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An article in the Guardian about human beings in cages laying prison eggs, aka prison labour. And the extremist vegan animal rights movement that wants to abolish animals in cages is a huge supporter and fan of the American industrial prison complex, and is advocating putting even more human beings in cages to lay prison eggs. What do you think all those newly established animal rights departments at American universities are for? To put more people in cages, as if the US doesn’t already a huge prison population:

To start, we can demand of our legislatures that all prison labor programs be based on voluntary participation. Meaning no disciplinary actions, lost good time or solitary confinement for refusing to work.

We can also insist that the terms of employment set by correctional agencies be fair. If prisoners are going to be working jobs similar to those on the outside, they should be protected by the same laws that protect workers on the outside, including wage and hour protections.

These are just a couple of the steps that we should begin taking if we are serious about building a society that has not only cage-free dinner tables but also cage-free industry.


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