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Greek rape culture –>


Men are buying young, poverty stricken women for sex for the price of a sandwich as six years of painful austerity have pushed the European country to the financial brink and left women and children at the mercy of opportunistic sexual sadists, a new study showed Friday.

The study, which compiled data on more than 17,000 impoverished prostituted women in Greece, confirmed that men, like men anywhere, choose to buy women, including women in their own country, and traffickers can’t make a quid from sandwiches and must send their Eastern-European victims elsewhere.

Some men just do it because they can, and a starving woman who needs to eat is not in a position to say no” Gregory Laxos, a sociology professor at the Panteion University in Athens, told the London Times newspaper. “Others [do it] to because it is more pleasurable to pay to sexually abuse and rape a…

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