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Blowback Blowjoback: Because Americans really do love children, part 2 –>


It’s easier for America to mass-murder brown children in the third world when they imagine them as terrorists. America has to dehumanize brown children so they can rape and kill them.

American desk killers are dancing on the rotting corpses of brown children in the third world:

“Those brokers and ‘market techicians’ who harness their proficiencies, the profitability of which derives from extracting veritable slave labour from brown-skinned 12 year-olds throughout the Third World, are by no reasonable definition ‘unaware’ of what they are doing or its effects upon those enslaved. They are in no sense innocent of the sheer carnage induced by the sweatshops their energies are devoted to proliferating. Instead, they function as ‘desk murderers’. It includes not only the earlier mentioned and overwhelmingly white corps of brokers and finance techs who knowingly feed their bottom line from the rotting corpses of Third World children, but in a very real sense anyone who identifies with and seeks to defend either them, personally, or the order emblematized by their minds and deeds. Those who struggle to rationalize, justify and thus preserve either the mentality or its manifestations, have no more legitimate a basis for complaint with regard to whatever fate maybe imposed upon them by the multitudenous Others they’ve defiled.
My analysis doesn’t leave any wiggle room within which you can pronounce your own ‘innocence’, much less maintain your accustomed privilege of defining for everybody else what their options are, or ‘should’ be.”

(DV) Frank: An Interview with Ward Churchill (Part III) 10OCT2005

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