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Monthly Archives: September 2015

I know all about being fucked by fucking fucks (political satire monologue)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2015 all rights reserved

I know all about being fucked by fucking fucks using fucks to get the fucks to really fuck shit up, as in this fucking video:

BTW, I myself once fucked hard a particular fuck by exposing the real fucking name of that fuck, a male fuck, if you must know, because afterall I am a fucking manhating castrating feminist feminazi, a male fuck who nevertheless distinctly resembles the female fuck on the right in this fucking comic, who also went to the same international fucks mentioned in this fucking video and told them that everything on the planet was fucked because the fucking animals were fucked by fuckers or something like that, or maybe he said something about fucking Tibet being fucked by China, don’t remember exactly which of the two fucks, maybe both fucks or either or some other fucking thing, fuck it, I can’t remember. The fuck was a Tourettic fuck so me calling them a fuck doesn’t matter, because they themselves get through an average fucking day going like fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck nonstop. Where the fuck was I again? Oh, right, this fuck went on to unconsensually fuck his Australian fuck-buddy, a fucking assault commonly known as “rape” so as to not be confused it with a regular fuck. The fuck hired a fuck to contact the other fucks mentioned in the video to turn the fucking tables and make his ex-fuck seem like the fucker when the fuck has the one who really fucked her up. The fact that fucks like this rapist fuck are invited to speak to the international fucks in the video at the same time as we fucking feminists are invited there to speak doesn’t mean fuck all, because the international fucks regularly invite complete and utter fucks to write fucking reports for them, like the fucked-up one with the fucked-up footnotes that prompted this fucking video, or to speak to them about many different fucking things they have no fucking clue about. So I wouldn’t give too much of a fuck about this. Fuck does as fuck is. Fucks of a tail-feather stick together and fuck. You know the fucking score.


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This following article reads like science fiction, but is about real medical science within our grasp:
I am just waiting for all the vegan animal rights anti-vivisection extremist to crawl out of the woodwork and attack the doctor, dr Sergio Canavero, and patient Valery Spiridonov – a 30-year-old computer scientist born with Werdnig-Hoffman disease Genetic muscle-wasting disorder has left him seriously disabled since birth – who are going to undertake this pioneering transplantation, the medical equivalent of a manned mission to Mars … because head-transplants have been tested on animals first. In 1970 Dr Robert White transplanted the head of one monkey onto the body of another to the horror of anti-vivisectionists.

People, you cannot be vegan and support this progress of medical science. All of it is based on animal testing. The fillngs in your mouth have been tested on animals. The only way to be a vegan and not be a hypocrite is to avoid getting a tooth-filling. You cannot be vegan and support the rights of the disabled to a new life. If eye or ear transplantations became possible making it possible for the blind to see and for the deaf to hear, animal rights and anti-vivisection activists would oppose these because they have been tested on animals.

So, I am waiting for an animal rights anti-vivisectionist to look mr Spiridonov in the eye and tell him he has no right to undergo this pioneering surgical procedure because it’s entirely and completely made possible by animal testing.
This story perfectly illustrates why doctors must be trained by means of vivisection: because doctors have to be able to perform surgery under unforseen and extreme circumstances. A surgeon might have to perform surgery in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, or in a war zone, or in the aftermath a massive accident or disaster, as the anesthetic is running out and people’s wounded bodies  still lining up in need of life-saving surgery. How can a doctor ever hope to perform under such unforseen and extreme circumstances if they have not been somewhat desensitized to the prospect of such surgery through vivisection first? The suggestion by these animal rights anti-vivisection extremists, that vivisection is nothing more than sadistic cruelty and serves no legitimate purpose in medical science is clearly false. In a perfect world there would be no need for vivisection, sure, but then again, in a perfect world the anesthetic would never run out during a massive crisis.

Here is a list of some of the most pervasive BS you will hear from the hardcore animal rights anti-vivisection movement, and how it has been debunked by recent Dutch governmental research into the use of animal testing in the Netherlands:

– there are alternatives to animal testing that are just as good as or better than the animal equivalents DEBUNKED: These alternative methods have never been and cannot be tested vis a vis animal testing because it would be prohibitively expensive to do so. Apparently not a single one of these animal rights organizations fighting vivisection has ever bothered to put aside even a fraction of their millions of dollars to perform these tests conclusively proving the viability of alternatives: “Alternative methods are permitted, but it must be demonstrated that these have the same predictive value as animal testing.”

the alternative tests are economically viable DEBUNKED See basically what I just wrote about above. Alternative methods may only be used if the lab can prove that they are as good or better than animal testing. No one can afford to do that for alternative methods, not a single animal rights organization wants to fund this research (obviously because they too run the risk of being debunked by science showing these alternative methods to be lacking) so that makes the use of alternatives prohibitively expensive. “In practice, the required validation procedure is often complicated, costly and time-consuming.”

it is because of the antiquated laws that alternative testing isn’t adopted DEBUNKED It’s not the law that is the problem. The Dutch law explicitly allows for alternative testing methods that do not employ lab animals. It is the lack of evidence proving alternative methods to be a viable alternative that is the problem. It is perfectly sane to have a law that defines a threshold for alternative methods to reach before widespread acceptance. The real threshold, however, is science itself holding itself up to task. It is scientific guidelines, and not laws, that necessitate the use of animals: “For instance, medicines must be evaluated in accordance with strict scientific guidelines. These guidelines are not legally binding, but they do determine whether marketing authorization is eventually granted. Although the guidelines devote extensive attention to reducing animal testing, they make frequent references to such tests and contain requirements that any alternatives to animal testing must meet.”
Every single one of these arguments is debunked by the following research conducted by the Dutch government. How did the usual suspects in the extremist American animal rights movement respond to this research. They didn
‘t. I haven’t found a single article on a single animal rights/anti-vivisection website respond to the findings of this recent Dutch research. The research was published in English and made freely available on the internet as a .pdf download (no need to go through an academic paywall to get it), seemingly as a come-on to the anti-vivisectionists to read it and respond to it, but they wouldn’t. They have to act like this research and its findings do not exist.
Press release from the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (Dutch: Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu or simply RIVM) about this new research:

Link to the .pdf of the research itself (in English, 50 pages):

Other articles about the research:

Translated title: “Animal testing is still the best way to perform tests”

Translated title: “Scientific practice maintains animal testing”

Quoting from

De geneesmiddelenwetgeving belemmert het gebruik van alternatieven niet, maar stimuleert het ook nauwelijks, aldus het RIVM. (…)
Uit het onderzoek blijkt onder meer dat er een gebrek is aan alternatieve methoden die de dierproeven kunnen vervangen. Ook worden nieuwe alternatieve manieren niet altijd in alle landen geaccepteerd door registratieautoriteiten.

Today I discovered the following amazing research project on wordpress: The Campaign Against Sex Robots

Here is the comment I left on their blog:

To whom it may concern,

I want to thank you profoundly for initiating your project. I consider it a necessary intervention in an artificial intelligence and computer science milieu where people who purport to be serious scholars are either ignoring the research demonstrating negative mental effects or they are, at worst, cracking jokes on the topic of robots and sexual abuse. I offer for your and your readers’  consideration the following example:

This is a video of Wikileaks’ volunteer and The Tor Project’s developer Jacob Appelbaum, an individual who has apparenty made a name for themselves in the cryptopgraphic field, pitching an idea for a robot as an art project “under a grant from the Austrian government” in Vienna. Appelbaum was the photographer at an art event, a festival about cocktail robots, and – this is Jacob Appelbaum’s definition of ‘funny’ – in the above video clip he jokes:

“Let’s replace bar-tenders and bar-sluts with robots.”

“How about a robot that mixes drinks, slips GHB [aka the rape drug] into them, and then, if you can communicate somehow to them that you love it, it will open a hole, and you can have sex with it, and it will slide out a phallus, and then you can have sex with it. It’s wonderful, because when it’s all done, it can light your sigaret. Socialism works kids!”

Jacob Appelbaum apparently thought that cracking rape-jokes about a bar-tender/bar-slut robot secretly slipping GHB into people’s drinks so they can have sex was acceptable “humour”. This is a prime example of the normalization of abuse using robots as an excuse to do so.

This man now holds an academic position at a supposedly respectable Dutch university in the city of Eindhoven, an institution which apparently has no problem with lending credence and respectability to someone with such deplorable views on the topic of the ethics of robotics. Strangely, Jacob Appelbaum has spoken out against the misuse of drone robots in bombing missions. People must understand that perpetrating sexual abuse through the use of robots is just another kind of harm. It is no different from pedophiles infiltrating websites like Second Life and programming 3D avatars of children to sexually abuse.

This is why your research and website are needed: to counter exactly such views as the ones detailed above. The computer science and artificial intelligence fields must understand that such sexualized views and uses of robots are unacceptable and unethical. Thank you once again for everything you do and I wish you all the best with your project.

drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(MA Media Studies, University of Amsterdam, class of 2001)

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Dismantle DxE

Dear Animal Rights Community,

The misery, torture, and sheer suffering animals endure at the hands of our capitalist economy has outraged us. We have all seen gruesome footage of what it means to be an animal in the modern day factory farm and have chosen to side with compassion. We have made a decision to work towards creating a world where animal oppression is no longer a reality. We, as animal rights activists, do our best to ensure that animals’ voices are represented, that animals are given the dignity they deserve, and that our fellow humans are awakened to the unfathomable violence embedded in their everyday choices.

As activists in the animal rights community, we also recognize that the suffering of humans, based on systems of power and privilege rooted in colonialism, is very much connected to animal oppression. Therefore, we acknowledge the necessary social justice activism baseline of intersectionality…

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The following part of this blog entry is pure fiction. No relation to existing people or events is implied.

NSFW; contains adult themes.

Say anything (short story, fiction)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2015 all rights reserved

The ugly girl with the purple gray hair types: “I love you, please talk to me”, then deletes that sentence. Instead she types some bullshit about wanting to do play-piercings on an erect penis. She asks him to send her a picture of his member and he instantly obliges. The ugly girl with the purple gray hair fires up her favourite editing program, The Gimp with the Crooked Linux, and adds a number of fake needles to the home porn she’s just received, dripping fake blood all over the icky mess. Upon reception he praises the result. He doesn’t even have his ears pierced.

“I will say anything, anything, anything, to keep you talking to me.”, she types, and then deletes that sentence. Instead she makes up a bunch of bullshit about owning whips and ropes and clamps and  doing home sessions with her girlfriend. Every lonely boy on the internet with a bondage fetish is intrigued at girls doing girls. Facebook is a free-for-all if you know where to look for these girls. He thought he’d hit gold after all these years.

“I want the undivided attention of your blue eyes.” she types, then hates herself for writing down something so tacky and semi-half-assed poetic. Fuck, if she goes on like this, she might as well send him a link to that stupid Limp Bizkit cover and get it over with. She deletes it. More bullshit about erotic asphyxation and choking men with her bare hands. She couldn’t mercy kill some roadkill if she had to.

The not-so-genteel cat-lady pops up in another chat window. “She claims on her wall that she is married to a woman, is this more bullshit posturing on her part or is she really a lesbian married to a woman?”.

“Yep”, he types and closes the window. Investigative, probing puss. Not now.

The chat window pops back up again. “Oh, wonderful, a lesbian who confesses her extreme S&M fantasies to some guy on the internet instead of having a nice hot&horny session with her, um, pretend-wife? I’m sorry, your friend is such an asshole and you, Sir, are a complete dumbass.”

He really doesn’t want to manage two chats in between his crotch. He clicks away the cat-lady, who comes back up with a vengeance and her seven cats hissing at him. “Believe you me, Sir, her girlfriend was probably reading along with all the bullshit she was feeding you over the chat, and laughing all the way. You don’t need these people in your life. There are people who will love you and accept you. These people are not interested in your emotional or physical well-being.”. A link to a Youtube video follows. It’s that Lauryn Hill song again. “Don’t be a hardrock when you’re really a gem, baby girl”. “I can totally see why people call her “γλυκούλα.” says the cat-lady, followed by a puke sticker. “Look! Greek rhyme!” she jokes. He ignores her.

“You and I are so alike.”, he types. The ugly girl with the purple gray hair responds with: “Υπέροχος είσαι! heart-emoticon “. He just told her his abduction fantasy, his great secret that he had never told anyone before. He doesn’t even have a car.

The cat-lady, no more paws, all claws on the keyboard, posts a link to the song Liar, which startles him somewhat because of the implicit serendipity. “I told her: GOOD BYE AND FUCK YOU TOO, LIAR, POSEUR, PRETENDER and above all MAJOR HYPOCRITE. I know an abuser when I see one, that woman is an abuser. She publishes all her work on a website filled with the work of rape apologists, yet she calls you a rapist? Look at you, you’d rather hurt yourself before hurting anyone else.”. He wishes the catty ranting would stop. The ugly girl with the purple gray hair continues brainstorming up one crazy fantasy after another. She types that she would like to break a cat’s neck just to watch the bone protrude, which instantly makes him feel better. He closes his eyes and images his new heroine breaking the neck of the cat-lady, them together watching the bone protrude, holding hands inside a hot pot so close to boiling point, spilling over.

“She’s got a noose around your neck.”, warns the cat-lady. He looks down down at his skinny legs, down at the ropes. “NO, THE NOOSE ISN’T THERE, IT’S THERE, THERE, AROUND YOUR NECK!”. Puss in caps. Loud puss. Loud puss must shut up.

This reminds me of ‘When Josh raped Shelley’.“, complains the cat-lady. “I am watching that same trainwreck all over again with different people.”.
“I will be your accident if you will be my ambulance/And I will be your screech and crash if you will be my crutch and cast.”, he types.
“Got you where I want you motherfucker. You are every motherfucker who wouldn’t look at me.”, thinks the ugly purple gray haired girl. “I am so in love with you.”, she types and deletes it.

Proof that veganism is unsustainable, and why the humans of the future will be omnis in space, quoted from the UK Business Insider:

Normally, humans are hardwired to cheat on any kind of diet, which is another reason it is so difficult to study caloric restriction. But now the Biosphere had presented Walford with eight captive lab rats, for two years. Their so‑called healthy starvation diet was heavy on fruits (they grew bananas, papayas, and kumquats), and a long list of vegetables, nuts, and legumes, plus a handful of eggs, dairy from their goats, and a very small amount of tilapia and chicken.

Only 10 percent of their calories came from fat, and they ate meat only on Sundays. All this was supposed to fuel them through eighty-hour weeks of serious manual labor, including tending the crops, maintaining heavy equipment, pruning back vines that climbed the glass-steel walls, and even donning scuba gear to clean the fish tanks.

Not surprisingly, the Terranauts lost weight like sumo wrestlers in a steam room, shedding pounds until their average BMI dropped below twenty for men and women alike (or in scientific terms, “really skinny”). One man lost 58 pounds, going from a portly 208 to a sleek 150.

They lost weight so fast that Walford grew concerned that their fat cells were releasing toxins, like pesticides and pollutants, back into their bodies. They were indeed, he found, but the strict diet and heavy physical workload also caused more immediate problems, like that they were starving.

Continued harassment and lurking from unknown American IP addresses targeting my blog. The record plainly shows that these are targeted visits by someone in the US who already has the link to my blog:

On the 17th of August 2015, someone visited my blog either using a proxy or Tor. Their IP address or whereabouts were not recorded.

On the 19th of August 2015, my blog was visited 3 times by unknown Americans using American IP addresses. There was nothing for Americans to see on the blog on that day.

On the 21st of August 2015, someone visited my blog either using a proxy or Tor. Their IP address or whereabouts were not recorded.

On the 26th of August 2015, my blog was visited 1 time by unknown Americans using American IP addresses. There was nothing for Americans to see on the blog on that day.

The next day, on the 27th of August 2015, my blog was visited again by unknown Americans using American IP addresses. There was nothing for Americans to see on the blog on that day.

On the 29th of August 2015, my blog was visited 3 times by unknown Americans using American IP addresses. There was nothing for Americans to see on the blog on that day. They looked up specific entries on the blog, meaning, they already had these entries and the associated URLs at hand.

On the 31st of August 2015, my blog was visited 1 time by unknown Americans using American IP addresses. There was nothing for Americans to see on the blog on that day.

On the 2nd of September 2015, my blog was visited 5 times by unknown Americans using American IP addresses. There was nothing for Americans to see on the blog on that day. One of them used the search term “mariatechnosux wordpress” for Google, meaning, this person already knew about my blog.

The next day, on the 3rd of September 2015, my blog was visited 1 time by unknown Americans using American IP addresses. There was nothing for Americans to see on the blog on that day.

On the 5th of September 2015, my blog was visited 1 time by unknown Americans using American IP addresses. There was nothing for Americans to see on the blog on that day. No referrers were recorded, meaning, this person already had the link to my blog.

On the 7th of September 2015, my blog was visited twice by unknown Americans using American IP addresses. There was nothing for Americans to see on the blog on that day. No referrers were recorded, meaning, this person already had the link to my blog. Also, this person visited specific entries.

On the 8th of September 2015, my blog was visited 1 time by unknown Americans using American IP addresses. There was nothing for Americans to see on the blog on that day. No referrers were recorded, meaning, this person already had the link to my blog.

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