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Οποιαδήποτε εικονα σ’αυτην την σελίδα είναι αποκλειστικά παροδική και διασκεδαστική και δεν αναφέρεται σε καμία περίπτωση σε πραγματικες ειδήσεις.

Or, to translate the avove, “all imagery in this blog entry constitutes political satire conceived for entertainment purposes only and does not in any way refer to actual news events”. I honestly wish this notice weren’t necessary, but some of you fascist dumbasses out there still don’t understand that there is something called political satire, have never heard of Guy Debord (and won’t look him up now that I’ve mentioned him, he did everything I’m doing below in the last century) and still think The Onion is a real news site, so unfortunately I have to place this disclaimer at the top for you humourless ignoramuses.

The "maiden-white" terrorist breaks his vow of silence and introduces himself by means of a communique

The “maiden-white” terrorist breaks his vow of silence and introduces himself by means of a communique


Following and timing the route towards the Greek terrorist crime lab


Epic fight at the Greek coffee-shop to detain the “daaangerous” Greek terrorist


This would’ve been the escape route of the Greek terrorists


The impeccably trained Greek terrorist of the Revolutionary Struggle group showing off his RPG launching-skills


Survival instructions for jailed comrades: seek power in large numbers!


The take-over Master Plan of the Greek terrorists


Greek terrorists rely on their handwritten notebooks and avoid all cellphones and computers


Will Greeks now lose free access to Facebook due to Greek terrorism?


Again: will Greeks lose free access to Facebook due to Greek terrorism?!


Greek prez sez: we’ve reached the point of no return

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