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The following poem is a work of fiction. No relation to existing people or events is implied.

Antisemitic pornography (antifa freestyle poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2015 all rights reserved

a mohawk & cats
and a piece of Jewish ass
lower lower please says the mass
civilizations collide and clash
Expedition in the Jewish bush
“Humans are stupid” says a cat named toosh
“FUK U” writes another on a note
Abraham in the Torah slays another goat
Everything covered in blood and hair
Blue kitty nibbling on your ear
The Jewish pubic hair fascination
Mother, is just a temporal obsession
Lower still they all want to go
Cos you can never sink too low
They all ignore wide open eyes
Scared, and fluffy tails aside
What else is here, mantits with nipples
“He eats my tail” says purple and she dribbles
More cat-drool over keys and buttons
Startled she looks up when a sudden
Scream within a skull escapes
tilim and rapes and rapes and fades

I walk up to him and say
Hey, you’re a broke Jew with no assets
Thousands of dollars in debt paid off in facets
How does that work slaving for a fascist
Play klezmer with breakbeats for us
Jewboy acting funny
Instead I say:
“Good evening Sir, you don’t know me but I owe you money”

You’ve got your missiles
Got bunker-busters
I’ve been waiting for a devil in white
Between the Nakba and Intifada
CB-250-Ks, Tomahawks
Falcons and eagles
Stallions and apaches
Gonna get you one of these nights
Gonna find out what turns off your lights

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