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Canadian heavy metal master composer, sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist Heavy Devy aka Devin Townsend is a vegetarian and in the following 3 part video interview he is refreshingly sincere about his yearning for meat and the fact that he has eaten meat a few times even as a vegetarian. He also admits that meat tastes good, and that even after 20 years of vegetarianism he still remembers how good meat tasted. He tellingly says that “my problem is other vegetarians” because they preach and he compares their dogmatic adherence to vegetarianism to, quote, “a religion”, a comparison which is protected speech in his home-country but is apparently in violation of the preposterous defamation laws of the fascist censorious police state and SLAPP suit libel-tourism destination known as the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands. A must-see interview with someone with more sincerety and talent than the whole vegan animal rights movement combined:


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