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The following poem is a work of fiction and bears no relation to existing people or events.

NSFW. Contains adult themes.

Serve me like a Jewish lawyer from Tarzana, CA
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2015 all rights reserved

Will you serve me like a Jewish lawyer from Tarzana, CA?
This stream of bullshit from your mouth straight into mine will last forever
And I will have a hernia
Carrying this elephant’s ass of a pile of motions and exhibits up the stairs
I trip over, fall down, rip my pants, now my bare ass is in the air
Lawyers, prosecutors, wardens, juries and judges line up to ass-rape me
Over the bench I go, now no one can help me
My asshole prolapses to the floor
I point and say, “My asshole looks just like you!”
And you say: “I’m not done with you little Greek whore.”
I flex a sinew
A vain attempt at escaping your grip
You hold me down
Defeated, I say, “well, then continue.”
You say: “You’re gonna watch me do this judge here.”
I say: “Can’t imagine more disgusting a sight.”
You laugh&say: “With a perverted mind like yours
I’m sure you’ll do alright.”
You chase the judge around the court room
Shouting: “I’ll browse your vagina as I leaf through this subpoena”
I watch you go down on the judge
Between her legs you go like carpet-cleaner
King Bill’s portrait on the wall
Oversees his majesty’s great kingdom SHITHOLELAND
The biggest crackden whorehouse of them all
I solemnly say: “A court room is a temple of democracy.
You want me to watch you fuck a judge in here?
How would you feel if I
Went into your synagogue and fucked your rabbi?”
Berzerk you go: “DON’T YOU INSULT MY RELIGION & ME!!!”
I shrug: “But you’re not even practicing Jew
So what the hell do you mean?”
The judge says: step into chambers, let’s go into my private office
From the keyhole I observe all the things you do to the judge’s willing orifice
The judge calls in security
They burst into her chambers and pin you to the floor
Rather than sit around and wait for the encore, lekker goor
I gather my prolapsed asshole and make a run for the door
Outside I look back over my shoulder
Just as the thunder strikes
I say, “Yikes!
A satanic mill
Situated at the top of the hill
of corruption and depravity
piling skyhigh towards the universe
a cesspit in reverse
if there ever was one.”
The justice is done.


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