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Continuing my list of my favourite shorts at the 2014 edition of the Drama Short Film Festival. Trailers provided where availble. Some film-makers were kind and generous enough to make their shorts available for free viewing online, so check them out!

Short Film Festival of Drama 2014 – Thursday highlights

list assembled by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou

Black & white, Jalal Saedpanah, no trailer

Drone strike, Chris Richmond, trailer

Millhaven, Bartek Kulas
This animator was generous and kind enough to make this short animation available for free viewing on Vimeo. Those of you who have the Murder Ballads album by Nick Cave will surely recognize this song:

Shoot for the moon, Zara Zerny, trailer

Is this a documentary? A pseudomentary? A WTFUmentary? It had me at the edge of my seat!

Darling, Izabella Plucinska, trailer

It’s not all sand, Frédérick Letendre-Cyr, no trailer

Stairs, Anastasia Baliou, trailer

Number 26, Meltini Baltatzi & Sevastianos Ntzokas, no trailer

Walk, Stella Kyriakopoulou, trailer

5 Ways 2 Die, Daina Papadaki, trailer

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