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Monthly Archives: December 2014

The following part of this blog entry is pure fiction and no relation to existing people or events is implied.

The Terror Pissed All Over Me (short story)
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c)2014 all rights reserved

I looked at the Terror Pissed off at the fact that I wouldn’t give into his soothing words, that I was untouched by all his acquired cunning and trickery. This session had actually been what you might call eventful, more of an event than all the previous sessions or any session the Terror Pissed and drunk on other people’s ego had experienced in his entire career. The Terror Pissed all over me like a mudslide submerging a Californian hillside home. With a swift kick to the nuts I brought the Terror Pissed into a cupped bow, then in a fetus position on the floor, saving myself before I drowned completely in his bullshit. “Some Terror Pissed you are,” I said and laughed. “You don’t scare me. I know everything you say is a lie, none of it is true. I’ve been seeing you for years and years, I know you, I know you all too well.”. The Terror Pissed its pants in fear.

you lie

you lie

“Will you at least pay me for this session? I need to pay the rent of this practice.”, begged the Terror Pissed on and off again like a child playing with the lightswitch, aiming for the toilet bowl but still hitting the floor.
“You want my money? Is that what you want? MONEY-ΧΕΣΤΟΟΟ!” I shouted like a rabble rouser and kicked the Terror Pissed in the nuts again. I went to the terror pissed all over me and guess how I choked him guess who I killed him guess how I gutted him. I said: I am trying to have fun no matter what I do, you bloody mess of a fool.


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 980 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 16 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

In response to the following comment by Nostalzi which I found in my inbox:

> WTF.

Yes, and good hello to you to too :\

> You are attacking Voulgaris for advocating pedophilia.

That’s right and I am still surprised I am the only one who is calling him out on his pedo-friendly posturing. If you or I or anyone we know were posting comments on Facebook listing a de facto banned child pornography movie amongst our all-time favourites the way Alexander does when he off-handedly mentions and causally sneaks in the child pornography movie Maladolescenza into his list of his favourite movies, we would not be receiving film funding from the Greek government or glowing profiles all over the free press. We would be receiving a battalion of cops at our front doors busting our door down for promoting de facto child pornography on the internet. No one even realized Alexander was praising a de facto child pornography movie when he mentioned Maladolescenza. I bet you yourself didn’t look it up either to see what type of a movie it was and if you did you clearly didn’t care enough to show that you care. Which just goes to show the cultural acumen that Alexander commands in Greece amongst the hipster crowd: people uncriticially swallow whatever he posts on Facebook, much to his perverse delight I’d imagine.

> You are entitled in your opinion, but please.

Read what I wrote, read the articles I linked up to. Do some research like I did. It’s not my “opinion”, it’s the opinion of the courts of two Western countries both of which are known to be sexually more open-minded than any other country on the planet. It’s their courts that have declared this movie unacceptable and criminal and contraband child pornography.

> To state my reply to your questions, during his screenings he would show movies of pornographic content, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Well, thank you for clearing that one up, but who are YOU again to judge what is to be considered “ordinary”? Are you a sexuologist? How dare you declare yourself an authority on what people consider to be sexually “normal”?

> Nothing that people do not do with their partners in their bedroom.

And how would you know this, again? How do you know what people are up to in their bedrooms? Do they let you in while they are at it so you can have a look? If that’s the case you know you can make a killing blogging about THAT! XD

> If you never had sex with your partner, no matter what male or female, then I can see how you are shocked by such contents.

Hahahahahaha. Are you saying I am a prude because I hate child pornography? *Whatevaaah*

And I am sorry, I am not going to discuss my private sex life with someone who is arrogant enough to declare themselves an authority on the topic of people’s sex lives and what is to be considered “normal” or “ordinary”. People’s sex lives have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the topic at hand: Alexander gets to adovocate an illegal activity, in this case child pornography, because he is “the son of”, whereas virtually any other person who would do the same thing would be loudly condemned and shunned if not subject to criminal charges.

> I never felt uncomfortable with his movies, I never felt he was showing cases of abuse, or pedophilia.

That’s nice for you, I commend your state of desensitization, but again, what does your “feeling” about the movies he was showing you and the other kids in class have to do with the topic I am raising? Which is that someone is being let of the hook because he is a member of a cultural oikogeniocracy in Greece?

> This is ridiculous. Instead of attacking pop artists, greek or not, who are being adored by millions and constantly degrade women and their bodies, who treat the female human body as if it is the cheapest meat on the market, as if women’s only role is to decorative, you attack a person that is extremely talented and honest.

Honest about his pedophilia apologetics, you mean? That absolutely. Alexander might not be “adored by millions” (though every single young Greek person I have met and spoken to seems to know his music) but read some of his lyrics, and you will see that he too “constantly degrades women and their bodies, treats the female human body as if it is the cheapest meat on the market, as if women’s only role is to decorative”. The brother of a friend attended Alex and his friend Felizol’s DJ set at the Thessaloniki Film Festival and he told us the entire set was 100% women-degrading R N’B, the Nellies and the Ushers and the R Kellys and 50 Cents and Robin Thicke blurred lines American rape-glorifying bullshit of this world.

Listen very closely to the lyrics of this song by Alex, Blurred Lines is tame compared to this:

And yes, Alexander is admittedly very talented, but he is squandering away that talent with his silly transgression art posturing and his sickening flirtation with pedophilia. I have studied his music closely and I have even translated some of his lyrics. I was originally going to write an essay about his Sunbathing album and it was because I was researching that album that I discovered his pedophilia advocacy and apologetics, became disgusted and decided to write an entirely different essay from the one I originally had in mind. I think he could be writing the next and Greek version of The Wall (by Pink Floyd) but he says he’d rather be making Maladolescenzas and raping children with cameras in his movies. That’s certainly a waste of talent, to put it mildly.

> People in Greece need to open their minds. Seriously.

You know how the saying goes: “If you open your mind too much people will pour a lot of shit into it.”. Alexander advocating child pornography on Facebook without you or anyone else noticing it or saying something about it, that’s someone pouring shit into your wide open mind.