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Continuing my list of my favourite shorts at the 2014 edition of the Drama Short Film Festival. Trailers provided where availble. Some film-makers were kind and generous enough to make their shorts available for free viewing online, so check them out!

Short Film Festival of Drama 2014 – Friday highlights

List assembled by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou

Ramona, Giovanna Rodríguez Zacarías, no trailer

The final scene, Mijael Bustos, trailer

Through the looking glass, Ivan Mena Tinoco, trailer

Grandfather, Kathrin Hurlimann, trailer

No one pukes in heaven, Katja Benrath, trailer

Thursday, Milcho Manchevski

Grounded, Alexis Michalik, trailer

Yes, yes, I know, it’s advertisement for Air France who sponsored the film, still, don’t you wish there were flight attendants IRL such as thisone?!

Democracia, Borja Cobeaga, trailer

For eternity, Maria Lafi, trailer

Dinner for few, Nassos Vakalis, trailer

This unabashedly politicized, jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring animation was rightly awarded at the festival. Everyone from Aesop to George Orwell was looking over the shoulder of the animator blessing him and his team with talent and insight. A must-see experience!

Each other, Alexandra-Michailidou-Tzaridou, trailer

Jennings Lodge, Aliki Souma, trailer

Oh suuure, no WTF graduate works at the Short Film Festival of Drama at all, too conservative for WTF student shorts, Alex told you so, but gee, how did thisone then manage to sneak onto the bill and even win an award despite being so WTF?! :\

A portrait, Aristotelis Maragos, no trailer

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