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I can’t stop laughing at all the smart-ass comments underneath the Calvin Harris/HAIM “Pray to God” video on HAIM, in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, are basically three American-Jewish Stevie Nicks clones, and Calvin Harris is making a killing being a mainstream producer producing that big depthless crystal clear sound that is so typical of contemporary songs, and borrowing Danielle Haim’s voice for the occassion. HAIM originally had a sound that was more reminiscent of Tori Amos’ first album before she made Little Earthquakes, Y Kant Tori Read (that’s right boys and girls, THIS and THIS is the sound HAIM were aiming for, not Fleetwood Mac like all the wannabe hippies are telling you!), but it wasn’t mainstream enough for their new record label, so in comes Calvin Harris and in comes M83 to give HAIM a mainstream make-over.

But anyway, here’s an anthology of the funniest Youtube comments underneath HAIM’s attempt at mainstreamization:

– How can they look like Voldemort, Jane Volturi from twilight series and Madison Montgomery from AHS Coven at the same time ?!?!?!?!

– They could of moved around a bit more, just standing there for the majority of video

– So the video is just those three girls standing there and animals…..
– Actually, there is air, fake snow, fake trees, oxygen, backgrounds, twigs, soil, fake grass, lights, stars and rose petals :3 you were so wrong xDD

– I think PETA is going to be very angry at this video because it contains real animals.
– Jump off something tall please.
– What the hell are you talking about?
– he told u to commit suicide
– Hey! That’s not nice to say that!
– You’re a smart one…

– like in the biggining, the middle one, excuse me for not knowing the name , looks like she had drugs before the video clip was shot…
– looks like she had drugs but in a gorgeous way. yes

– At 1:35 did anyone else notice a red circle appear on her face and disappear
– Yes and there are two after 2:59 
– Lol I thought I was seeing things

The music video kinda tell u about Israel. Heres what the characters represent:
HAIM=Kingdom Of Israel
Bunny= I dunno..could be Bibi

– You DUMBASSES, the God he is talking about is SATAN! The symbolism is subtle but CLEAR. Calvin Harris worships Satan along with all the other Tidal cult morons! That is the purpose of Tidal, to unite all those in music who worship Lucifer. Time to WAKE UP, the CRAZY IS REAL, these type of ideologies run all throughout government and those with power or wealth.


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