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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Do you hate your asshole ex boyfriend? I have just the film for you!
This animation is for all the ladies out there with asshole exes. ROTFL guaranteed!

Why isn’t this video given Vimeo Staff Pick yet? Because Vimeo is run by male dicks, that’s why. Only a man would refuse to see the humour in this kickass animation and refuse to give it Staff Pick status for punishment, lest more women see it and laugh at/with it.

Canadian heavy metal master composer, sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist Heavy Devy aka Devin Townsend is a vegetarian and in the following 3 part video interview he is refreshingly sincere about his yearning for meat and the fact that he has eaten meat a few times even as a vegetarian. He also admits that meat tastes good, and that even after 20 years of vegetarianism he still remembers how good meat tasted. He tellingly says that “my problem is other vegetarians” because they preach and he compares their dogmatic adherence to vegetarianism to, quote, “a religion”, a comparison which is protected speech in his home-country but is apparently in violation of the preposterous defamation laws of the fascist censorious police state and SLAPP suit libel-tourism destination known as the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands. A must-see interview with someone with more sincerety and talent than the whole vegan animal rights movement combined:



The following poem is a work of fiction. No relation to existing people or events is implied.

Antisemitic pornography (antifa freestyle poem)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2015 all rights reserved

a mohawk & cats
and a piece of Jewish ass
lower lower please says the mass
civilizations collide and clash
Expedition in the Jewish bush
“Humans are stupid” says a cat named toosh
“FUK U” writes another on a note
Abraham in the Torah slays another goat
Everything covered in blood and hair
Blue kitty nibbling on your ear
The Jewish pubic hair fascination
Mother, is just a temporal obsession
Lower still they all want to go
Cos you can never sink too low
They all ignore wide open eyes
Scared, and fluffy tails aside
What else is here, mantits with nipples
“He eats my tail” says purple and she dribbles
More cat-drool over keys and buttons
Startled she looks up when a sudden
Scream within a skull escapes
tilim and rapes and rapes and fades

I walk up to him and say
Hey, you’re a broke Jew with no assets
Thousands of dollars in debt paid off in facets
How does that work slaving for a fascist
Play klezmer with breakbeats for us
Jewboy acting funny
Instead I say:
“Good evening Sir, you don’t know me but I owe you money”

You’ve got your missiles
Got bunker-busters
I’ve been waiting for a devil in white
Between the Nakba and Intifada
CB-250-Ks, Tomahawks
Falcons and eagles
Stallions and apaches
Gonna get you one of these nights
Gonna find out what turns off your lights

An article in the Guardian about human beings in cages laying prison eggs, aka prison labour. And the extremist vegan animal rights movement that wants to abolish animals in cages is a huge supporter and fan of the American industrial prison complex, and is advocating putting even more human beings in cages to lay prison eggs. What do you think all those newly established animal rights departments at American universities are for? To put more people in cages, as if the US doesn’t already a huge prison population:

To start, we can demand of our legislatures that all prison labor programs be based on voluntary participation. Meaning no disciplinary actions, lost good time or solitary confinement for refusing to work.

We can also insist that the terms of employment set by correctional agencies be fair. If prisoners are going to be working jobs similar to those on the outside, they should be protected by the same laws that protect workers on the outside, including wage and hour protections.

These are just a couple of the steps that we should begin taking if we are serious about building a society that has not only cage-free dinner tables but also cage-free industry.

Steven Salaita: “Many genocides have been glorified without a single inappropriate speech act”.

The fascist censorious judiciary in the Netherlands who keep issuing one censorious verdict after another, they know that appropriate language is no indication of a polite or civilized or even law-abiding society but that such language rather serves to cover up and hide crimes against humanity. Fascism hides behind civility, and indeed, “a word becomes more relevant than an array of war crimes.”, in a society that sacrifices free speech on the altar of civility like The Netherlands does. The whole judiciary profits from the fascist SLAPP-suit and libel-tourism industries, and freedom of speech is a cheap price to pay when there is money to be made from censorship.

Must-read essay, go and read the entire thing –>

My tweets might appear uncivil, but such a judgment can’t be made in an ideological or rhetorical vacuum. Insofar as “civil” is profoundly racialized and has a long history of demanding conformity, I frequently choose incivility as a form of communication. This choice is both moral and rhetorical.

The piety and sanctimony of my critics is most evident in their hand-wringing about my use of curse words. While I am proud to share something in common with Richard Pryor, J.D. Salinger, George Carlin, S.E. Hinton, Maya Angelou, Judy Blume, and countless others who have offended the priggish, I confess to being confused as to why obscenity is such an issue to those who supposedly devote their lives to analyzing the endless nuances of public expression. Academics are usually eager to contest censorship and deconstruct vague charges of vulgarity. When it comes to defending Israel, though, anything goes. If there’s no serious moral or political argument in response to criticism of Israel, then condemn the speaker for various failures of “tone” and “appropriateness.” Emphasis placed on the speaker and not on Israel. A word becomes more relevant than an array of war crimes.

Even by the tendentious standards of “civility,” my comments on Twitter (and elsewhere) are more defensible than the accusations used to defame me. The most deplorable acts of violence germinate in high society. Many genocides have been glorified (or planned) around dinner tables adorned with forks and knives made from actual silver, without a single inappropriate speech act having occurred.

Excerpted from the book _Uncivil Rites: Palestine and the Limits of Academic Freedom_ by Steven Salaita

Must-read commentary from the Mickey Z Says blog regarding the research into veganism and depression I posted last week –>

Finally! A vegan who gets it!

Why veganism will NOT end world hunger

“Hunger is about profit and distribution!”. I had been shouting this for years on Twitter! Finally, a vegan who gets it!
What the vegan animal rights movement never tells you: about 50% of meat products in the shops aren’t bought at all and just end up at your local garbage heap –>

Does the animal rights movement protest against this blatant waste of animals? NO, too busy guilt-tripping and censoring everyone and telling them what to put in their mouths. The problem is clearly the industrial meat industry killing more than it can sell, but don’t you dare point this out. This also shows why individual people choosing not to eat meat won’t do anything to end waste on the part of the meat industries, because they basically already waste 50% of their animals, and this staggering loss of 50% is already calculated into their profits, most of which predictions are based on the amount of subsidies they get rather than actual profits made anyway.

Animal rights extremists invading a steak restaurant under the false pretense of wanting to eat dog-meat there, then screaming at the customers and holding up signs as they chant. IMO, THIS is an example of real harassment and stalking. The group is apparently called “Direct Action Everywhere” or DAE and is a group that is denounced even by vegans themselves, as the author of the above video makes clear with the subtitle of her video: “This is why people think vegans are crazy”.

Exactly what I have been arguing. People with a mental disorder go vegan or vegetarian because it gives them an excuse to cover up and present their mental disorder in a way that makes it acceptable for society (“Oh, I am not germophobic, I just don’t like to eat dead things.”, etc).

“The analysis of the respective ages at adoption of a vegetarian diet and onset of a mental disorder showed that the adoption of the vegetarian diet tends to follow the onset of mental disorders. (…)
[O]ur results strongly corroborate the past findings in smaller samples of adolescents and young adults, which have demonstrated that in contrast to physical health, a vegetarian diet is not associated with better mental health.
 [O]ur results are more consistent with the view that the experience of a mental disorder increases the probability of choosing a vegetarian diet”

This one is also telling:

“Vegetarians displayed elevated prevalence rates for depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and somatoform disorders.”

Huh, so much for veganism supposedly making vegans feel better :\

The 12-month and lifetime prevalence rates of depressive disorders were elevated in the completely vegetarian group. Prevalence rates of the complete vegetarians are nearly 15% higher than of the non-vegetarians. Moreover, vegetarians consistently showed higher rates of anxiety disorders.

Importantly, we found no evidence for a causal role of vegetarian diet in the etiology of mental disorders. Rather, our results are more consistent with the view that the experience of a mental disorder increases the probability of choosing a vegetarian diet, or that psychological factors influence both the probability of choosing a vegetarian diet and the probability of developing a mental disorder.