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Finally! A vegan who gets it!

Why veganism will NOT end world hunger

“Hunger is about profit and distribution!”. I had been shouting this for years on Twitter! Finally, a vegan who gets it!
What the vegan animal rights movement never tells you: about 50% of meat products in the shops aren’t bought at all and just end up at your local garbage heap –>

Does the animal rights movement protest against this blatant waste of animals? NO, too busy guilt-tripping and censoring everyone and telling them what to put in their mouths. The problem is clearly the industrial meat industry killing more than it can sell, but don’t you dare point this out. This also shows why individual people choosing not to eat meat won’t do anything to end waste on the part of the meat industries, because they basically already waste 50% of their animals, and this staggering loss of 50% is already calculated into their profits, most of which predictions are based on the amount of subsidies they get rather than actual profits made anyway.

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