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Continuing my list of my favourite shorts at the 2014 edition of the Drama Short Film Festival. Trailers provided where availble. Some film-makers were kind and generous enough to make their shorts available for free viewing online, so check them out!

Short Film Festival of Drama 2014 – Wednesday highlights
List assembled by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou

When I was a child, Maryam Kashkoolinia, no trailer

Julia, Jaime Avendano, trailer

Fallin’ Floyd, Albert ‘t Hooft & Paco Vink, trailer

Detour, Michael Leong-Huat Kam, trailer

Hairs, Eleonora Veninova, trailer

Hear me out, Andronikos-Konstantinos Dimopoulos, trailer
Unfortunately I have to link-up to for the trailer because they seem to be the only ones who have a trailer up:
Scroll all the way to the bottom for the trailer.
However, have a look at the picture posted at the very top of this article, which is a still from the movie. Doesn’t the guy on the right remind you of one the American fascists endless lurking at my blog? Yet even despite featuring a lookalike of my American fascist lurker, this movie is great, so check it out. And if you’re the film-maker reading this: please post a trailer on Youtube or Vimeo so I don’t have to link up to!

Eviva, Dimitris Nakos and Amerissa Basta, no trailer

Labyrinth, Dimitris Papathanasis, no trailer

Cycle, Milla Moilanen, no trailer
IMO, after Dinner For Few, the best animation at this years edition. Surreal, abstract, humane, gorgeous. Please, post a trailer I can link up to!

After all, Bogna Kowalczyk, trailer

Still got lives, Jan-Gerrit Seyler, trailer

Two guys sitting behind me said about this short film: “What, do these Germans seriously pretend to care about a little girl dying from cancer, when they are destroying and driving to suicide and sickness a whole country like Greece?”. When you say things like that you are allowing “these Germans” to take away our humanity and to make us as insensitive and inhumane as they, or at least their political leaders, appear to be.

The noir project, Grigoris Vardarinos, trailer

Drag me; an urban music tale, Nikos Kellis

Home, Mandy Sotiriou, no trailer

The guilable kiss of mr. patokos, Evaggelos Alexandros Apostolakis, no trailer

Above and beyond, Anita Chamilou, no trailer
(Yes, there is a trailer on, no, I am not linking. There.)



  1. Excuse me but I have to mention a misconception in your post. Spyros Skandalos is the director of “Ilena” and not “Drag me”

    • Indeed! I see now, Drag Me was by Nikos Kellis. Corrected! Sorry for the confusion, I saw over 80 short movies at the festival, I hope you understand 🙂

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