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This following article reads like science fiction, but is about real medical science within our grasp:
I am just waiting for all the vegan animal rights anti-vivisection extremist to crawl out of the woodwork and attack the doctor, dr Sergio Canavero, and patient Valery Spiridonov – a 30-year-old computer scientist born with Werdnig-Hoffman disease Genetic muscle-wasting disorder has left him seriously disabled since birth – who are going to undertake this pioneering transplantation, the medical equivalent of a manned mission to Mars … because head-transplants have been tested on animals first. In 1970 Dr Robert White transplanted the head of one monkey onto the body of another to the horror of anti-vivisectionists.

People, you cannot be vegan and support this progress of medical science. All of it is based on animal testing. The fillngs in your mouth have been tested on animals. The only way to be a vegan and not be a hypocrite is to avoid getting a tooth-filling. You cannot be vegan and support the rights of the disabled to a new life. If eye or ear transplantations became possible making it possible for the blind to see and for the deaf to hear, animal rights and anti-vivisection activists would oppose these because they have been tested on animals.

So, I am waiting for an animal rights anti-vivisectionist to look mr Spiridonov in the eye and tell him he has no right to undergo this pioneering surgical procedure because it’s entirely and completely made possible by animal testing.
This story perfectly illustrates why doctors must be trained by means of vivisection: because doctors have to be able to perform surgery under unforseen and extreme circumstances. A surgeon might have to perform surgery in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, or in a war zone, or in the aftermath a massive accident or disaster, as the anesthetic is running out and people’s wounded bodies  still lining up in need of life-saving surgery. How can a doctor ever hope to perform under such unforseen and extreme circumstances if they have not been somewhat desensitized to the prospect of such surgery through vivisection first? The suggestion by these animal rights anti-vivisection extremists, that vivisection is nothing more than sadistic cruelty and serves no legitimate purpose in medical science is clearly false. In a perfect world there would be no need for vivisection, sure, but then again, in a perfect world the anesthetic would never run out during a massive crisis.

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