Amendment gives his Yankee ass the right to openly advocate for the mass-murder of omnis on his blog and to broadcast these views even into countries where expressing such views is illegal and criminal. If “Ronald Vincent” were posting such articles in Europe he would’ve already been arrested for incitement. Instead he wallows in his American exceptionalism to post such things on his American blog all day and broadcast them all around the world with no legal consequences. Afterall, who cares about Americans advocating mass-murder on their blogs when Americans are free to mass-murder around the globe under the guise of fighting terrorism?


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